2017 Car of the year

2017 Car of the year

The Chevy Bolt

akgolf | 14 novembre 2016

2018 Car of the Year - Tesla Model 3.

KP in NPT | 14 novembre 2016


noninokia | 15 novembre 2016

Our resident GM troll must be thrilled lol

andy.connor.e | 15 novembre 2016

The first overly-rushed electric car with practical range is the car of the year. Lets blow this up everywhere so that everyone stops thinking about whats being released next year! #Dolt

KP in NPT | 15 novembre 2016

I do think it's great that it won and that it will bring attention to the Bolt, needed since GM doesn't advertise it. Maybe now they will add the Bolt to that tower of cars ad.

jordanrichard | 15 novembre 2016

I too think it is great that an EV was awarded the COTY, twice. However, here is the biggest test of GM's seriousness. GM has never in the past turned down the opportunity to brag about the awards it's cars get. So, let's see if they use this in an ad for the Bolt. So anyone here from CA, please keep an eye out for it. If you never see an ad, boasting about this award, then that just confirms that GM has no intention of trying to sell the Bolt.

AlMc | 15 novembre 2016

COY being a pure EV is a great thing at this time in our history regardless of the brand. I do believe the '3' will be COY next year and that if the movement continues we will never see another ICE vehicle win the award again.

KP in NPT | 15 novembre 2016

@jordanrichard we in NE should see the same ads if they intend on promoting EVs - since we are in ZEV mandate states that they will supposedly sell to.

andy.connor.e | 15 novembre 2016

Granted i have nothing seriously "hateful" against the bolt. But news media outlets are definitely trying very hard to avoid reporting positively on Tesla. They seem to be on the side of discrediting Tesla, while beefing up the other automakers.

jordanrichard | 15 novembre 2016

mp1166 EXACTLY!!

andy.connor.e, despite what Eagles and couple of others think, no one hates the Bolt. It looks like any other 4 door hatchback. What people are having an issue with is GM's attempt to make themselves seam relevant and "all in" in the EV world when in reality they are still half-assing it. Just about everything GM says about the Bolt is all hyperbole.

andy.connor.e | 15 novembre 2016


Yes. They have been doing that since the beginning. They recalled and crushed all their EV1 cars. Now all of the sudden they are into it? Ya right..... They want to make themselves seem "all in", after they screwed up the first time and think they're all better now.

AlMc | 15 novembre 2016

Only time will tell if GM and other ICE manufacturers are serious about EVs. COY being an EV should actually be seen as another 'wake up call' regardless of the manufacturer.

jordanrichard | 15 novembre 2016

andy, with the EV-1, they didn't screw up with the EV-1 as in it was a failed car. They only did it to meet a mandate and once the mandate went away, so did the cars. IF and that is a big IF, the auto industry's lobby efforts pan out, the Bolt will go away, like the EV-1. Now that I think of it and this is pure speculation, it is widely known, because GM said it, that the frits Bolts are going to Lyft drivers and a ride share outfit. I wonder if those are going to be lease arrangements vs outright purchases. IF so, then the writing is on the wall already. The Bolt is the next EV-1..... Just saying.

andy.connor.e | 15 novembre 2016


Maybe. I cant know for sure, but their track record with what they did to EV1 speaks for itself. The way i see it, they way they treated new technologies that would be good for the world is not something i want to support. Why would i support a company with that kind of business practice when there are alternatives. We can compare the quality and range of the cars, but the bottom line lies within the principal of their business practices. GM will never invest in their electric car line like Tesla will. They're not "for the planet" so to speak. So thats why i will support Tesla, no matter how expensive the M3 is. No matter what.

SamO | 15 novembre 2016

Camaro was COTY last year. Meh.

msofsd | 15 novembre 2016

I'm a believer that Car of the Year awards are based in large part on "advertiser of the year." Bigger ad spending in a magazine, bigger chance of winning. Tesla may not have a big chance next year, but that will show that the system is rigged. (No credit to Donald Trump).

