Winter Mats?

Winter Mats?

Anyone heard when the all-weather mats for the X will be available?

Howrayg | 18 ottobre 2016

I got the Lloyd all weather mats from They are fabulous. Easy to take out and wash. Previously, in other cars I used WeatherTech but they were not available. Now, I'm so glad I got a better product.

elguapo | 18 ottobre 2016

@Anglo Weather Tech seems to be having issues. My guess is the second row is tough for their material.

Regardless, I wouldn't wait. Weather Tech has literally been telling me "6 weeks" since February of this year. I too got the Lloyds and they're good. | 18 ottobre 2016

I got -- ToughPRO Tesla Model X Floor Mats & Trunk Mats Set - All Weather - Heavy Duty- Black Rubber- 7 Seater -(2016-2017) --. they are good. I got trunk and frunk mats. 5 seated trunk set and 7 seated trunk set. happy with it.

Triggerplz | 18 ottobre 2016

I also have the complete set of the Lloyds all weather mats, plus they have a place for your left foot I love them

elguapo | 19 ottobre 2016

@Triggerplz My driver's mat always slips and slides around. How do you keep yours in place? It's annoying.

LimawanS85 | 19 ottobre 2016

+1 for ToughPro. They have the spikes at the bottom to prevent slipping

Pryoritiesinc | 19 ottobre 2016

Hmmm, winter? Not here in Phoenix. I wonder if they have hotter than hot summer mats??

Triggerplz | 19 ottobre 2016

@elguapo I never has a problem with it sliding, I guess these size 13's holds it in place :-)

lilbean | 19 ottobre 2016

So my size 5 1/2s won't keep them in place?

teslamodelx | 20 ottobre 2016


I contacted WeatherTech yesterday inquiring about the MX and was told that they will have them out in 2 weeks! But here is the catch, Tesla will get their first run to sell them!

Triggerplz | 20 ottobre 2016

@lilbean if you put both feet on it :-)

elguapo | 22 ottobre 2016

@Trigger I know the issue. I have the Lloyd's Lux in front, and the rubber/all weather in second, third and trunk. The rubber has little spikes on back to help it stay in place. Lux does not. Not that I am saying the size of your shoe doesn't matter... :-)

Triggerplz | 23 ottobre 2016

@elguapo you may have to put some Velcro on it to hold it in place,

elguapo | 23 ottobre 2016

@Triggerplz Good idea. Why did I not think of that? I feel sheepish...

Triggerplz | 23 ottobre 2016