Tesla's future in Trump's world

Tesla's future in Trump's world

carlk | 13 novembre 2016

Yes gasoline will not get much cheaper then what it is now. Fuel cost might be an incentive in the beginning for other EV's but Tesla's strategy has always been to make the best car which happens to be an EV. There are a lot advantages of the EV besides energy efficiency that no ICE cars could ever match.

carlk | 13 novembre 2016

Just wants to add if Trump's policy slows down EV adaption in the US it will be bad for mankind but not necessarily bad for Tesla. Tesla would just further its lead while others slow down. After all Trump will be there only for 4 years and the rest of world will not be affected by what he does anyway.

EaglesPDX | 13 novembre 2016

Four years of relentless attack on EV's and the science behind them could certainly hurt Tesla. Even with orders through 2019, Tesla could see taxes on EV's (proposed by a lot of the GOP deplorables) that would hurt sales.

Emissions will certainly get much worse with Trump and GOP promising to poison the atmosphere with more coal exhaust and that will likely help EV sales as more people try to do their part for their kids and the civilization.

Catering to luxury market and the EV market,Tesla is probably safe as far as a customer base for the next four years.

If Trump crashes the economy (Wall St.scams, bank scams, war with Iran) that will hurt Tesla a lot with the T3 orders which would likely melt away.

vperl | 13 novembre 2016

Anyone looked at the close of the stock market last Friday ?

SNOWFLAKEs cry a bucket.

Mel. | 13 novembre 2016

Still waiting for you to tell us about your Tesla. How many years have you been supporting Tesla?

EaglesPDX | 13 novembre 2016

@Mel. "How many years have you been supporting Tesla?"

Since its inception, voting for Democrats and science over GOP corporate religion on the global warming issue. It was Democrats led by Obama who bailed out Tesla when Tesla needed a $500M plus the EV Tax Credits which have been a big help for Tesla.

Anyone who voted GOP has always opposed Tesla since GOP opposes climate science and Tesla's Mission, to build a sustainable future.

Mel. | 13 novembre 2016

Since you do not support Tesla, why post here?.. what do you drive? Why not post there.. you cannot split the Tesla enthusiasts with your snowflake talk.

Al1 | 13 novembre 2016

I was supporting Hillary Clinton, but elections are over. Trump or not Trump, Obama or not Obama Tesla has great future.

Not sure what will define core of Obama's legacy, but it will certainly not be Tesla. To a large extent it could be the anger that brought Trump to power. Too sad Hillary Clinton has become collateral damage. She could have been among the best.

SCCRENDO | 13 novembre 2016

@eagles. Only rational post on this thread +100. Trump's energy policy could have world wide implications. Someone suggested that if he tries to renege on the Paris accords and cut our payments to the UN for climate change environmentalists may tie him up in court for years.
@Mel. What are you talking about. Your misquoting is becoming epidemic. Where did @eagles say anything about not supporting Tesla. Spending too much time with Van Perley?

Mel. | 13 novembre 2016

Do you feel you have to protect Eagles? You might not believe it, but this thread is about Tesla, not about the Paris accords.
You are the chief of the PC police. You now are in the running for the top Snowflake.

Bighorn | 13 novembre 2016

Joining forces with a GM troll? Even though he's factually incorrect? Come on now.

"Tesla’s loan was part of the government’s 2010 Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program, a $25 billion fund authorized by Congress, signed by President George W. Bush, and awarded under President Obama."

SCCRENDO | 13 novembre 2016

Mel. I do understand that because you guys don't understand the facts and that the facts do not support your opinions you prefer to avoid them. However these boards are meant for the honest exchange of ideas and not as therapy for old confused lonely souls

MitchP85D | 13 novembre 2016

Tesla's future is bright. More people will be able to afford a Tesla.

SCCRENDO | 13 novembre 2016

Mitch. I hope you are right. But if your predictions are in line with your predictions on Arctic ice extant I may end up regretting all the Tesla stock I bought in June

robert.s.bjekich | 13 novembre 2016

President Trump has proposed lower corporate tax rates and less regulation which should result in a stronger economy and improved stock market. A growing economy and stock market will provide more potential buyers for Tesla vehicles, solar systems and Power Walls. Please focus on the new economic reality and less on personal political biases.

Bighorn | 13 novembre 2016

Perhaps acknowledge your own not understanding the facts that I just highlighted before finding the same fault in others??

Madatgascar | 13 novembre 2016

Trump's energy policy is pretty inscrutable right now. Even if he surrounds himself with climate change deniers, renewable energy will be a global concern, and he should care that we stand to lose out on those jobs. Someone just needs to frame it for him in the proper competitive / nationalistic / xenophobic terms.

American coal miners will keep digging American coal, and Chinese coal miners will dig Chinese coal. But someone is going to claim a competitive advantage in EV and solar energy systems (and the battery storage it requires), and sell it to the whole rest of the world. The Chinese have a headstart! There is already a huge EV gap, and they are flooding the markets with cheap solar panels!! Come on Donald, you can't let us lose this race to the Chinese!!

robert.s.bjekich | 13 novembre 2016

President Trump has proposed lower corporate tax rates and less regulation which should provide for a stronger economy and stock market. A growing economy and stock market will provide the potential for more buyers of Tesla's vehicles, solar systems and Power Walls. We should focus on the economic realities and not on our personal political

SCCRENDO | 13 novembre 2016

@bighorn. Sorry I missed your comment. Must have come in when I was writing. Not familiar with Eagle but I thought his comments here were spot on. So let me revise my position to defending him on this particular thread.
@robert. My politics are not just politically biased. They are based on my concern for my granchildren's future over more money in my pocket

Ross1 | 13 novembre 2016

..."and not as therapy for old confused lonely souls"...


grega | 13 novembre 2016

In Australia when our leaders say "let's invest billions in more coal mines", they're talking about selling it to the rest of the world. And the rest of the world is going to be buying MUCH less - so even if he politician doesn't believe in AGW it's clearly a stupid investment that will bite us within 10 years because our customers are acting on it now. And still the politicians do it.

