# of new MX in inventory

# of new MX in inventory

I noticed that number of new MX inventory is increasing, looks like no need to book and wait for delivery. just pick one from inventory...

jordanrichard | 2 dicembre 2016

Where did you see a list of "inventory" Xs? Also, Tesla considers demo cars as inventory, but are still technically used cars. Just the legally since they have never been registered, they are considered new and eligible for any tax credits.

PedanticOne | 2 dicembre 2016

It won't let me post the link, but go to the Tesla Model X site and click new inventory at the bottom.

Michael Emrich | 2 dicembre 2016

All inventory vehicles are AP1 based, not AP2.

PedanticOne | 2 dicembre 2016

Not completely true. There was an AP2 one in inventory last week. Of course, it's gone now!

wang5150 | 2 dicembre 2016
JAnnen | 2 dicembre 2016
Silver2K | 2 dicembre 2016
retsandy | 2 dicembre 2016

Ordered MX90D from inventory 10 days ago. Had a 17xxx Vin and went into production sometime in November. Took delivery November 30th and it had AP2 (as advertised). It never made it to the inventory list until after I reserved it. It was not a demo and had less than 25 miles on it. The trick is to build your model X and review the vehicles listed below the price box as "Available".

Triggerplz | 2 dicembre 2016

Well it appears where did you see a list of inventory cars question has been answered:-)