Date when first M3 will go out to a person who waited in line.

Date when first M3 will go out to a person who waited in line.

Talking about a new buyer that was one of the first in line, not an employee or previous Tesla owner. I say early October, what say you?

Frank99 | 21 marzo 2017
mntlvr23 | 22 marzo 2017

I am one of those people (non-employee/non-owner/early in line), but on the east coast - and am hoping by mid-late December. Early October would be fantastic.

(The contest/countdown thread is a little different, since it is guessing the first non-employee - so will most definitely be a current owner)

SamO | 22 marzo 2017


mccloskey512 | 23 marzo 2017

Does anyone find it extremely unfair that although we waited in line for hours on 3/31/2016 since we are on the east coast, that a west coast person may get their order filled before we do. That stinks!

SamO | 23 marzo 2017

Don't think about it as unfair, just think about how you should live closer to the factory.

dsvick | 23 marzo 2017

You get to see the sun before them every day, they probably think that that's not fair ....

mntlvr23 | 23 marzo 2017

But they get to sleep in for longer by three hours each and every day, and that is definitely not fair.

dsvick | 24 marzo 2017

We get our birthdays faster ....

brando | 24 marzo 2017

IF it turns out to be true that All Wheel Drive and Performance models come later, then the Model 3 roll out might be better called the "ordering/configuration" opportunity roll out.

side note/benefit: the little guys might have a chance at the Federal tax deduction after all. Those with the cash can always buy what ever they want anyway.

samiam | 24 marzo 2017

You don't have to live in California, so it all evens out.