Does America use most of its coal internally though? if so, then at least the customers actually intend on using it.

On the other hand the government is likewise still authorising new coal power plants. That is purely an AGW issue.

Bighorn | 13 novembre 2016

Wyoming very much wants to sell its coal to China--getting it to port has been a big stumbling block.

SCCRENDO | 13 novembre 2016

@grega. Trump wants to revitalize our economy and sell coal to the world. We are trying to get away from it but perhaps Trump wants to boost internal use. It is not"only" an AGW issue , it is the issue.
@ross. This forum allows freedom of speech. Part of it is therapy for lonely confused souls. I prefer to debate intelligently.

SCCRENDO | 13 novembre 2016

@bighorn. Perhaps Trump will pay you to drive it over in your Tesla????

grega | 13 novembre 2016

China seems to have stopped making new coal mines that have 20 year pay offs, and have been boosting their coal purchase from other countries while they invest in non polluting options.

They're looking long term. Buy coal from Australia (or USA etc) for now, stop buying on their own terms when they're ready, without risk of stranding their investments.

If only our politicians built in a long term sales contract before investing billions.

investasiemason... | 14 novembre 2016

Trump has a plan to revitalize the economics with increase gold and car prices

investasiemason... | 14 novembre 2016

Trump has a plan to revitalize the economics with increase gold and car prices

Remnant | 14 novembre 2016

@tranhv68 on November 13, 2016)

<< Tesla's future in Trump's world ... Great Bloomberg article ... ... >>

The idea that Tesla's future hinges on political back support is offensive to me.

Its primacy in BEV innovation and marketing is unquestionably free from political entanglements.

Trump's policies regarding carbon dioxide are not likely to affect Tesla's advance in R&D.

Tesla's price and option policies will.steer market success though. For instance, EM's plan to continue the FWD into MY will certainly narrow revenue possibilities.

SCCRENDO | 14 novembre 2016

@investasiemason. Trump plans to revitalize our economy by lowering taxes. He plans to offset this by cutting off money towards remediating climate change, alternate energy subsidies. he also hopes to open up cola mines, more oil drilling and fracking. He also plans to shut down the EPA. Hardly Tesla friendly legislation. Let's hope he fails in these endeavors

codyb12889 | 14 novembre 2016

It should get interesting now that the EPA is owned and operated by big oil and coal courtesy of Myron Ebell. So much for draining the swamp.

I agree with the statements above that any slow down in EVs by other manufacturers due to this will only help Tesla in the long run.

carlk | 14 novembre 2016

There are reports it appears Trump did not realize how difficult the president's job is before he met with Obama in the White House. Things he said he will do like repealing Obamacare that could put tens of millions of people without health care, repealing NAFTA and have trade war with China that could hurt major corporations' profit not to mention tank the economy and withdraw from the Paris agreement that could alienate all of our allies are really easier say than done. Trump may not meant what he said or he did not understand consequence of doing those but it's now his responsibility he will soon find out he does not have the ability to get those things through. He will have an even tougher job when in the first or two year of his presidency if inflation and unemployment goes up, which very likely would. People are so stupid to choose Trump over the smart and clear headed Hilary. May god bless all of us.

Ross1 | 14 novembre 2016

"he also hopes to open up cola mines"

.as in Coke-a coala ?

grega | 14 novembre 2016

What do you mean AI1?

It's an article that is putting together all the solar subsidies people get when installing a roof, and the government support of ULA and SpaceX in designing capsules to send people to the space station, and tax breaks for putting a factory in this-state or that-state.

It looks like normal business practices to me, but if you want to make it look bad this is the way to phrase it. Put any big companies under the microscope and you get similar encouragements to develop in specific locations, and support. I think that's where the large figures for subsidising big oil and big coal come from... counting every incentive etc (though it's when you add carbon prices that they become HUGE).

Is that what you mean by what is this?

Madatgascar | 14 novembre 2016

AI1, the congressional hearings are pre-Trump news. From September I think.

Al1 | 14 novembre 2016

These are lies, some Trump supporters feed each other with.

Look at this:

"Musk’s family enterprise has taken in billions of taxpayer dollars in subsidies from both the federal and local governments".

And here is the problem: many Trump supporters believe in this crap.

grega | 14 novembre 2016

I'm not sure they're lies as such, because tax breaks for big companies are incredibly common. You're right though that an article like this implies that other companies aren't getting exactly the same encouragements.

And NASA hasn't saved much money by using commercial partners, instead it has supported the birth of a new industry, with minor savings to NASA (so it is helping, but not unfairly in any way).

So yes they're lying in the sense that it's presented as an unfair special treatment when it isn't in any way.

Al1 | 14 novembre 2016

It says: "billions of taxpayer dollars in subsidies".

That is very different from tax breaks, and certainly not in billions "taken".

grega | 14 novembre 2016

I agree totally in the spirit of the implication. They're wrongly accusing Musk of getting unfair subsidies.

Madatgascar | 15 novembre 2016

What, you guys didn't sign over your tax credits "to Musk and his family?" I thought everyone did!