Electric lawnmower recommendation?

Electric lawnmower recommendation?

Sorry if this isn't directly Model 3 related but I thought some of the folks here might have some thoughts.

Currently I have a gas mower and every time I mow I have to refill at least once. So I'm burning gas. Are there any electric mowers that people recommend that are just as powerful as gas mowers? What I'd be looking for would have to have a large battery (no cords, please).

Feel free to flag this topic out of existence if not being Tesla related offends you too much.

Thanks in advance!

Haggy | 27 marzo 2017

I have this one, and it works fine, but it all depends how much lawn you have.

joemar10 | 27 marzo 2017

I've been using a 36 volt Neuton mower for probably 10 years it even has an edger attachment that goes on the left front of it. It bags, albeit a small bag, and mulches to a degree. I have a medium sized yard and I don't usually bag the clippings. It's been very dependable and everything I've needed. Every time I've had an issue, (usually electronic) the company has sent me the part for free, with installation instructions. I think it's made in Vermont. All of that being said, I think I'm about ready to buy the Ego. Some of the plastic parts on the Neuton are beginning to break such as the left side of the handle. I actually taped it together at the end of last year. I like the brawny look of the ego as well as the higher voltage and the fact that you can use the same battery in other lawn equipment.

Carl Thompson | 27 marzo 2017

Thanks, everyone. My yard is only about 9,000 square feet which is large for the Bay Area but small many other places. Someone in my office mentioned the Greenworks Pro 80V which should have a little more oomph:


He hasn't used it, though.


jefjes | 27 marzo 2017

I know you said no cords but I've been using a corded Earth Wise that I picked up at Walmart during the off season several years (2009) ago for $49. Cords don't require charging or battery replacement and if you do cut one they are cheaper than a battery to replace, depending on length etc.. Works great for me but it would depend on your own needs. My front is the only grass and not that big with very few other trees or shrubs to mow around. Off season buys for electric yard tools are the way to go when possible. Good luck!

dd.micsol | 27 marzo 2017

I patented this. Thanks. Told Elon I would give it to him for free about 3 yrs ago.

mrbarnes | 27 marzo 2017

I have the EGO 21" and absolutely love it. I did quite a bit of research first, and it gets great reviews, and I couldn't agree more with the positive reviews. Purchased from Home Depot. It seems a little pricey, but it just works - and no gas, low noise, and low maintenance are worth every penny.
I've had neighbors come by just to watch it work, and have a conversation WHILE the mower is on....I can't wait for them to come over to see the new Model 3 in the driveway and solar roof!

akgolf | 27 marzo 2017

I think I'll wait for a riding model with a tow hitch. Wonder if it'll need air suspension?

Wimpy ti | 27 marzo 2017

Go big or go home, lawn mower with full autonomy!
Google: Landroid Robotic Mower

I have a corded Kobalt that I love. My last mower was a corded Black & Decker from the 90's that would still be running had I not got a killer deal on my current kobalt. Living in Texas suburbs, I get a lot of strange looks though. Occasionally someone will ask if I'm from California?

As far as corded vs. battery, i'll probably stay corded because I don't like the battery options currently available. With a good cord winder, and strategic movements around the lawn.. I've never chopped a single cord. Best part is I truly believe my electric mower is more powerful than any of the gas mowers I've ever owned. Chops through my thick St Augustine with no complaints!

Carl Thompson | 27 marzo 2017

My lot is big and varied enough that a corded mower would be inconvenient (hills and plants).

How is the power of the Ego, Greenworks and Neuton compared to a gas mower? If I forget to cut my grass one week will it be able to handle it?


djharrington | 27 marzo 2017

Here's a decent electric ride-on, but you have to add the mower blades separately:

finman100 | 27 marzo 2017

Neuton for the past 13 years. Small version that uses lead-acid, but there is a larger version that uses NiMH. No lithium that I recall. But, having this one work for so long I'm out of the loop with any current BEMs (battery electric mower)s.

Mine also has the edge trimmer attachment and bagger. It works for me for a smaller yard, 80 feet by 80 feet I would guess. Replaced the battery twice, second time around I took it all apart and replaced just the two batteries inside the removable pack. The Lead-acid pack is just two wheelchair/scooter/UPS backup batteries. Very common and very cheap.

Manuelramirez42 | 27 marzo 2017

I also agree with the Ego 21" it's sleek and depending what battery option you buy it works great. I've had it for 1 year this month. No issue whatsoever.