Mazdarati | 15 novembre 2016

Hmm. Eagles doesn't want to show his face because he can't admit that Tesla people also like the Bolt. Or at least respect it.

dsvick | 15 novembre 2016

@TheT3slaKid - " Eagles doesn't want to show his face because he can't admit that Tesla people also like the Bolt. Or at least respect it."

Why even mention it? The thread is fine so far, there is no need to bring bickering into it at this point.

cb500r | 15 novembre 2016

What I don't like is stupid marketing.
Selling plug-in Hybrids as EVs, that's what GM/Opel did several years ago.

For the actual Bolt, it's a EV with good range and comparable low cost.
In addition, it is a hatchback, high usability and famous in some areas of the world (e.g. Germany).

By the way, what I don't like on many US or Japanese cars is the cheap looking plastic. I read an article several years ago that a soft touch cockpit compared to a cheap looking cockpit is only 5$ difference.
For me, it would be worth spending it.

JeffreyR | 15 novembre 2016


That sound? It’s almost imperceptible, but it’s there. The soft rustle of air over steel and glass, the muted hum of rubber on tarmac, the faint whirr of spinning metals. It’s the sound of electrons at work, the sound of electrical energy being converted into motion, the sound of the automotive world shifting on its axis. It’s the sound of the 2017 Motor Trend Car of the Year, the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Frank99 | 15 novembre 2016

Congratulations to Chevy. I haven't seen or ridden in one yet, but all the reviews indicate it's an excellent car. I hope they sell a million of'em - that'll sure help speed up the transition to sustainable transportation.

JeffreyR | 15 novembre 2016

MT COTY Finalist: Model S 60/75

That’s perhaps the biggest reason why the Model S was a finalist this year. As Frank Markus said, “I’m awed by the upgradability. Go to sleep with a 60, wake up with a 75.” Kim Reynolds explained further: “The Model S’ entrée to this year’s COTY field was primarily via a whole new doorway to eligibility—its significantly updated software—since what was essentially the same car had won COTY in 2013.”

Not like there’s anything wrong with the original, as its “super-flat cornering and high levels of grip” won praise from Markus.
After four years on the market, the Tesla is still a technological and dynamic force to be seriously considered.

jwestern4 | 15 novembre 2016

Hats off to the Chevy Bolt. Also congratulations to Elon--MotorTrends Person of the Year

AlMc | 16 novembre 2016

Bolt got COY but it looks like model 3 reservations are continuing to grow: 600,000!!!

jordanrichard | 16 novembre 2016

andy.connor.e, I agree. GM is only doing this because they have to and that shows in the way they designed the Bolt, farmed out everything else to LG, won't support it via a robust or even moderate ad campaign, won't help its customers by supporting a charging next work for the car, the list goes on and on.

topher | 16 novembre 2016

If I congratulate GM and wish them sales of 400,000 first year for the Bolt, will they be happy or sad? Heck, I'll do it anyways. "Congratulations GM (and LG), May you sell 400,000 the first year."

It does show that it doesn't take much for an electric car to be award worthy when compared against ICE vehicles.

Thank you kindly.

Rocky_H | 16 novembre 2016

@jordanrichard, Quote: " However, here is the biggest test of GM's seriousness. "

Whoa, I think that is really interesting. Winning Car of the Year is like winning the Superbowl. Every car maker would love to show that off in their ads....unless.... So yeah, that will be very informative of whether they promote that they won that, or suppress it because they don't want too many people to know about the Bolt.

Octagondd | 16 novembre 2016

At least they now have it on their main page at, but they make the award small in the corner and state "Chevy. The most awarded Car company." A link to all their awards and still not a huge declaration that Chevy Bolt is Car of the Year. It should be in huge font, with the Car of the Year award big and bold. But no, can't do that because of the little disclaimers about it only being available in CA and OR in 2016.

They said that if demand was high, then they would up their production, but I see they are already underplaying their hand to keep demand low.

