i think its funny how tesla doesnt even have specs yet

i think its funny how tesla doesnt even have specs yet

they will take your money without even having a definate model with specs? I see posts like> tesla to start making model 3 in 3 months and on and on yet they cant even post a true pic with specs on it? Sure there are prototypes driving around in cali i guess but i would expect tesla to be a little more specific...on seze and dimensions at least.If they have the robots and tooling ready then they know the dimensions.

scarface | 22 marzo 2017

Are you serious?

Tesla knows EXACTLY every little details about M3.

Its not because we don't know yet that they don't!

Anyway, people have voted for their next President will even less information about his plan lol

KP in NPT | 22 marzo 2017

They didn't take your money - you gave it to them, knowing full well you were reserving a future car based on a prototype.

they will release the specs when they are ready to. And you aren't happy you can questions asked.

El Mirio | 22 marzo 2017

Tesla is keeping details secret on purpose, believe they even nick named Model 3 team area 51 or something. They stated they are "anti-selling" model 3. Announcing final specs would just give another reservation boost, they don't want more reservations at this point.

stevenmaifert | 22 marzo 2017

Tesla released the specs for the Model S in December, 2011, six months ahead of the start of production: If they are going to start production of the Model 3 sometime in July, now will be a good time to tickle our fancy.

Carl Thompson | 22 marzo 2017

Anyone else get the feeling that there might be some really special wow! feature that Tesla wants to keep a lid on as long as possible?


sosmerc | 22 marzo 2017

I'm kinda hoping that "wow" turns out to be more Model 3 variations than expected. I put my deposit in today on that very hope.

sosmerc | 22 marzo 2017

Maybe some hints about what the Model Y will offer that differs from the 3?

Red Sage ca us | 22 marzo 2017


mbrochujr | 23 marzo 2017

All I know is That I reserved mine last April and I cant wait to get it.

bmalloy0 | 23 marzo 2017

If you're unhappy that Tesla is holding your reservation without disclosing information about a vehicle that isn't in production yet, feel free to request a deposit refund.

dsvick | 23 marzo 2017

@bmalloy0 - "If you're unhappy ..."

He's not, didn't you see the thread title? He's still got his sense of humor ...

makobill | 23 marzo 2017

Its posts like these that has made me a 'check in periodically' vs a 'here daily' person. That and the Bolt nonsense....

makobill | 23 marzo 2017

Its posts like these that has made me a 'check in periodically' vs a 'here daily' person. That and the Bolt nonsense....

Frank99 | 23 marzo 2017

I have been made privy to the most important Model 3 specs. Leading the list is:
1. Make the Model 3 AWESOME!... (with apologies to Red Sage..)

jordanrichard | 23 marzo 2017

Carl +1. I think the big "wow" feature being kept underlid is this "spaceship" steering wheel Elon alluded to. As for pictures of what the final car will look like. There are only 2 areas that might be different, the trunk lid and nose. Both of thses areas Elon said shortly after the reveal, they would be tweaking.

KP in NPT | 23 marzo 2017

@JR, minor edit" steering "controls" ;-)

I agree, they have something up their sleeves. And yes it will be AWESOME. :)

SUN 2 DRV | 23 marzo 2017

This waiting is a life lesson for the younger crowd.

Prolonging the anticipation increases the strength and duration of the enjoyment! :-)

Apple learned this long ago and this philosophy created their culture of extreme secrecy, Tesla has also used it very successfully. The secrecy increases the interest, attention and power of Elon's tweets.

Ask yourself whether it would benefit Tesla to spill the bean early? They certainly don't need any more near term orders, and would benefit by saving some of the excitement for one or more future announcements. I can guarantee you that the next announcement still won't have all the options spelled out in full detail.

Carl Thompson | 23 marzo 2017


Yeah, I'm pretty excited to see the finished product!


Frank99 | 23 marzo 2017

Carl -
I'm pretty excited to see the finished my freakin' garage!

It's almost like the month of December when you were a kid, anticipating Christmas day - stretched out over a year and a half...

PhillyGal | 23 marzo 2017

The only specs I needed to plunk down my pre-reveal 3/31 deposit:

It will be related to my Model S in some way.

hsuru4u | 23 marzo 2017

Sorry I am new to ev. My gf bought a model s 2 weeks ago and i know if she didnt see it and actually drive it she would never have spent the $$$ for it. Guess she is in the minority.

PhillyGal | 23 marzo 2017

@hsuru4u - She is not in the minority at all. I too would never have even entertained the thought of buying a Model S without driving it.

But once you've driven the Model S, it's plenty easy to decide that the M3 is worth while.

hsadler | 23 marzo 2017

Surprise will be... it hovers

hsuru4u | 23 marzo 2017

we will see....i drove a bmw 7 series and liked it but didnt care for the 3 or 5 series...I think how you fit into a car based on its dynamics is important and just cannot be known untill you actually get in and drive it. I cant stand my gf's sons nissan altima . Its not very comfy for/to me. For giggles go to a mercedes dealer one day and test drive the c class/e class and s class sedans......HUGE difference in ride , fit and comfort.

Carl Thompson | 23 marzo 2017

The minute the Design Studio is open for the Model 3 I will confirm the purchase as soon as I can click through it. (Can I confirm online or do I need to go to a showroom?) I will drive the car when I can because I assume they'll let you change your order for a period of time if you decide you want to add features after driving.


KP in NPT | 23 marzo 2017

You will confirm online. There has been a short grace period where you can change your order. I think for the S/X it's something like a week. (can someone confirm? We didn't think about changing anything with ours.) So bear that in mind depending on how things work out, Carl.

IPv6Freely | 24 marzo 2017

I put in my deposit an hour before the presentation even started. I knew it would be good, and it was refundable. So theres zero risk.

jordanrichard | 24 marzo 2017

KP, did he say steering controls? Ok. I can't remember, just that it was to be spaceship like.

Haggy | 24 marzo 2017

Of course they have specs. How else would they be able to contract out for parts or put together an assembly line.