Manuelramirez42 | 27 marzo 2017

I didn't cut my grass 2 weeks and it handled it well with the Ego. I usually only use half the battery but for that case I used it all up.

Carl Thompson | 27 marzo 2017


LOL! I almost clicked!

finman100 | 27 marzo 2017

The Neuton is decent in 6" grass, but at 36 volts and a smaller cutting swath (12" blade!), there are more powerful and larger electric mowers out there. I'd say the 'range' is affected most by wet grass. A real thing up here in OR, ha. Meaning, you may use up a single charge with taller wet grass.

I'd look to Neuton 1st and see what their current offerings are. Longevity with zero issues rates pretty high with me. But coming in fresh with no brand loyalty can also work well with newer and better machines out there. Good luck in going gas free for lawn maintenance!

EVMan | 27 marzo 2017

I have an EGO 20 in. that is three years old. I have a 4 Amp Hour and a 5 Amp Hour battery. It takes me about 1 hour to mow my lawn. I just switch out the first battery and by the time I'm done the first one is recharged. I also have the string trimmer and leaf blower. All use the same batteries. I love them all. I have had no issues with any of the tools since I bought them.

Another benefit of the mower is that it is quiet enough to have a conversation with someone without shouting.

Good luck and welcome to the new world of environmentally friendly tools.

Carl Thompson | 27 marzo 2017

Thanks, everyone. It looks like the Ego and Greenworks also have chainsaw, blower and trimmer options for the batteries.

So the only gas-powered tools I'll have left are my generator. I wonder if I can convert those to run on... Nevermind.


rebellion787 | 27 marzo 2017

I have the ego mower, snow blower, weed eater, and leaf blower. I'm also about to get the chain saw for spring cleaning up. I really like all of them so far. They haven't let me down yet! I definitely recommend!

gavinfaulkner | 27 marzo 2017

I bought the EGo 56V mower. From my experience its decently powerful, even while mulching. Certainly as good as a petrol powered mower. Plus the battery can be used for other garden tools. Apparently the Ryobi brand mower is similarly good. Takes about 40 minutes to charge the battery on 240V AC. I've never actually charged the battery once from the home supply as it charges in the same time from my solar PV/battery system. I like how I have a closed cycle system. The sun grows the grass, then I eventually use the power of the sun to mow it back down again.

Furioso | 27 marzo 2017
Carl Thompson | 28 marzo 2017

I decided to go with the GreenWorks Pro GBL80300 80V over the EGO because it is slightly bigger (21" vs. 20"), because the batteries have slightly higher capacities (4Ah*80V = 320Wh > 5Ah*56V = 280Wh) and because it appears to be more rugged (metal deck vs. plastic). Aside from those things they seem pretty similar. I'll test it out this weekend or next and let you all know my thoughts. I also picked up the matching blower and string trimmer while I was at it.

I notice there was already a thread about the EGO on the forum here:



RJMIII | 28 marzo 2017

I have the EGO mower, power blower and snow blower. They all work great!

The snow blower takes two batteries (and mine are a little undersized) and I was able to easily move 6-8 inches of packable snow last month.

Alakey | 27 luglio 2017

EGO, Bosch and Black & Dacker are considered to be on the top of the market now. Here 5 different options of electric lawn movers, characteristics and price a different. Maybe it would help to choose smth.

eeb9 | 27 luglio 2017

I've used a Black and Decker for ten years - solid bit of kit.

Randkthorn | 27 luglio 2017

I've had a Kobalt (Lowes) 80 volt, 21 inch for 2 years now. It's perfect for my lawn. Came with. 2 batteries. Each charges in less than 30 minutes and lasts much longer than that, so I've never run out of power.

dd.micsol | 27 luglio 2017

model M will be unveiled in 2024. Stay tuned.

RJMIII | 27 luglio 2017

I have had the EGO for three seasons now and I have been very happy with it. I also have the power blower and the snow blower. Both are great. I have two chargers mounted on the wall in my garage and switch between batteries as needed.

I can mow my 1/4 acre lot on a single charge and still use the battery in the blower for clean-up after.

josef.jahn | 27 luglio 2017

We've been using an Automower from Husqvarna for 12 years now in a large garden of over 1800 square meters. I can wholeheartedly recommend this for the convenience as well as the power efficiency.

For the rest of the work I have a Bosch GRA 48 which is just a beast of an electric lawnmower. Very much overkill ;)
There's also a wheedwhacker that uses the same battery pack. Both devices pack more punch than most of their combustion engine counterparts. The construction on both is top notch, these are extremely robust devices meant to be used by professionals day in day out.

