Tesla Research Event - Anaheim, CA - Incentive Provided!

Tesla Research Event - Anaheim, CA - Incentive Provided!

Ipsos RDA (a market research firm) is reaching out to persons in southern California regarding an upcoming research event in Anaheim on December 10th. We are particularly interested in Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X owners to participate in our event. Our goal is to get an understanding of their ownership experience as someone who uses their electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle on a regular basis by setting owners up with one-on-one interviews with automotive researchers. Our event will take approximately two hours and any Tesla owner who participants will receive $250 at the conclusion of the event.

If you are anyone you know in the area is a Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X owner and may be interested in this event, please let me know or pass along this message.

Best Regards,
Katie Greer

Dale9271 | 16 novembre 2016

Hi sent email

Bighorn | 16 novembre 2016

Who is your client?

rxlawdude | 16 novembre 2016

@Big, Bloomfield Hills is a suburb of Detroit. I could guess who the client might be.

Silver2K | 16 novembre 2016

Is that a $250 gas card?

KP in NPT | 16 novembre 2016

+1 @rxlawdude - from their website:

"The RDA Group was originally founded to meet the research needs of the automobile industry. Over forty years of service to the automotive industry has made us a leader in this field. During this period we have conducted a wide range of market research programs for nearly every OEM and several of their automotive suppliers. When automotive manufacturers need on-going measures of product quality and customer satisfaction, they turn to RDA Group. We have a very deep bench of automotive experts from both the supplier and client side that have market research experience in all aspects of the vehicle itself, as well as, the sales and service processes at the dealership."

Maybe Tesla owners should go. And tell them how important good design and supercharging are.

lilbean | 16 novembre 2016

Haha! Probably, @silver!

kgreer | 16 novembre 2016

Thank you all for your inquiries and comments. To answer the outstanding questions:

@Bighorn - Ipsos RDA (as pointed out further in the thread) works with a number of automotive clients. This event is not OEM specific and will include a number of various vehicle brands and models - including Teslas.

@SilverP85plus - The $250 is in the form of a check for cash written specifically for all attendees.

kgreer | 16 novembre 2016

A gas card would be silly for an electric/plug-in vehicle owner event :)

Run4Waffles | 17 novembre 2016

Do you have a list of questions that you will be asking that you can provide?

What is the purpose of getting to "understanding of their ownership experience as someone who uses their electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle on a regular basis"?

PhillyGal | 17 novembre 2016

I've participated in these types of studies from testing out a cell phone to tasting peanut butter filled crackers.

If you have the time, I highly recommend it. Your opinions really do matter, and $250 is no small sum. Plus, we need Detroit to really listen up. Like @mp said, they need to know how important a fast charging network is so tell em!

kgreer | 17 novembre 2016

@Run4Waffles - Prior to the event, we ask all attendees to take a 15 minute (give or take a few) survey about their ownership experience - any troubles they have experienced, satisfaction of various attributes, likes/dislikes, etc. The researchers at the event will then cater your interview to the answer you provided on the survey. The purpose of our automotive research events such as this is to improve the quality of vehicles in the future and truly take the in the voice of the customer. We work with a number of automotive manufacturers that depend on the data we collect for owner events to improve vehicle quality.

@PhillyGal - Thank you for the praise. Ipsos RDA has conducted a number of automotive owner events around the globe and I agree with you - sometimes the attendees find even more value than the researchers! And $250 does not hurt.

kgreer | 17 novembre 2016

Thank you everyone for contact me regarding your interest in our event. Our sessions have mostly been filled but we are still looking for 2015-2017 Model S owners to fill the last additional spots. If you are interested, please contact me!

buickguy | 17 novembre 2016

@kgreer, there are no 2017 Model S owners. The factory will not produce any until 1/1/17 (maybe 1/2/17 if they are closed for Holiday!). Tesla does not do the "traditional" model year thing.

kgreer | 17 novembre 2016

@buickguy - Thanks for the correction. Our event includes a number of electric/plug-in vehicles (some of which do have 2017 already) but I should have customized the post to Tesla since this is a Tesla forum :)

Bluesday Afternoon | 17 novembre 2016

Hi Katie, thank you for your quick responses following my email. I look forward to receiving the survey on Friday (if selected). By chance have you driven a Tesla?


trixiew | 17 novembre 2016

I'd love to do a survey from the comfort of my home but go to Anaheim? I was just there......ew.