Red Sage ca us | 16 novembre 2016

I guarantee if this award had been granted to the 2017 CRUZE or MALIBU, the commercials promoting the win would appear on all major broadcast networks through the next Super Bowl. But for the BOLT? I expect a fanfare of crickets lit by lightning bugs in the night.

Coastal Cruiser. | 16 novembre 2016

What MotorTrend executive editor Mark Rechtin said in the piece:

Even the folks at Tesla, the electric vehicle masters of the universe, have been put on notice: The Bolt EV sets a benchmark for value and performance they’ll have to work overtime to match. “This is a direct challenge for Tesla to make the Model 3 anything near the Bolt EV for the same price,” executive editor Mark Rechtin said. “Chevrolet has made affordable long-range electric transportation available to the masses. Elon Musk should be afraid. Very, very afraid.”

What MotorTrend executive editor Mark Rechtin could have said, given the same exact facts:

Still, the folks at Tesla, the electric vehicle masters of the universe, have little to fear if the Model 3 comes through as promised: The Bolt EV sets a benchmark for value and performance... today. Given the specs of the Model 3, the Bolt challenges, but fails to match or exceed the lower priced and better equipped Model 3,” executive editor Mark Rechtin said. “Chevrolet has made affordable long-range electric transportation available to the masses. Elon Musk should be gratified that he has made one of the largest auto makers very, very afraid.”


KP in NPT | 16 novembre 2016

LOL @Coastal - perfect.

JeffreyR | 16 novembre 2016

@mp1156 & @Coastal -- Double perfect.

Coastal Cruiser. | 16 novembre 2016

Hello friend JR. Been enjoying some of your always informative posts.

JeffreyR | 16 novembre 2016

Thanks @CC! You need to re-post your text in the Model S section:

I have not read the 90 posts there yet, so forgive me if you already have.

Coastal Cruiser. | 16 novembre 2016

Good idea. Just did. Ha ha. I have to say I really do love the article's caution that Tesla should be very very afraid. Not just "afraid". Not just "very afraid". Noooooo .... "very very afraid".

Really? So Tesla should in fact be more afraid of the Bolt than Geena Davis was of Jeff Goldblum in The Fly?

In spite of the fact that EM has stated he hopes for all auto makers to go fully electric?

If we're going to use movie lines to spin the impact of the Bolt on Tesla then perhaps what Warren Beatty said to calm Julie Christie in Heaven Can Wait would be more apropos: "There's nothing to be afraid of".


KP in NPT | 16 novembre 2016

@coastal or maybe, "Run, Forrest! Run!"

Tiebreaker | 17 novembre 2016

Congrats to GM! Too bad they don't really want to make it.

Imagine a Superbowl ad:
"We just won the Car of the Year Award for this one car. Come and buy our Silverados and Tahoes!"

jordanrichard | 17 novembre 2016

"We just won the Car of the Year Award for this one car. Come and buy our Silverados and Tahoes!" or "We just won the Car of the Year for this Bolt. Come on by and test drive one of our Silverados while we try and charge up the Bolt.......

b8schris | 17 novembre 2016

I do wonder if any of the Chevy Dealers that are selling the Car of the Year will have fast chargers so that people can even drive them? I do have a Volt (my bridge car until the M3) and most of them sit on the lot without a charge.. you take them out and the engine is running.. I had to teach them how to self charge the car in mountain mode so that future test drives could be in electric, because they didn't charge them. And Chevy is planning to sell about 30,000 of these... just to fit the quoto to get their MPG down.. when the Trump feds allow lower MPG.. this car will only show up in California

KP in NPT | 17 novembre 2016

@B8schris - and all the other ZEV mandate states. 10 states total.

akgolf | 17 novembre 2016

And at the LA car show they're really showcasing the COY.

"To view the upcoming all-electric Chevy Bolt, billed by General Motors GM.N as the future of electric vehicles, a potential buyer must first wade through myriad displays of trucks and SUVs at the Chevrolet section.

