Ready to configure w/ these options - price wise, will it be close?

Ready to configure w/ these options - price wise, will it be close?

Increased battery (w/ AWD?) $13,000.00
Autopilot convenience features $3,000.00
Supercharging? $2,500.00
Paint $1,000.00
Panoramic roof $1,500.00
Seat $2,500.00
Interior Trim $750.00

Not sure what's included in Premium so could someone please shed some light for me?

Premium $3,000.00

Pkalhan | 15 ottobre 2016

If the options are the same as they are for the model S, then premium will offer adaptive headlights, HEPA air filter, ambient interior lighting, auto trunk release, and leather steering wheel and dash, People who get the P models also get air cooled seats which kinda sucks for people who do not get the P models because we are still paying the same price for the premium option.

EaglesPDX | 15 ottobre 2016

Just use the TS option pricing, should be the same for the T3. Use the $750 tow package option from the TX.

jamilworm | 15 ottobre 2016

Elon said that some of the specific upgrades would be cheaper than on the Model S, but I can't recall which ones. Using 75% of the S upgrade costs might be in the ballpark. But really it is anyone's guess at this point.

hrhkee | 15 ottobre 2016

Didn't see this post...before starting my own....

david.jones24 | 15 ottobre 2016

I'm hoping supercharging is included in higher optioned models, but we'll see.

jordanrichard | 16 ottobre 2016

You are way off on your numbers, because you can't use anything presently available on the MS/MX as a basis.

Supercharger "$2,500". Tesla hasn't charged that for the MS since they introduced the MS70. Also, only those choosing the "basic" M≡ will be paying a one time upcharge for supercharger usage. This is something Elon flat out said. I and others highly suspect that the upcharge will be proportional to the cost of the M≡ and will be a lot less than the original $2,500 it was for the MS60.

KP in NPT | 16 ottobre 2016

"Just use the TS option pricing, should be the same for the T3."

WRONG. Again.

akgolf | 16 ottobre 2016

Eagles doesn't care if he's wrong, he knows he's wrong. He's just hoping if he keeps repeating the same garbage, someone will believe him.

rkalugdan | 16 ottobre 2016

Thanks fellas!! Great insight! Much appreciated

jordanrichard | 17 ottobre 2016

rkalugdan, as jsimpsonalaska implied, not all the info you read here is correct. The people you want to list to are the ones who actually own a Tesla or have at the very least placed an order for one. we will tell you the good the bad and ugly. What some people perceive as us "fanboys" for not talking about the little negative things, is because they are in the big picture, minor things. The driving experience, amongst other things makes up for the short comings. It is up to you to decide what you really care about.

SUN 2 DRV | 17 ottobre 2016

No one really knows yet, I'd bet that even Tesla hasn't settled on the actual option packages nor prices yet.

Using the Model S option pricing is probably a decent stab at NTE (Not To Exceed) budgetary pricing, but we don't even know if most/any of those items will be standard/optional/unavailable on the Model 3.

Elon estimated that the ASP Average Selling Price would be around $42k, so he's expecting an "Average" set of options to be around $7k. But we just don't have any finer grained info yet...

rkalugdan | 17 ottobre 2016

hi jordanrichard. work at tech company in bay area and many colleagues own the S. i was fortunate enough to have one of the co-workers give me a test drive. it's an awesome vehicle. i have a leaf until the M3 gets delivered late 17' hopefully. that being said, i'm expecting the worse when it comes to options but praying that it's what Sun2Drv mentions above. My top choices are AWD, increase battery, autopilot and i'll contemplate on the rest based on pricing

ftarnay | 19 ottobre 2016

I really hope this is not a bait and switch with Musk. Offer a stripped down vehicle for 35K but if you want one you can drive, it's $45-$50K and begins to overlap the S pricing. That would be very disappointing and would make me at least wait for another maker. By the time the 3 is available, there will be 3-4 other choices.

Calibrotha2000 | 19 ottobre 2016

Umm everything else in the 3 is the same except for autopilot as far as estimated cost. People keep saying all of a sudden they feel like that 42k estimated cost was a lie now that autopilot is 8k for full self driving BUT autopilot has nothing to do with how the car will perform or drive so for 35k it's still gonna be just as advertised

EaglesPDX | 20 ottobre 2016

@Calibrotha2000 "People keep saying all of a sudden they feel like that 42k estimated cost was a lie."

