Is it time for a Traffic Database?

Is it time for a Traffic Database?

As we move more closer to autonomous driving, access to accurate mapping and traffic data becomes indispensable. Instead of every car company trying to develop maps, road condition & traffic data wouldn't it make sense to have a central agency similar to National Weather Service to collect and disseminate this data? Car manufacturers can source this data and customize as they see fit - similar to phone carriers customizing Android OS.
I think that would free up lot of resources from car companies so they can focus on building great products...

carlk | 24 marzo 2017

Yes V2V and V2I will eventually be the integrated part of autonomous vehicles although this will take time to build.

brando | 24 marzo 2017

What if all cars had weather station sensors? And someone tried to put all that data to use?

Just another example of possibilities our electronic connected environment might offer. World wide monitoring?

Badbot | 24 marzo 2017

aircraft have cloud source weather

RSavage_92024 | 24 marzo 2017

Do we really need another government agency? Do you really want your car dependent on something akin to the National Weather Service? I'll pass on both.

kaffine | 25 marzo 2017

Where is Rand McNally(sp)?

If it happens I would expect it to be a commercial company. Possibly someone like Waze, Google, UPS, FedEx. Companies that already drive down most streets frequently could just outfit their trucks with extra gear to make the detailed maps required. Then have a few extra trucks that go and get the few roads they don't otherwise drive down.