Windshield wipers. Do they suck or is it just mine

Windshield wipers. Do they suck or is it just mine

Just toook delivery of a 2017 MX last week. I've cleaned the windshield and even rain-x the thing and yet when I use the wipers the water smears and small lines are up-wiped. Love to hear others thoughts.

Osu18 | 21 gennaio 2017

They do, plus in mine the fluid comes out unevenly missing most of the lower portion in front of the driver.

Model_D | 21 gennaio 2017

Mine work great. They streaked a little when it was new. There was a flim on the windshield only where the wipers wiped when we first got it. We washed it with soap and water, dried it with a cotton towel then cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol/paper towels. Now it is excellent.

bsridesagain | 23 gennaio 2017

Same here. I also applied an after-market film like Rain-X and still get results you describe.

Also, the 2 intermittent wiper control settings are supposed to work as a function of moisture sensed, but mine don't seem to correlate well with how much moisture is present. Therefore too often have to manually up-click to to clear windshield. Any one else have this problem or know if there's a fix for it?

betty_yee | 24 gennaio 2017

After delivery my husband applied rain-x no smears but washer fluid come out unevenly so I called service and the service manager come to my condo to inspect. He said the washer fluid line was tighten too tight at the factory which damaged the washer fluid line. He scheduled me to go to service the next day and it was fixed.

harry.corbeek | 24 gennaio 2017

same problem here, brought it to SC; they claimed to have resolved it but just found out they didn't. Waiting for there telephone.

woohoo | 24 gennaio 2017

Mine suck. Horrible streaking, and wiper control settings are borderline useless due to streaking. Have been to SC, which didn't help. I Have cleaned the windshield and blades, applied aquapel, with little to no improvement. It is borderline dangerous, especially with splashback of snow, ice, slush this time of the year. I am going to need to return back to the SC. Love my X but the windshield wipers, not so much.

elguapo | 24 gennaio 2017

They're not great. For all of the work that went into the windshield, one would think the wipers would be better. My Feb 2016 X is fine, but I personally don't like the way the fluid comes from the blades as it doesn't really get most of the windshield.

Generally, there are a lot of other places I'd like to see TM tweak the X and the wipers are low on the list.

lilbean | 24 gennaio 2017

My wipers wipe the windshield when it's dry before the fluid gets on them so I just don't use the fluid.

vrykolas | 25 gennaio 2017

I cleaned and applied Rain-X right after we got it. Then it rained a couple days after and they worked perfectly. No issues (so far), and owned 1 month.

Leli001 | 26 gennaio 2017

I've put Rain-X on a few weeks ago too and it made a big difference. Rain-X works wonders, been using it for over a decade. My other car will be 8 years since I bought it new this May and have always used Rain-X at least twice a year and the car is still on its original wipers @ 85k miles!

Fiona | 27 gennaio 2017

They are rubbish. Great idea but in practise they freeze at the drop of a hat & regularly one or both stop working in a section (usually the bit in front of my vision). It's going in in a cpl weeks to get them looked at (as well as some door issues) so will see what happens after that but it seems to be regular problem... hopefully they will do a re-design & retrofit the solution asap. Pref before next winter as I'm going thro the washer fluid at a rapid rate

jjp | 27 gennaio 2017

Mine (December 2016 MX) wouldn't wipe on the driver's side except for the far top.
I took it to the SC and they found the fluid tube was pinched. It's way better now,
but still a bit streaky on the bottom.

woohoo | 28 gennaio 2017

Mine are horrible. Have cleaned windshield for hours, placed aquapel, cleaned blades, changed windshield fluid, and I still get awful streaking on the return swipe squarely in my vision line. With snow, slush, splashback It is unsafe!!!! The windshield wiper fluid seems to clears it just enough see in the upswing, then a awful smear appears on the down swing. So far it has been to the SC and they adjusted them ? but it hasn't helped. I now have a bottle of glass cleaner in the car for emergencies while waiting for my next SC appointment. Fabulous car, dangerous wipers!

tesla | 29 gennaio 2017

Just you. Best wipers I've ever had.

Redmiata98 | 29 gennaio 2017

Tesla, you forgot theb;-)

knowinghowe | 29 gennaio 2017

I too have experienced significant wiper issues. When supercharging in snowy Summit County (Frisco?), another X driver was very upset with the performance of his wipers.

We just put >5000 miles on a month-long roundtrip from Lincoln NE to San Diego California with many side trips. In route, we twice traveled through hours of freezing rain at 27-28 degrees, and some very heavy rains in southern California. (The all-wheel drive traction was marvelous, and the X drove very well in these conditions!)

Think wiper streaking is very weather (temperature) dependent. When in cold snowy weather, wiper blades do not fully/evenly contact the bottom of the windscreen. It is as if they are setting upon something with a different contour when retracted, and retain this shape in cold weather, resulting in streaking. The blades worked fine in warmer downpours, streaked again when used in cold snowy conditions on this excursion.

Saxman | 29 gennaio 2017

As an aside since you questioned it, you were SC in Silverthorne not Frisco.

sra | 31 gennaio 2017

Winter roads in Norway are snowy and icy, and on main roads the snow and ice are removed by plowing and salting. This leaves a wet and sticky layer on the screen (and the rest of the car). The wipers have no chance to keep the screen clean. The liquid come from the center of the wipers, with to small quanteties and too little pressure. The low part on the driver's side is left dirty.

Only solution is to let the liquid com from the bottom of the wipers and with higher presure to clean the screen.
I have my X to service for this for the third time now, and was told that Tesla is looking for a solution to this problem.

I received my X in August and have driven 12000 km. It is a fantastic car. The small service issues I have had, has been solved by Tesla's service organization the best way! Vey nice and service-minded people!