MarylandS85 | 27 luglio 2017

+1 DrBob
I also have been using EGO for 3 years now. I only have the (not self-propelled) push mower which comes with a large Li ion battery and the blower which comes with a small Li ion battery. I mow my 1/4 acre lot with just the one larger battery usually. When the grass is super long, I need to switch out the battery, but that’s not a problem, since I have two. Blowing takes minimal battery power.

andy.connor.e | 27 luglio 2017

I've done alot of research on this stuff the past few years. I determined the EGO lawnmower was better. They have alot of different versions of it now. Worth the extra money? Not sure. The price has not scaled with technology level yet. Price hasnt changed the past 5 years.

klufkee | 27 luglio 2017

I can second the Kobalt 80 volt mower recommendation. Self throttling based on load and the batteries last quite long. (One will handle my paltry 1/3 acre of various terrain.) Pro tip for those annoyed by the safety switch on it: Pop the screws on the switch box and use a wire tie on the lever inside. Then it's just pull the handle to start, let go to stop.

I also have the leaf blower and trimmer so all can use the same batteries, which are full of quality Panasonic 18650 cells which I've heard some other companies prefer to use.

I've used it only once though as I have slaves, er, children that take care of the yard work.

MN_EV_Driver | 27 luglio 2017

I highly recommend the Ego 20" 56Volt. Had it for 3 years and it was worth every penny. I have a large yard, one charge is all I need, most of the time. Since then i have purchased the Trimmer, Leaf Blower, and Chain saw and so I have two batteries now and will never have to wait for a charge since all of them use the same battery.
I understand the price considerations, it's not cheap, but like any new technology (electric car, perhaps?) will come at a premium but for me the benefits have outweighed the cost many times over.

Ehninger1212 | 27 luglio 2017

But which one of these mowers feels like mowing on a spaceship? Is there a HUD so I can see my cut height and battery life without having to take my eyes off the lawn?

If non of these exist then I'm canceling my reservation. These mowers just won't CUT it..

Sandy’s 3 | 27 luglio 2017

I have the 21" self propelled Ego 56 volt. I got the largest 7.5 Ah battery plus a 2.5 Ah battery. Got their 15 inch string trimmer and 530 cfm blower. My lots 50x110. I can do it and my neighbours 60x110 without charging. SO NICE to be cord free after 32 years of cords.

P3T3NASTY | 27 luglio 2017

I have the 21" 80V Kobalt and it's worked fantastic for me. That being said, I don't really see many negative reviews about any of the common electric mowers, so it's hard to go wrong whatever you choose. It's more what other tools and attachments are in the suite of that particular manufacturer which would allow you to leverage the battery packs across multiple tools. Eventually I'll replace my gas trimmer and corded leaf blower with the Kobalt version. I believe they sell a version that doesn't come with a battery at a lower price which is nice if you already have a few battery packs.

Shock | 27 luglio 2017

Just looked up the husqvarna. If it were $1k I'd buy it today (it's $2400 MSRP for the smaller one).

I'm surprised it acts like a roomba, which is to say stupidly. It just runs around and when it bumps something it backs up like a $12 toy and turns and then goes elsewhere. The holy grail of these devices is clearly actual mapping, which none of them can do. With an internal map of the area it has to mow or vacuum, it should be able to efficiently do it the same way a person does, with one parallel strip at a time until complete. Optical sensors would also allow it to act smartly when unknown objects are added to the environment.

andy.connor.e | 27 luglio 2017

I hope there is a fix for the lawnmower trunk. Do the mowers have an all glass enclosure? Hows the autopilot functionality?

Ehninger1212 | 27 luglio 2017

Most of these mowers I have seen are way to minimal.. that's a big design FAIL! We need way more buttons knobs and levers. Plus... only a single central blade?!?!? Why can't they have a smaller blade off to the side!?

Tarla's Driver | 27 luglio 2017

I've yet to hear people say they weren't happy with their battery lawn mower. My concern is that each brand is part of a line of products that all use the brand-proprietary batteries, so whatever you get, you're locked into that brand. The big concern for me is they all have snow blowers, but they all have poor reviews in handling New England blizzards. I often have a 3' wall of densely packed snow at the end of my driveway where the plows go by on the street. A single-stage blower with plastic blades just won't do the job. I hear Snow Joe now has a two-stage battery blower, so there's hope. When I see an electric snow blower that can go head-to-head with a gas blower, I'll buy it, along with the mower, leaf blower, and hedge trimmer from the same line.

