What is the actual range of the X

What is the actual range of the X

You know my story. I have a P90xD vin #high 4000s. I've had my ups and downs with the car but lately no issues. My range has been no where near what the car tells me I'll get. I don't drive slow, but I don't floor it each time as well. Tomorrow I'm doing s trip from scottsdale to vegas for a business meeting. I'm going to fully charge at night and will report on the actual range tomorrow. Real world driving. Have done this trip before and have had to stop at both the Wickenberg and Kingman super chargers. I'll let you guys know how the trip goes.

vperl | 12 dicembre 2016

Have a tow truck follow you.


AlMc | 12 dicembre 2016

@socalsam: Good to hear no more issues!

Range: We all know that the range is *way* less in cold weather. I had a loaner X for an extended period. I was using in excess of 500Wh/mile in 35 degree weather. Not spirited driving but heater set at comfortable 70 degrees.
My S over the same drive (my wife following) about 380 Wh/mile.

I will watch this thread for your reports.

Safe travels!

michelcub | 13 dicembre 2016

AIMc did the loaner had 22 inch wheels ? 500 vs 380 wh/mi. seems high.

AlMc | 13 dicembre 2016

@michelcub: Yes, and the S 21" sotozero 'snows'. In soCal or other warmer/temperate climates battery drain is far less.
Over three years of owning Teslas I have found cold kills range MUCH more than speed or tire diameter

AlMc | 13 dicembre 2016

FYI: I accept this is not a scientific study buy one data point in real world testing/comparison.

brian.kelly | 13 dicembre 2016

Wow 500Wh/mile is really high. My X60D averages mid 300's. Ideal conditions seem to be cruising at say 65 on the highway when it will drop to ~270. Using 100% of the '60' kWhr battery gives a range of 200 which is what the car promises with a full charge. I think I would easily get 220 on a trip to Vegas or LA but have yet to prove that, The number one factor is speed. Cruising at 80 will use much more energy than 65. Have not seen much difference in Arizona winter (not a real winter :)) but I expect Arizona summer will increase energy consumption.

Boran | 13 dicembre 2016

I have a 90D with aroung 5k miles on it. I am seeing a mileage of 10 miles per 5% so a real world range is 200 miles. This is without regard to range mode or defensive driving, just enjoying tooling abount in it.

socalsam | 13 dicembre 2016

It's 12:07. I have 234 miles of range from charging- I'm leaving from work. Came to the office with 242 miles. I've reset all my trip meters- next stop wickenberg. 61 miles away

socalsam | 13 dicembre 2016

Total trip is 290 miles. Navigation says 5:56 minutes.

rdfbsmith | 13 dicembre 2016

I average during my 3700 mile round trip from Texas to Virginia about 230 miles per charge driving 70 MPH average outside temp was around in 72 TX when I left VA was 45.
I didn't experience any issues set the vehicle in trip mode and the AC & Heat in range mode to get the most out of the vehicle.

socalsam | 13 dicembre 2016

Just arrived at wickenberg. I have 150 miles of range left and 62% charge. Originally There was an estimation of 65% charge remaining.

Supercharger is telling me 20 minutes before I continue on the trip.

socalsam | 13 dicembre 2016

I've driven 62.1 mikes in 58 minutes with an average power of 421 Wh/mi

socalsam | 13 dicembre 2016

I have 200 miles of charge now. Kingman is 130 miles away. About to leave but not feeling confident I have enough.

socalsam | 13 dicembre 2016

Have driven 15 miles. Lost 40 miles of charge.

socalsam | 13 dicembre 2016

99 miles to go and I'm getting warning to slow down to 65 to reach destination.

lilbean | 13 dicembre 2016

Ugh. I don't like that message.

rdfbsmith | 13 dicembre 2016

I will say this after completing a 3700 mile trip in my Model X if the vehicle says charge for 15 minutes always add 5-10 extra due to construction or detours it worked out great also if you are having range nervousness hit the lightning bolt at the bottom right of the screen additional chargers will show up that may be closer. I will say this I trusted the vehicle 100% and it didn't let me down at all. Once you get over being (SCARED) it will be easy and you will love it even more. you will meet some great people on the road.