That's not estimated cost but estimated average purchase price with options. That has likely now gone to $50K with the Autopilot $5K, AWD $5K and range upgrade $8K the new average purchase price. And that's if delivery were not based on options ordered. People will need to order max options to get 2018 delivery so "average purchase price" for the 2017/2018 cars will be in the $60K range.

dd.micsol | 20 ottobre 2016

dual motors-
medium battery pack-
winter package-
I don't want AP or this feature at all. I love driving my car. Safety features will be enough for me.
As ftarnay said-pricing will get too high and S will be the way to go or another brand for most people. I can afford anything tesla makes-but common sense kicks in. A lot of these features aren't worth the price. My opinion only. I hope I'm wrong for Tesla's sake.

Now for older people-blind people-drunks-druggies-yeah I hope they can afford those features to make the world a safer place but I highly doubt it. 50k for a car or 50k of dope and booze...hmmm...

Smart move would be to open your own taxi service or rental car service with Tesla 3s. This would be very safe for people who don't know where they are. 1/2 the time rental accidents are due to sudden moves from drivers who are trying to correct themselves from being in wrong lane or wrong road-lost so to speak.

EaglesPDX | 20 ottobre 2016

@dd.micsol "I don't want AP or this feature at all."

That's fine but then you will get pushed further and further back on delivery as delivery date is based on options ordered.

Also it appears AutoPilot is required for key safety features like autobraking, dynamic cruise, blind side and cross track warnings. People will order the Autonomous features turned on to increase their options and shorten their delivery time.

cars | 20 ottobre 2016

I see this line repeated over and over by certain members of the forum. But where has anything official been said regarding delivery time being based on options order. Also, I thought the hardware and 'safety features' (i.e. collision warning and avoidance systems) will exist on all Model 3s. It's just the full software solution and AP/autonomous drive capabilities that you pay for.

dsvick | 20 ottobre 2016

@Eagles - "That's fine but then you will get pushed further and further back on delivery as delivery date is based on options ordered.

Also it appears AutoPilot is required for key safety features like autobraking, dynamic cruise, blind side and cross track warnings."

I highly doubt that, even if highly optioned cars do end up getting priority, that they'll keep it up indefinitely. Like you said they'd never produce a base $35K car then, and that won't go over very well with either the press of the customers.

In the initial reveal Elon said that the safety features would be included in all of them even without AP activated. Those basic safety features may change but everyone will get whatever the final suite is, even if they don't pay for AP activation.

thorylthegreek | 20 ottobre 2016

I love this car and company, but with the increasing cost associated with this car I am thinking I will have to bite the bullet and cancel my reservation and buy one more gas car. I am ok with waiting 5-10 years for my dream electric car.

akgolf | 20 ottobre 2016

There is no increased cost for the car unless you want there to be. If you believe the misinformation that one user on this forum keeps spouting then by all means cancel and go for the gas guzzler or the Dolt.

andy.connor.e | 20 ottobre 2016

Everyone does seem to think that the car is not $35,000. Please. Remember that the car is $35,000, and you are not obligated to get upgrades. Just because they are available it does not mean that you MUST get them. Please keep an open mind, this is an amazing car.

thorylthegreek | 20 ottobre 2016

I was watching the debate last night so do not know the full affect of the announcement. Do you think the auto pilot will still be included with the model 3 without any additional cost? I am going to wait a bit more before I make an official decision to cancel my day one preorder. My mazda 3 is about 9 years old and has 160k miles on it not sure how much longer I can drive her.

akgolf | 20 ottobre 2016

No one knows for sure, but I think it's pretty obvious from the web site and Elon's comments.

All of the hardware will be on the car.

You can buy it at base and all of the safety features will be active(braking, Etc).

If in the future if you want to activate auto pilot and self driving features, you can at a price.

For those that would like self driving or auto pilot features, but can barely afford the car this is a fantastic deal. Buy the car and add them later.

