It's here!!! Pick up Tomorrow!!!! Any tips???

It's here!!! Pick up Tomorrow!!!! Any tips???

It appears we are a go for pick up tomorrow!!! Any tips??? Any special questions I might need to know??? I'm already practicing the grin, i'm not sure I have it mastered yet however.

Silver2K | 9 febbraio 2017


do a good inspection and don't be in a hurry to drive out. take your time!

BigD0g | 9 febbraio 2017

Thanks Silver! yah, I took the day off just to make sure I am not rushed =).

Tropopause | 9 febbraio 2017

Be safe on the drive home. I nearly hit a shopping cart in the middle of the freeway on my maiden drive home.

RedJ | 9 febbraio 2017

Don't worry about practicing the grin. Your car will take care of that for you.
You might want to stretch your face muscles a bit before you go so you don't strain something though:)
All kidding aside, take your time and enjoy.

bishoppeak | 9 febbraio 2017

Have someone else with you. The temptation to play with the gadgets is very distracting and another set of eyes on the road helps.

jjchan.OH.US | 9 febbraio 2017

Be sure to find out where the tow hook is attached. Show room people didn't seem to know.

Nexxus | 9 febbraio 2017


Yeah, but what happened to the shopper who was pushing it? Any extra points for that? (i.e. - Death Race 2000). :)

JAD | 9 febbraio 2017

Sleeping pills for tonight, otherwise you will be too tired to enjoy it.

steve.roach | 9 febbraio 2017

Just get used to the fact that at almost every red light people will be staring at you/the car.

carlk | 9 febbraio 2017

Driving home from picking up mine three years ago the car suddenly coasted down on the freeway exchange. Big panic it took me a few very long seconds to figure out the car shifted to neutral when I intended to turn on the wiper. Get familiar with the few essential functions before you drive off you can learn the rest later. Have fun!

mm7nyy | 9 febbraio 2017

Don't forget you can use premium or regular octane gas

BigD0g | 9 febbraio 2017

@mm7nyy LOL!!! can't wait to get rid of my premium fuel ups =), I'll just have to buy some premium electrons!

BigD0g | 9 febbraio 2017

I am assuming I should get the car with build 17.5.28??? How would I confirm that?

carlk | 9 febbraio 2017

Have you heard that if you charge during the cool night you will get a little extra range? ;)

Wprather | 9 febbraio 2017

I called and asked my delivery specialist if I could show up an hour early so I could do a more thorough inspection and not waste their time watching me inspect. That way the time with the DS could be used to have them explain and go over stuff with you. It worked great. I didn't feel rushed and I did find a few things. They were great about it. Took care of a few on the spot in the Service Center and schedule an appoint a few days later to fix my Driver Side Mirror which had a issue. Make sure you inspect the paint job and glass very thoroughly....once you leave any scratches, dents, etc., you own.'s been about 6 weeks for me and I'm loving it!

BigD0g | 9 febbraio 2017

Thanks @Wprather, what sort of things did you find if you don't mind, i'll move it up on my list of things to check =).

amareshvanga | 9 febbraio 2017

First of all congratulations on the new car.I got my Tesla 70D red Model S delivered to my house which is 300 miles away from service center. When it was delivered i quickly went over the vehicle (like looking outside and inside to see everything works--not in detail though as i was too excited).
I did not even find one little or even tiny fault or detail that i could complaint about.6 months later nothing has changed.It performs exactly like it perfomed the first day and no problems found so far.
Just make sure that your app is up and running with ongoing connectivity to your vehicle.You may forget to cross check this but is important that this integration is taken care of.
secondly drive the car little and turn off all the audio-- try to look for any squeaks or rattles that you may notice.Unlikely but better be sure
are you getting panoroof-if yes then open and close couple of times while driving so that it sits properly and doesn't squeak.