Tarla's Driver | 27 luglio 2017

And can I say how weird it feels to pull up to the pump in an electric car to buy one gallon of gas for my mower? And I hate getting even a hint of gasoline smell in my car--that's just wrong. (My Model 3 will replace the used Leaf we picked up to tide us over when my gas car died, and our other car is a Model S.)

Shock | 27 luglio 2017

@Tarla, I looked at battery powered snow blowers last year on youtube. For now they are just a gimmick and a toy. Like you have experienced, a decent size driveway or heavy packed snow or the snow plow drift at the end of the driveway needs real beef to deal with.

Future_owner | 27 luglio 2017

I've had a Black and Decker model for 10 years now and other than changing the blade have had NO issues mowing my 1/4 acre. It's corded but have never hit the cord. The key is to start near the outlet and mow away and you'll never have a problem. Hoping the joy I have experienced not having a gas mower is 1/1000th as much as ditching my ICE will be soon! All my power tools are electric and I use them a lot without issue.

sosmerc | 27 luglio 2017

It's been great switching all my yard tools to battery/electric. I have 36V Black and Decker chain saw, string trimmer, hedge trimmer and blower/vac. They all have been great. I also have a 40V Black and Decker lawn mower that I use to mulch all of my leaves....I have no lawn, just lots of leaves in the Fall. The mower is pretty tough and the battery lasts for about 45 minutes before I notice any reduction in power. It's great not having to worry about gas for these tools. I have had no failures yet.

MarylandS85 | 27 luglio 2017

@andy.connor.e and @Ehninger1212
The upcoming EGO Model Trois should address most of your needs. It’s said it mows like a Mars lander. There’s no plan for HUD, but they promise the minimalist design will win you over. They’re eliminating all levers and buttons except the power button and a turn signal lever so you can safely make your intent known to your neighbor. But EGO thinks even this latter will become unnecessary soon, as they’re gradually developing a FSM (full self-mowing) function based on autmoated collection of user feedback from the multiple grass length sensors that come standard. The initial model will only have one blade, but a dual blade option should be released some time next year. A full grass build will be optional at no extra cost, part of EGO’s trend toward only vegan materials. Best of all, this all-electric plug in mower promises to cut at least 215 ares* (2.15 hectares) on a full charge and boasts respectable blade speed acceleration from 0-60 rps (revolutions per second) in under 6 seconds.

* The 215 are/2.15 hectare estimate is based on Department of Agriculture estimates, and actual cutting area will vary depending on grass length, ambient temperatures, and cutting technique.

Shock | 27 luglio 2017

Oh man, now I wish I had never clicked this thread. I have been reading about the Worx automower because it's under $1k. Reviews are "warm", not amazing, but I am sorely tempted.

I know I shouldn't do things just to annoy the neighbors but nobody in my hood sits on their porch while a robot mows their lawn. Eventually of course these things will be all very clever and when you buy it you'll put it on the lawn, place some flags around your property line, and it will be smart enough to mow the entire thing intelligently because it can see where it's going (like a human or a driverless car). I wonder how long until a camera is put on a mast on these things so that they work better...

Garyeop | 27 luglio 2017

We have a ryobi 40V lawnmore, blower, and trimmer with 2 batteries. We love all 3. We have a large yard so the mower uses 1 1/2 battery but leaving enough charge to do trim and cleanup with blower. Then back in the two chargers and ready for the next week.

sungenix | 27 luglio 2017

While we are on non-model 3 related banter, any recommendations on driving a steel pier into the ground?
Probably planter area would be easier..

Tesla2018 | 27 luglio 2017

I bought a Greeworks 20 inch 24Volt one a few years ago. Pep Boys was giving a large rebate if you traded in a gas mover. The battery died after 3 years and the model is discontinued so it was basically worthless since they didnt sell the battery pack anymore. However I took the casing apart and found that the inside of it was made up of 2 12 volt batteries wired in series or parallel to produce 24Volts. So iI looked online and found the same size 12 volt batteries and replaced the old ones and it runs great. Not much power on real tall grass so I cut it twice a week during the summer just to get some exercise.

Alakey | 28 luglio 2017

In fact, I think this is a matter of convenience and hitching, if the first lawnmower was from EGO, then the likelihood that you will use this brand is even higher, given that in fact, all these brands are not so different, everyone has Both successful and unsuccessful models.