Also put the vehicle in trip mode and put the other tap in range mode you will see a greater range on the vehicle just remember to remove range mode and trip mode when you get back off your trip to prevent battery degrade it will also tell you that when you get home trust it. it works.

rdfbsmith | 13 dicembre 2016

Sorry I meant the other (Tab). Learn the vehicles options sounds like some people haven't read the manual.

borodinj | 13 dicembre 2016

I had a long trip today. Drove about 98 miles each way. When I left this morning, it was around 34 degrees; when I returned home, it was around 45-47 degrees. Drove at 72 MPH most of the way. Left the house with 230 miles of range, and arrived at my destination with around 105 miles of range remaining. Stopped to supercharge on way home and didn't track my range, but I may have been able to make it home if I drove a bit slower. By consumption was around 330 wh/mi on my trip home. Think it was closer to 360 wh/mi on my way to my destination, but I didn't really make it a point to check.

Ultimately, I'm fine with the consumption/efficiency, given the temps and my speed.

socalsam, what was the temperature for your trip? How fast were you driving?

socalsam | 13 dicembre 2016

Just got to Kingman. 13 miles left on the range. So I drive 120miles but used 187miles of range. Temp is low 70s. Driving between 70-75 mph. 40 minutes of charge remaining. I'm roughly 90 miles from the PAllazo hotel.

socalsam | 13 dicembre 2016

160 miles charged. It's telling me I'm ready to continue my trip. Oh no you don't model x. Don't want to be limping to the hotel. Will give it another 10 minutes and get over 200 miles on the range before I leave.

COrich | 13 dicembre 2016

This is a very interesting discussion to me since I have a 3 reserved, but am considering the X instead. It fits my needs better.

One thing that isn't being asked: What about wind? I know that a head wind (even a reasonable cross wind) will kill the mileage on my VW TIguan. I suspect that the X would be more susceptible to wind effects that the S.

inconel | 13 dicembre 2016

@borodinj your consumption looks very good for 72mph. What model x do you have?

borodinj | 13 dicembre 2016

I have a 90D

borodinj | 13 dicembre 2016

One thing not mentioned that could effect range are hills. My drive today was relatively flat -- mostly the NJ Turnpike from south to north and then back.

raging.dragonfly | 13 dicembre 2016

We have a 90D, w/20" tires. We just drove about 3700 miles, from Portland, OR to my parent's house near Daytona, FL. Our trip meter shows we averaged 372 wh/m. It went as high as 660 whm when climbing out of Albuquerque into the Sandias, but is staying around 360 now we're in FL. Temps have averaged around 35° for much of the trip, with one day mostly around 15°. It finally hit 60° when we got to Lake City (near Jacksonville), our last day. Average highway speed around 70mph, or 5 miles above any given speed limit. But there was plenty of slower construction traffic, and going into Baton Rouge, a bad traffic accident where we did roughly 2.4 miles in an hour and a half!! Really hard to say how many miles on a given charge, because it varied lot with terrain, temp, and speed.

lilbean | 13 dicembre 2016

I always charge longer than suggested. I wouldn't make it to my destination if I followed the recommended time to charge.

socalsam | 13 dicembre 2016

I arrived with about 55 miles to vegas. Total the trip took me about 5:15. I figured it added atlest 45 minutes to the drive. Charging up fully for the ride home tomorrow at the hotel. Enjoying an amazing meal at Bazzar Meats at the SLS. Sick food!

jwh8000 | 13 dicembre 2016

My 90D Model X with 20 in tires has averaged 337 watts per mile for the 66 hundred miles I have on it. Most my miles have been in idea temp range, Michigan in summer and Florida in winter and mostly level Terrain. On about every charge I get roughly 90 percent of stated range on average so a 90 percent charge will give me approximately 205 miles of range of steady driving. If I combine a lot of short trips on a charge the range goes down quite a bit, but that's not a problem since I am close to home and can charge when needed.

burdogg | 13 dicembre 2016

So i have a trip I take anytime I go to see my parents. I go through Blanding, UT and Holbrook AZ. Those superchargers are 226 miles apart - would my model X 90D make it?

Otherwise, I have to detour over to Gallup, NM, then down to Holbrook, AZ - adding 58 miles to the trip :(

They are supposed to have a supercharger part way between (in what looks like Mexican Water on Tesla's pages) in 2016, but nothing has happened yet in regards to that :(

Thoughts anyone?

aesculus | 13 dicembre 2016

@socalsam: Thanks for the play by play. I must admit I was able to read it all in one sitting. If I had come in at the start I think I would have been on pins and needles for your next posts until you got safely to Vegas. :-)

AlMc | 14 dicembre 2016

@socalsam: Glad it went well. What is your Wh/mile? Thanks

borodinj | 14 dicembre 2016

@burdogg, Assuming you have a 90D with 20" wheels, if you max charge and it's above freezing, you should make it provided you keep you speed to around 70 and there is a significant gain in altitude on the route.