Wprather | 9 febbraio 2017

I found what looked like 2 small paint scraps that they were able to buff out. The chrome window molding was not aligned correctly, they fixed it quickly. This one was odd, the lower trim piece in front of the rear wheel on left side panel was not aligned correctly (compared to the other side), they had to put that on list to fix at appointment). The rear hatch when closing came down toward right side and then shifted back to the middle to close, again an alignment fixed it. Driver side mirror did not open/close correctly automatically (lots of MS built in Dec had this issue, I think it's fixed now). Required new part. That was all I found on inspection. Service Center was fantastic, friendly, and the experience was GREAT. But having that time by myself with the car let me go over it without feeling like I had to rush. I didn't really find anything that I think they wouldn't have fixed later, but it made me feel better knowing I had taken the time to give it a good going over. Also since I got the full glass roof I wanted to inspect it completely. Good luck, have fun. The moment I first saw my car was a very cool experience!

BigD0g | 9 febbraio 2017

Yes to Pano @amareshvanga and thanks, and thank you @wprather, i'll make sure to check all those things as well!

Haggy | 9 febbraio 2017

Just remember you can take as much or as little time as you want to inspect the car. Most people would say that the more time you spend, the better off you are, and I can't argue with that. But also remember if you get home and notice that you missed something, and you get a sinking feeling in your gut that you should have pointed it out, Tesla will take care of it.

The farther you live from a service center, the more you might want to consider taking the Nick Howe checklist with you. In my experience, Tesla tends to be quite thorough in inspecting the car. But it's easy to overlook things. On my car, there was a chrome molding that didn't line up quite right. I didn't notice and had I looked more carefully I still might not have thought anything about it. Then one day I read about somebody else with that complaint, realized I had the same issue, and the next time I was in for something else, they adjusted it for me. I'm not far from a SC, so it wasn't a big deal.

BigD0g | 9 febbraio 2017

Thanks jaggy, yah I'm not close to the abc center about a 2hr drive for me, I just missed the home delivery range by a few miles, I talked to my DS with wprathers advice and getting to inspect the car an hour early, so that should help.

akikiki | 9 febbraio 2017

BigD0g, Congrats. Embrace the Teslanxiety, its like waithing the night before Christmas. Wrap yourself in it like a warm blanket of excitement. And be prepared, you will feel it again every time you get in your rocket. Be thinking about what the first song you will play is. And what's your new additions name going to be.

Jama | 9 febbraio 2017

And don't complain about how HW2 is not on par with HW1.

burdogg | 9 febbraio 2017

Oh come on Jama - everyone is doing it, so why can't BigD0g :)

Excited for you BigD0g!

JeffreyR | 9 febbraio 2017

Nick's check list +1
Actually read the OMC
Two Advils for the grin soreness
Remember no matter what announcements come out in the coming weeks, enjoy the grin from tomorrow nothing should diminish it! Welcome to the "family" glad you are sharing the love here too.

zrocksfl | 9 febbraio 2017

One thing i think Elon tweeted was to ask/confirm they aligned the cameras...there's only 8 on the cars now...seems like a few more would be fun..finding them was the fun part!

Mike83 | 9 febbraio 2017

Notice the car is fairly wide so drive carefully so you don't get wheel rash on those nasty cement curves. Also don't follow cars with big tires and no guard flaps to avoid rock chips. I like to park away from other cars that might dent your new baby. I am one who likes to wax the car and keep it pristine.
But most important; enjoy ;-)

Victorg-90D | 9 febbraio 2017

We picked our 90D from factory yesterday. After appointment my wife went to her work and I returned home in MS, and found that I had no home keys. I had to wait 2h outside until kids came from school and unlocked home.

thranx | 9 febbraio 2017

Seconding what Mike83 mentions. Be especially careful and allow extra room when parking next to a curb of any kind. The width of the car is very deceptive and the wheels scratch easily. Back further out than you would normally before turning the wheel.

Bluesday Afternoon | 9 febbraio 2017

After parking in the garage tomorrow night you can actually go in the house. Once your Tesla is plugged in you won't miss anything...unless you receive an OTA update at 2:30 am. ;-)

amorado30 | 9 febbraio 2017

Congrats! The delivery experience is amazing with some sweet swag. Make sure you take the time with your delivery engineer and let her walk you through everything. I'm a tech savvy person but when I got in my tesla the first time it was immediate overload with the huge dashboard screen and tons of fun settings and buttons. So taking the time with your assigned engineer to review everything is really great. Get ready to enjoy one of the best decisiobs of your life.

