Tire Brand?

Tire Brand?

Im waiting for delivery of my MX with 20" all season tires. Anyone know what brand rubber is going on the cars this month? Ive heard it changes from time to time.

mathwhiz | 17 dicembre 2016

Per the FAQ sticky on the TMC forums — :

Q: What tires are on the Model X?
A: Continental CrossContact LX Sport; Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season; ContiSilent
Front: 265/45R20 108V XL; UTQG: 480 A A; Tirerack Per Tire: $349.25
Rear: 275/45R20 110V XL; UTQG: 480 A A; Tirerack Per Tire: $338.25
Load Index of 108 = 2205 lbs | 1000 kgs
Load Index of 110 = 2337 lbs | 1060 kgs
Speed symbol is V for 149 mph max

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3; Max Performance Summer; SoundComfort Technology
Front: 265/35R22 102W XL; UTQG: Pending; Tirerack Per Tire: $179.30
Rear: 285/35R22 106W XL; UTQG: 300 AA A; Tirerack Per Tire: $184.70
Load Index of 102 = 1874 lbs | 850 kgs
Load Index of 106 = 2094 lbs | 950 kgs
Speed symbol is W for 168 mph max

Michelin Latitude Sport 3
Front: 255/45R20
Rear: 275/45R20

Model X tires cannot be rotated.

RIchgpilot | 17 dicembre 2016

OK, thanks but just wondering whats coming out this month for new deliveries if anyone took delivery recently.

rossRallen | 17 dicembre 2016

If you have a choice, or are willing to make a demand, ask for the Michelins. My 20" Conti's wore out after 5100 miles. 100% unacceptable. $2100 down the drain.

lilbean | 17 dicembre 2016

Would Conti replace them? Mine still look OK at 7000 miles.

rossRallen | 17 dicembre 2016

@lilbean: I didn't ask. They aren't covered by the Conti warranty because they were supplied by Tesla. That's what I learned on the Conti site - no way to submit a warranty claim, yet Tesla defers tire problems to the manufacturer. Now, I could be wrong about what Conti might have done for me, but they were wearing out so quickly, I didn't want another set. You probably remember the thread around September where a bunch of us talked about Contis and Michelins.

Be sure you have AT LEAST 4mm of tread left, particularly for safety during rainy season. Less than 2 mm, and they are "illegal". 3mm is marginal.

lilbean | 17 dicembre 2016

Yes I remember. Thanks for the reminder. I'll have to measure it. :-)

robert.s.bjekich | 17 dicembre 2016

Today I picked up a Red Model X with five seats at the Fremont factory and it has Continental tires.

Triggerplz | 17 dicembre 2016

They put Good Year on mine and it's been a good year,

RIchgpilot | 18 dicembre 2016

Thanks robert, looks like its going to be Continental. I never liked them on my BMW but in all fairness it was a different tire and different car. They never did well on wet roads.

My choice would have been Michelin

RIchgpilot | 18 dicembre 2016

Thanks robert, looks like its going to be Continental. I never liked them on my BMW but in all fairness it was a different tire and different car. They never did well on wet roads.

My choice would have been Michelin

rpskanter | 18 dicembre 2016

Just picked up mine yesterday with Continental. Expressed grave disappointment but no satisfaction.

jerry | 18 dicembre 2016

11 years ago I purchased a brand new Chrysler 300C with Continental tires, there were absolute junk and had to be replaced within 5,000 miles. Continental wouldn't do crap for me. But, about a year later they lost a class action lawsuit because most everybody with a new 300C had their tires wear out prematurely. If I recall correctly, I received a check for a little over $500. I think I spent around $600 on the Michelins I bought, so overall I was satisfied. It just ticks me off that it required a class action lawsuit to make them pay what they rightfully owed.

Hearing these kind of reports, it appears they haven't gotten much better. I hope my MX will have Michelins when it arrives Tuesday, but with my luck it will be the Crapinentals.

campusden | 18 dicembre 2016

I took delivery on December 3rd, 2016. I have a 6 seater. It came with Continental tires. I have 20 inch tires.

PedanticOne | 18 dicembre 2016

@Triggerplz Does that mean if I get Continentals I get free breakfast?

Redmiata98 | 18 dicembre 2016

I have 11,000 miles on my OEM all-weather Contis and they show little wear. Perhaps yours were not balanced properly or you had suspension problems?

Teslapalooza | 18 dicembre 2016

I asked my DS if he can get Michelin tires installed on MX. No luck. Here is what he responded:

"I was informed from our production team that your Model X was built with Continental all-season tires. All new Model X orders placed are built with all-season tires, regardless of vehicle trim or wheel size because of the feedback from customers who have generally preferred the versatility of all-season tires."

ronmerkord | 19 dicembre 2016

Our SigX came with the 20" Conti's, and I just retired them at over 25,000 miles, and they still had usable tread left. I only retired them to use them as spares, since I picked up another set of 20" tires + wheels.

Given that we drive quite a bit on gravel/dirt roads, we usually get really low life on our tires, so I was really happy with over 25K miles.

ken | 19 dicembre 2016

i have conti on mine and 34k miles on it, its about half way through.
happy so far with conti silence

rdfbsmith | 20 dicembre 2016

He is what I did I took my Model X to Discount tire and registered them a no brainer. Now if the tires wear out faster than normal I get an pro rotated discount.

rdfbsmith | 20 dicembre 2016

(Here) fat fingered it. 5000 miles so far and my tires or just great had them looked at yesterday.

arnieraymond | 22 dicembre 2016

My SigX has 18,5K and the conti tires are pretty much gone. SC said that they would need to be replaced at least by 20K. So is it my driving or the conti tires? I am disappointed that no warranty is offered. I usually get Michelins but confused by the factory recommendation.

Redmiata98 | 22 dicembre 2016

I think 20k is about the best you can expect from performance tires.

raging.dragonfly | 22 dicembre 2016

We got the Contis on our April MX, and now have over 15,000 miles on them. Glad to say they still look great, even with me having given them several accidental helpings of curb rash! The last 3000+ miles have all been in December, since we are still in the middle of our road trip from Oregon to Florida and back, and another 3000+ miles will be added during the return trip in January (we are visiting my family, which entails various trips between my folks' home and the homes of other family members). I was dubious about the Contis initially, as the reports were often bad before we got our car, but they are performing quite well so far.

raging.dragonfly | 22 dicembre 2016

Oh, we have the 20"s.

Saxman | 23 dicembre 2016


I just took delivery yesterday in Denver. I also have 20'S with the Contis. I drove back to Vail Valley where I live but the roads were quite clear of snow/ice so am anxious to see how they perform in those winter conditions.

burdogg | 23 dicembre 2016

Saxman - we just got blasted with Snow last night - did you get the same? You can go test them now :)

arnieraymond | 23 dicembre 2016

When replacing is it best to get them at the SC or from say discount tire?

lilbean | 23 dicembre 2016

I would go to Americas Tire where I could purchase the warranty :)

Saxman | 23 dicembre 2016

Burdogg & Raging
I went skiing at Beaver Creek this morning for a couple of hours. We got about 5 inches of powder....sweet.

The roads were slushy so I took wife's GMC so our X wouldn't get messy.

burdogg | 23 dicembre 2016

You lucked out then on the way home yesterday :) - We traveled back and snow came and roads were wet so our X was not very clean anymore - does not look anywhere near new on the outside now :( oh well, guess I will have to wash it, after the next round of snow Sunday :)