Keep in mind, you can always turn on range mode if you think you might be cutting it close. I've never used it, and my efficiency has been decent without it.

Triggerplz | 14 dicembre 2016

@burdogg Would I try to go 226 miles on a charge.. :-)

socalsam | 14 dicembre 2016

I'm going back today. Will report watts per mile when I get in the car.

burdogg | 14 dicembre 2016

Thanks borodinj - that is my thoughts, I figured I would try it and if I had to go 45 mph near the end, I would at least know for next time. Really hoping Tesla will get that other SC built soon though.

Trigger - Ah come on, you wouldn't try it at least once :)

socalsam - thanks for the updates on your trip etc...

Model_D | 14 dicembre 2016

Hills increase the Wh/mile and therefore reduce range. The system is not 100% efficient in recovering the energy you used to climb the hill on the way down. Best range would be achieved in the following conditions listed in order from greatest to smallest for my Focus Electric (should get my Model X before the end of 2016):
Lower Speed
Less Use of the heater
Optimum Battery temperature
Less stuff mounted externally on the vehicle
Less Hills
Lower Driver's skill at recovering energy
Less Use of air conditioning
Lower Tire pressure
Less Dense air (higher elevation and temp)
Lower Rolling resistance of tires

So on the UT AZ trip you have the high speed, low temp and the hills going against you. A few tips:
Make sure the tire pressure is set
Remove anything outside your X (even the reindeer antlers)
Charge it so it finishes just before you leave (start with a warm battery)
Dress warm and use the seat heaters instead of the heater
Drive slow
Stop in Bluff and charge for an hour
I still don't think you can make it even if you never use the heater and go 45 mph the entire way.

dbh | 14 dicembre 2016

FWIW, I successfully drove or MX P90D from the Bend, OR supercharger to the Mt Shasta, CA supercharger without stopping, with 4 people in the car and one mountain bike on the hitch.

That's 215 miles and -115 feet of elevation change (but with some up/down in between). I charged to 243 miles before leaving and it said I'd have 6% left (or 15 miles). That was pretty accurate, though I drove faster the last 5 miles and arrived with only 6 miles left.

My lifetime Wh/mile is not that meaningful as I go up and down hills in the city all day.

inconel | 14 dicembre 2016

@dbh what was your average speed before you went faster in the last 5 miles?

Triggerplz | 14 dicembre 2016

@burdogg I have a P90DL with 22 inch tires so I wouldn't chance driving 226 miles, sitting on the side of the road waiting on a tow truck in a $100k plus car and a beat up Nova comes flying by blowing the horn aint cute.. :-)

burdogg | 14 dicembre 2016

That is funny trigger - but see, your P plus 22 inch wheels really would cut into your distance. I will just have plain old 90D :) I don't know when I will be making this trip, I just know it will happen at some point - hoping the SC in Mexican water gets put in.

rdfbsmith | 14 dicembre 2016

226 is very doable set the vehicle in trip mode put everything else in range mode. Drive sensible 70 you will be ok. Again I just completed 2 weeks ago a 3700 mile round trip from Texas to Virginia great fun and adventure. Always put in your directions and remember to hit the lightning bolt at the bottom right of the screen it will show all Super Charger near you a almost hidden option it works.

dbh | 14 dicembre 2016

@inconel I think I was doing about 67 most of the time, I forget exactly. It was a little slow. Definitely could not have made it going 75.

rdfbsmith | 14 dicembre 2016

We have a 90D and we have never had any range issues. I guess its the drivers heavy foot.

Going to Mississippi next week. I purchased the vehicle to drive.

I have read lots of post on here and to me it sounds as if most people have not read the manual on how to set the vehicle in trip and range mode to get the most out of the vehicle I have learned to trust it and so far it has proven to be AWESOME. I drive 70-75 and I have never experienced these range issues.

aesculus | 16 dicembre 2016

With a 90 when the superchargers are less than 150 miles apart there should be no range anxiety, even in winter. When they get farther than that then it could be another story if there are heavy head winds, precipitation and/or low temperatures.