Tropopause | 17 novembre 2016

Aren't the Rams back in Anaheim? lol

Bighorn | 17 novembre 2016

Isn't it the happiest place on earth?

rxlawdude | 18 novembre 2016

@Big, years ago Harbor Blvd near DIsneyland apparently was rife with, um, ladies of the night. Apparently, those customers were also the happiest on earth, or beyond. ;-)

barrykmd | 18 novembre 2016

SilverP85plus | November 16, 2016
Is that a $250 gas card?

Excellent Silver. That's up there with long pants! :-)

Bluesday Afternoon | 18 novembre 2016

Anaheim Stadium is the home ballpark of the best baseball player on the planet: Mike Trout. Okay, he's from New Jersey but he plays for our Angels.

lilbean | 18 novembre 2016

You mean the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim?

kgreer | 18 novembre 2016

@simply red - Hi Jerry. I appreciate that you are excited and interested in our event. We are sending out the surveys shortly and you are on the distribution list.

I (and none of my fellow researchers here at Ipsos RDA) have ever driven a Tesla so we are all very excited to meet with the select customers on December 10th. It will be an interesting event for all!

omega | 18 novembre 2016

It's a trap!

Tropopause | 18 novembre 2016

I hope the outcome of this research will be posted here so that we can learn what was learned.

rxlawdude | 18 novembre 2016

@Trop, I'll let you know what I learned. :-)

Tropopause | 18 novembre 2016

Perfect! Thanks, rx!

Bluesday Afternoon | 18 novembre 2016

Just took the survey. I enjoyed participating and the experience was positive but fairly predictable. I hope other Southern California Forum members join in the survey. In order not to sway other participants I won't discuss the majority of questions (until after the December 10th interview, if selected) but I can't resist revealing one which caused me to laugh since it doesn't apply to us:
Did the dealership experience gain your trust?

The survey didn't have an NA button so I left it blank. :-)

Run4Waffles | 18 novembre 2016

@kgreer - Thank you very much for your responses. I appreciate you taking the time to address them.

rxlawdude | 18 novembre 2016

Hmm. I just took the survey (really asking about clutches and fuel economy for an EV?). Clearly the company hasn't worked with EVs. But I feel a bit had, because the invitation is to take a survey, and ONLY IF SELECTED FOR AN APPOINTMENT will one be paid for their time. The survey took 15 minutes of my life and provided the company with valuable information that they now have for free.

Not cool.

Bluesday Afternoon | 18 novembre 2016

@ rxlawdude

In an email I received from the OP last Wednesday (11/16/16) it specifically/clearly states an invitation and a survey if my car is eligible. So I will be waiting to see the outcome from my completed survey. I'm fairly confident I'll receive the invitation. But, I was more than confident about "something" recently and was truly surprised at the results! So will it be ;-( or :-) ? We'll see.

dukeybootie | 18 novembre 2016

+1 sure feels like a bait and switch. Guess we'll see what happens.

rxlawdude | 18 novembre 2016

@Red, I feel your "something" pain. :-)

But here's what Katie said above: " Prior to the event, we ask all attendees to take a 15 minute (give or take a few) survey about their ownership experience - any troubles they have experienced, satisfaction of various attributes, likes/dislikes, etc. The researchers at the event will then cater your interview to the answer you provided on the survey. The purpose of our automotive research events such as this is to improve the quality of vehicles in the future and truly take the in the voice of the customer. We work with a number of automotive manufacturers that depend on the data we collect for owner events to improve vehicle quality."

I see nothing in either of her posts that suggested there was a likelihood of you NOT being "selected" after they've collected the most valuable information from us.

If she said, "take our online survey, and win a CHANCE to participate in an in-person event that will pay you $250," I wouldn't have wasted my time. Because I'm betting I (and you?) won't be "selected." They got what they wanted from the survey.

I hope I'm wrong!!

Tropopause | 18 novembre 2016

Oh no! Katie, say it isn't so!

lilbean | 18 novembre 2016

Cmon guys. Please.

rxlawdude | 18 novembre 2016

@bean, where are we going?

lilbean | 18 novembre 2016

Haha! Let's get out of here. Don't give these people your info. xo

Bluesday Afternoon | 18 novembre 2016

I completed the survey on my far too little phone with my stubby fingers. I've put in a lot of effort for the chance to travel about 7 miles to the cute California/German village of Anaheim. The village Steamboat Willy calls home with the snow covered Matterhorn rising into the sky awash with the flickering reflections from the 9:30 pm rockets red glare. I know about the ladies on Harbor Blvd but for now let's skip that part. For those unaware, Anaheim is nestled in a cluster of other unique Orange County villages. One village even has a small preserved historical orange grove with the rather unusual name of Orange. In fact, I may pass by that last remaining grove in Hart Park on my way to Anaheim. You may be saying, "Who cares?" Well, I do.