Underscoring how big trucks are still the meat and potatoes of the traditional auto industry - and extremely popular in Southern California - Chevrolet constructed a rugged off-road circuit on Tuesday to show off the power of its off-road pickup, the 2017 Colorado ZR2.

Chevrolet's Marketing Director Steve Majoros told Reuters brands such as the Bolt "are important to our business, important to our image, but they kind of live on the fringes when it comes to volume."

KP in NPT | 17 novembre 2016

Wow. What a ringing endorsement for "the future of electric vehicles."

akgolf | 17 novembre 2016

It's important for our image.

You know like putting lipstick on a pig.

Octagondd | 17 novembre 2016

January 21, 2016 - Chevrolet announces a slow down in the Bolt manufacturing line due to unforeseen supplier issues and low demand. Roll out of the Bolt will begin in WA, and NH in the Fall of 2017 and the rest of the nation shortly thereafter.

Octagondd | 17 novembre 2016

April 2, 2016 - Chevrolet announces a change in plans for the Bolt. It will now only be sold in CARB states due to very low demand in spite of its award winning technology and amazing styling and utility. "It seems America is just not ready for Electric Vehicles, and it is a real shame, because we put our heart and soul into this project."

Haggy | 17 novembre 2016

I think this is very good news and I hope GM sells all they can. The more EVs there are on the road, the more accepting people will be of EVs in general. There are many places that hardly see a Tesla go by and don't have a showroom nearby. When one gets there, it would be better if people in the area were already familiar with EVs.

Octagondd | 17 novembre 2016

It is good news, but the problem is, GM is probably losing money on every one, just like Fiat, so they have got to be mortified by what Motor Trend just did to them. I don;t know, maybe I am wrong and they are all in and want to change the world, but all their other actions with Bolt and lobbying Trump say otherwise.

akgolf | 17 novembre 2016


I guess it's good news that they won, but its definitely not good news that they don't care and it's just being produced to help their image.

Frank99 | 17 novembre 2016

Chevy statistics for 2015:
Vehicle Units Sold
Silverado 600K
Equinox 277K
Cruze 226K
Malibu 195K
Traverse 119K
Impala 117K
Colorado 85K
Tahoe 80K
Camaro 78K
Sonic 65K
Express 63K
Trax 63K
Suburban 51K
Corvette 33K
Spark 33K
Volt 15K

Bolt 2017: 30K (best case)

So, if you were in charge of marketing for Chevrolet and your compensation and continued employment was based on raising sales, where would you spend money?

Chevy's bread and butter is gas consumption. They can't push their environmental awareness, they can't crow about the superiority of EV's over ICEs, without implicitly marketing against their best sellers. The best they can do is market an EV with a neutral tone - "Great performance and economical". And that ain't gonna get 500,000 orders from a company with an image problem, especially when you don't know how many of your target market are going to choose to hold onto their Model 3 reservations and wait.

I really hope the Bolt sells a ton, forcing GM to build more of them. I'm worried that it will sell well, they'll raise production volumes, then Tesla will execute and ship the Model 3 in a volume that eviscerates Bolt sales. Another black eye for EV's in the GM corporate penthouse, another decade before they decide to take EV's seriously.

jordanrichard | 17 novembre 2016

"I really hope the Bolt sells a ton, forcing GM to build more of them", problem is GM can always come up with an excuse as to why they can't make more. If GM sees the Bolt eating into sales of their other cars where is clearly more profit to be made, they cut production of the Bolt.

This isn't anecdotal. Look at all the signs that GM clearly doesn't want this car to succeed. It's apparently pushed way back in the GM display at the LA auto show., there have been no ads for the car, they win COTY and it would take 1 day to produce an ad to promote that and yet..... None of the dealers know anything about the car or the exact pricing for a car that is supposed to be available next month, this weekend here in CT is the new car auto show and the Bolt will be on hand, but no test drives. Yet there will be test drives of the Volt, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf.

GM does not give 2 shits about the Bolt.