17" Console blanks out and reboots randomly while driving

17" Console blanks out and reboots randomly while driving

The 17" Console blanks out and reboots randomly while driving. I happens randomly and so far my best guess correlation is to the streaming radio, especially when you press the 'Next/Skip' arrow to skip the song and move to the next. Skipping songs works without issues most of the times, but every once in a while the screen reboots.
It has happened to me 3 times already, so I thought I will post here and ask if anyone else has experienced this issue.

jlxjl | 19 marzo 2017

It has happened to me twice. Now that you mentioned the correlation with streaming radio, I recalled it happened while driving down a steep road where there is no cell reception. So maybe a new song was just starting while the cell reception was interrupted.

J.T. | 19 marzo 2017

It had been a common occurrence a few months ago but a software patch supposedly fixed it. Perhaps try doing a reboot making sure nothing is in the USB ports while you reboot.

Lubdub | 19 marzo 2017

look in the frunk and find the connections to the 12 v battery and make sure they are tight. located under a cover near the wipers. I had intermittent electrical issues till I fixed that
also push your dictate (?) button on steering wheel. and command "report bug" then call Tesla they can check the log and your report marks the details and timing of the issue. That helps them fix it.
also next time call Tesla prior to posting.