And lilbean, understand $250 is a tidy sum for the opportunity to share some kool-aid.

lilbean | 18 novembre 2016


Muzzman1 | 18 novembre 2016

I too filled it out, and look forward to sharing the Koolaid. I mean the reality is, once you get in one of these cars, you want it, and can think of no other car.
The only thing that holds people back seems to be the cost, and as we all know, that will be resolved in 18months.

Tropopause | 18 novembre 2016

Less, hopefully!

lilbean | 19 novembre 2016

Just posted on X
kgreer | November 19, 2016
Hi All - Thank you for the messages and emails. Unfortunately our event is now full. I appreciate all of the interest. Ipsos RDA conducts numerous automotive research events so I will be certain to reach out on this forum in the future if we are looking for Tesla participants. Thanks again!

kgreer | 19 novembre 2016

Hello All. Thank you for all of your interest in our Anaheim event. At this time, we are no longer accepting participants. Surveys were sent out on Friday (11/18) and we received enough completes to fill the remaining open slots.

For those that completed the survey, THANK YOU! Our call center will begin recruitment phone calls on Monday utilizing the phone number you provided on the survey. We have received more survey completes than we have timeslots available (about 3-5 extra) so it will be a first come first serve (or first answer the call) basis. I want to make sure those that responded on this forum are first on the call list so could you please provide their first name on this forum or send me an email so I can put you on the top of the call list? I can't determine who you are since your forum name is not the same as your email.

Thanks again all!

Also as an FYI - most surveys we send out we have the vehicle's VIN so the survey is customized to that vehicle's attributes (MPG, 3rd row seats, dealership experience, etc.) We did not have any of your Tesla VINs so I apologize that you all had to endure a slightly longer and occasionally illogical survey. I appreciate your understanding!

Bluesday Afternoon | 21 novembre 2016


I have an appointment set for 2 pm on Saturday, Dec. 10th to discuss my 2015 85D. Yes, they had to attach a year to my car. Interestingly, participants will take a researcher for a ride on a set course and discuss what we like/dislike about the car. Not only do I get to do what I love to do, drive and talk about my Tesla, but I get to take a researcher for a launch (safely). About 15 years ago I was involved in an automotive research project but quite different from this event. We answered a series of questions and then looked at various cars/photos and made comments.

Katie Greer has replied to my emails in a surprisingly quick and most professional manner, even on Sunday! I missed my phone contact earlier today from a Pontiac, Michigan, phone number so I emailed her asking if they could try calling me again. Katie sent me an email saying they would recall and they did.

I haven't a clue what will transpire from this opportunity to applaud the efforts of Tesla Motors. I just hope it continues to move us toward a more Earth friendly relationship. Looking forward to hearing comments from other Tesla participants now and after the event. Also hope rxlawdude has an appointment, as well.

stevenm1419 | 21 novembre 2016

I also received a phone call confirming a 11am appointment for 12/10, given the same info as @simply red

Muzzman1 | 29 novembre 2016

My wife and I will be there with our MS & MX. See you guys there!

TaoJones | 29 novembre 2016

See youse at the event.

For some of the best ribs and Southern BBQ west of the Mississippi, consider Leadbelly's nearby afterward. There might even be... burnt ends.

And then there's the Bruery (both locations). For medicinal purposes.

Tropopause | 29 novembre 2016

Great news! Katie picked some fine representative of the Tesla Owner's Group!

Muzzman1 | 9 dicembre 2016

In case any of you are interested, I will be there and have installed the LightHarmonic Audio system in my car. I'm in no way affiliated with them and frankly they are a pretty big pain in the butt to deal with as far as customer communication/service, but they have a great product.
I'll be in a 85D with a CF spoiler as well as grey 19" cyclones. (a little different in a couple ways from standard options)

rxlawdude | 9 dicembre 2016

I'll be in my 70D, and anyone familiar with UCI will recognize my play on words license plate.

Looking forward to meeting others from the fora.