If you buy something other than Tesla right now and want to add any of these features you'll need to buy another car.

dd.micsol | 20 ottobre 2016

@eagles-not worried about being pushed back-won't happen. Watch and learn. For one-I ordered in the first hr on the east coast so I'm guaranteed to get my car by end of 2017 if it's on time. My car will still be about 50k price range which is more than about 75% of the orders can afford. These polls don't reflect 80% of the people out there who ordered. I know about 40 people who ordered and they are getting nothing but the base model 3 in my area.
I do know I'll get my car before anyone in Cali who ordered in April who doesn't own a tesla. So I really don't care about options-they aren't as important as everyone is saying. The last quarterly report he tweeted afterwards that people are over stating the importance of options and delivery. He wants you to believe if you max out your car you'll get it sooner. Go ahead and spend 100k on a model 3-I'll laugh when I have 2 or 3 model 3s instead of one maxed out. I really don't care. If I were 90 years old-I might give a rats butt, but I'm not that close to death.

carlk | 20 ottobre 2016

I have no idea what those complains are about. You don't need to add any options you don't need. The base price has not been changed.

Randkthorn | 21 ottobre 2016

At initial reveal Elon Musk stated that the $35,000 base Model 3 without additional options would be very nice, or similar words. That would make it much nicer than just drivable and certainly not a bait and switch.

bobinseattle | 21 ottobre 2016

Hi Guys,

Can anyone tell me what the $1000 paint option is ? Is that for a color that is not standard or what ?

cars | 21 ottobre 2016

On the Model S it's for any metallic paint. So rather than the 'solid' colours like 'solid black' (default) or the old 'solid white'.

PhillyGal | 21 ottobre 2016

@Eagles - Tesla hasn't said it would deliver highly optioned cars first from what I can recall.
They got absolutely beat up in the media for doing this with the Model X, and have their whole future riding on Model 3. That being said, I actually think they will deliberately NOT deliver highly optioned cars first but rather go strictly by order priority, within geography.

That still leaves a lot of questions of course. Does every single Tesla/SpaceX employee get their car before even the first non-employee? If that non-employee lives a block from the factory and the last employee lives in Miami, then what? Only Tesla knows. Actually, they probably don't know themselves yet. Much to work out.

Linemanap | 21 ottobre 2016

I think dual motor 1500 sub zero package 500 and full autonomous 5000 just putting it out there. MS and X pricing is going to be way higher then a mass produced car like M3. economy of scale you hear it from Musk all the time. So that brings it to 42k - 7500 tax credit- 5000 Colorado rebate =29500 that is one hell of deal for me

KP in NPT | 22 ottobre 2016

EM said that even the base 35K Model 3 will be an amazing car. The price only goes up if you decide it does - because you want/need options offered.

Nothing in the way of pricing has been announced, despite EaglesPDX stating his opinion as fact. He is trying to lure Model 3 buyers over to GM since he works for them. He is deliberately spreading misinformation. Buyer beware.

IMO thinking about canceling a reservation before the second reveal and before pricing/options are officially disclosed BY TESLA is crazy talk.

cars | 22 ottobre 2016

No please, cancel all your reservations... So I can get a jump up in the line. ;)

cars | 22 ottobre 2016

But I'm completely with you, mp1156. Basing a reservation cancellation on completely hypothetical (read: made up) information is nonsense.

Red Sage ca us | 23 ottobre 2016

dd.micsol: Please, drive your car. A lot. Since the sensors will be active at all times, the input gleaned from your travels can be used to make the entire fleet of Tesla Vehicles that much more aware of the world we reside in. And that will make for happier, safer rides for all. Thank you.

andy.connor.e | 24 ottobre 2016

Dual Motors
Bigger Battery
Premium Package

Goal is to keep it under $55k. I'll take whatever i can!

PAXTONMFG | 24 ottobre 2016


bj | 24 ottobre 2016

@PhillyGal +1

Optioning, even if it is a relevant factor in sequencing Model 3 production, will become increasingly irrelevant in delivery time if Tesla hits its production target of 500k cars in 2018.

The example I use is RHD cars. We do know these will be at the end of the first production queue, and that they represent about 10% of Tesla's global orders (so around 40k of the total of 400k reservations to date). Say they get made after Tesla makes the first 200k LHD cars, and Telsa is cranking out about 7500 cars per week at that stage, then it will take only 5 weeks to make the entire RHD queue. It makes sense to make all RHD cars at once.

So even if they made the most "highly optioned" RHD cars first, it would make at best about 4 weeks difference as to when I get my car. In other words, close to irrelevant.

Apply that to any other queue (West Coast, East Coast, Europe etc) and you'll quickly realise that optioning, even if it is a factor in production sequencing, will still be largely irrelevant for delivery date. Reservation date will instead be the key because it will determine whether you are in the first production cycle or not, which is a very different thing.