NCC1701S | 9 febbraio 2017

Welcome to the GRINing family. Until you get accustomed to the fluid natural of the car's acceleration don't punch it unless you have a lot of room in front of your. Read the onboard owner's manual! Look into the various billing plans with your power company. In my case, changing to Georgia Power's EV program and only charging between 11pm & 7am cut our overall power bills by almost half. Enjoy!!!

mrjjp | 9 febbraio 2017

congratulations ; take your time learning all the features. Your delivery specialist will fill you with so much info.
before you drive, learn where the wipers are and how they work. Radio on and off via the steering wheel. How to center your car if it get off the navigation screen. Just spend time...go at your speed.
Enjoy! and grin

Ms_PriceLa | 9 febbraio 2017

Congrats, lets see..we found that our hood and truck were out of alignment after getting a bra and the car wrapped to protect the paint from dings. Also the passenger door window didn't line up properly. No worries had the car for 4 weeks and scheduled an appointment to get these minor issues fixed. My main recommendation when you drive home, STAY FAR AWAY from box trucks and big rigs! We don't want you having a window rock chip experience on your ride home. Enjoy your new ride!

bishoppeak | 9 febbraio 2017

Push the T on the big screen and it will tell you which firmware you have.

avesraggiana | 9 febbraio 2017

Congratulations! I hope to be you in about six to eight weeks time. I’ve completed the Order mask, but I get a bad case of the jitters every time I go to click the PLACE ORDER button. It’s just so much money, the most I will have ever spent on a car.

*Breathing deeply now and exhaling loudly to slow down racing heart*

DLebryk | 9 febbraio 2017

The big difference with this car - the training session on how to use it. Key thing to remember - how to control the radio, how to use navigation, how to adjust the volume, and how to use your phone (buttons to press on the steering wheel). You don't want to spend time figuring that stuff out while you drive. Practice it all a couple of times.

All that inspection stuff, not really different from any other brand new car. That checklist - I printed it out, intended to use it, got to delivery and realized it is nothing more than the same thing you would do with any other car. At one time it was super useful - there were defects in the first year or two of production. That's all gone now.

Run4Waffles | 10 febbraio 2017

Today's the day @BigD0g!!!!!

The grin is going to be bigger than expected and it's addictive. :-)

Watch your speed.....there's no engine, or exhaust, noise to judge your speed. :-o

Congratulations!!! Enjoy!!

BigD0g | 10 febbraio 2017

Thanks waffles and everyone!!! I'm on a bus heading to D.C. Now to go pick up Jarvis !!!!!

sbeggs | 10 febbraio 2017

Enjoy today, @BigD0g!

Bighorn | 10 febbraio 2017

Relax and have fun! Lots of us have had cars dropped off with no orientation whatsoever--no need to stress. You're a bright guy--you'll figure it out.

Wprather | 10 febbraio 2017

Enjoy your drive home! I wish I had had a longer drive home. I live 7 miles from the SC. I got home and sat in the car. Then decided I needed to go for a long drive...."just to check it out of course" :) ...and if you do find a few things that need fixed, NO WORRIES! I stressed a bit. Tesla will take care of it. My SC was fantastic!

sentabo | 10 febbraio 2017

Ah, good for you, BigD0g. I think we all fondly remember the excitement we felt on our delivery day. The anticipation as you make your way there, seeing your new car for the first time, then driving it out of the lot....very special.

Congratulations, and enjoy the ride!

BigD0g | 10 febbraio 2017

She's mine!!! The grinning has commenced, though sadly she's already in for her first service, two of the ultrasonic sensors were not flush and sticking out and the side view mirror was cracked slightly, but omg can't wait to drive home !!!

Run4Waffles | 10 febbraio 2017

You've got the wrong car @BigD0g!!!! You said "She's mine!!!" But you named it Jarvis. Remember? Not good...

NKYTA | 10 febbraio 2017

Sad it needed tweaking, but do enjoy the Grin and drive home!

BigD0g | 10 febbraio 2017

Hmms, you do have a point waffle, I either need to change the sex or give her a new name.... let the research begin!!

Silver2K | 10 febbraio 2017

Name her "Dory"

she needs to forget her early minor problems

BigD0g | 10 febbraio 2017

Ooooh, I like that silver I'll place it on the list!

mathwhiz | 10 febbraio 2017

Ot maybe, Pepper...