Tinting windows

Tinting windows

My brother in law has an S and said he had the windows tinted thru a local Tesla Club referral. I've seen some of the comments about the windshield causing ghosting at night but I'm wondering about tinting this huge piece of glass. Do you existing owners feel this is necessary or is it tinted enough that you have no problems? Also how about the other windows? I'm driving a RR Sport and the windows all came with some nice tinting from factory. I'm hoping the X is the same. Necessary or NOT?


lilbean | 24 novembre 2016

I didn't find it necessary to tint the huge windshield. I did tint the front windows though. The rear windows and hatch are very dark from the factory.

wang5150 | 24 novembre 2016

The front windows don't come tinted from Tesla but the top portion of the windshield comes with tinting as standard which reduced a lot of heat. So the need for tinting depends on your location and preference.

Living in Arizona, the cloudless summer heat required me to use Photosync tinting the front windows. This significantly reduce the heat inside the car and also reduced the need for the air conditioning. | 24 novembre 2016

@jleonar1 - Not sure where you are, but in California it is illegal to tint the front windshield other than the top 4". Probably not necessary to tint it as Tesla uses a special IR reflective windshield design on all vehicles.

Howrayg | 24 novembre 2016

We live in the mountains of Utah at an elevation of 7000'. It is very hot in the summer. I tinted the front side windows and the big front window with Xpel film which resulted in significant heat transmission and less work for the air conditioner. I recommend tinting if summer sun and heat is a problem.

Howrayg | 24 novembre 2016

I meant significant lower heat transmission.

jleonar1 | 25 novembre 2016

Live in LA, CA. Retired here from FL. Grandson made it worth the ridiculous cost of living increase.
Glad to hear backs are already dark and that beautiful gigantic windshield will be OK without tint. Apparently I couldn't do it if I wanted. You would think I didn't test drive with these questions but I was kind of overwhelmed during test drive. Too much to take in.
Now the wait continues. Every morning I go to My Tesla to see if it says in production.
Thank you all for your input.