Smart air suspension

Smart air suspension

If smart air suspension is offered on the M3 and you live where there is no snow,can you justify the cost?

Bluesday Afternoon | 12 dicembre 2016

Absolutely! I live in Southern California and use the adjustable air suspension almost daily. Driveways, major dips in roads, speed bumps and high curbs are just some of the reasons I make adjustments. The Tesla air suspension remembers the locations you raised the car in the past and when you get close to the same area will automatically raise the car. I also like the ride as opposed to the coils.

bdrathburn | 12 dicembre 2016

The roads in my state are horrible, I am planning to get the air suspension mostly for the comfort aspect. If it improves highway economy by automatically lowering the car that is just a perk.

andy.connor.e | 12 dicembre 2016

It will probably be a necessary feature to have the towing hitch.

topher | 12 dicembre 2016

When are air suspension raise places going to be shared to the fleet?

Thank you kindly.

Bluesday Afternoon | 12 dicembre 2016


Interesting idea. For now, I prefer to set my own locations and not have my car changing based on others. Still an interesting point.

You're welcome.

ralphponce428 | 12 dicembre 2016

How much money will it cost to get the air suspension on the model 3?


Red Sage ca us | 12 dicembre 2016

Probably more than $1.00 and less than $1,000,000.00 I'd guess...

Bluesday Afternoon | 12 dicembre 2016

@ ralphponce428

No one on this Forum knows. It's a $2500 option on the Model S and most likely the same on the Model X, but I didn't check.

@Red Sage

You are correct!