X75D AP2 or CPO X90D AP1?

X75D AP2 or CPO X90D AP1?

We're looking at either a "basic" AP2 X75D, 6-seat, EAP, Subzero, Tow, Multi-pattern black seats or a CPO (with 14.3K miles) AP1 X90D 6-seat and everything else (see pre-owned with VIN: 5YJXCBE23GF003434).

The price of CPO at 92K is a little less than new not counting tax credit, and pretty much the same if tax credit is factored in (give and take) but we'd get many more options. What say you?


hami05 | 3 aprile 2017

Long Term, you will love the AP 2 75D more. No miles or wear on your brand new car and full self driving hardware! Go for that one :) I've got a 75D with black multipattern seats as well and it's the best car ever. Feels like I go 0-60 in 3-4 seconds and range is great. No need to go for a 90D, especially with the outadated AP hardware, in my opinion. Hope I helped, but remember that you can't go wrong with either choice. ;)

mzero | 3 aprile 2017

Thanks! That helps. We plan on keeping the car until it falls apart so it's better with AP2 I suppose. I was just thinking that with 90D we'd get a bit more range. But I think the owner advisor was right that 75D should be practically sufficient. Can't believe that is is really happening...

Vawlkus | 4 aprile 2017

will you get the tax credit where it's a pre-owned vehicle? Some are only applicable to new vehicles.

greg.kniseley | 4 aprile 2017

recently traded 90D for 75D in order to get AP2. no regrets. fed tax credit for new cars.

skymaster | 4 aprile 2017

I would get the new Ap2. If you are going to get the tow, I would suggest getting the largest battery you can afford. When you tow , you will suck energy fast. Even if you have to wait some time for a larger battery, it will be worth it. After 35k miles in a Model S, I think in terms of energy and not miles.

TDinDC | 4 aprile 2017

Yes, I agree on battery size. Contrary to what some say, there are times when size indeed matters. =8^)

Maybe not for small trips, but large trips can make a difference.

mzero | 4 aprile 2017

Thanks All. We're not planning on towing anything heavy. The tow hitch will be used more often for a bike rack. At this point, we're leaning toward the AP2.

PXChanel | 4 aprile 2017

I own an MX 90D AP 1.0 and love it, and would not consider trading for smaller battery 75 that has less range. For road trips, it would be more inconvenient. I guess it depends on if you plan to travel much or not. Our family likes to travel a fair amount when school is not in session. Also, AP 2.0 is not up and running fully. I plan on keeping my MX till the new batteries are implemented and maybe trading in for an MX 100D or 150D or whatever is available in 2-3 years. My MX is eligible for 3-year buyback guarantee (which ended on vehicles purchased 7/1/16 or later), so I have 2 more years to enjoy my 90D. Best car I ever owned.

mzero | 5 aprile 2017

PXChanel, Can you elaborate on your "fair amount" of traveling? We're also planning on traveling during school recess as well. We're from Long Island, NY and plan on driving to visit places 300-400 miles away.

poloX | 5 aprile 2017


Range is not up to other to say. it's you. how much you drive every day... How often are you planning on road trips. AND there will be more and more super charger stations. Bigger Batt is also heavier and will consume more juice too.really, the difference is only 20 miles but 10K more. Yes, you buy CPO so say you get that for free and the 7.5K of incentive trades for the options on the 90D, you still get a brand new car and AP2. Taking a road trip of 300 miles or even 200 miles is the same (almost) as 2000 miles in term of charging and the experience. The only difference is the cumulative waiting time during charging is longer of course. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the later builds are better as many earlier issues have been addressed granted that 14K miles is not old enough for this to be a concern. To me, AP2 alone is enough for me to go with the new 75D. and who knows if the dog peed in the trunk or the babies pooped on the seat of the 90D previously...just saying. :o)

Leli001 | 5 aprile 2017

I would recommend the 75D with AP2 as well. We have a 60D with the option to upgrade at any time for $9500 later but may never have to. I'm in the NYMA area too and there are plenty of superchargers around here. Some of the existing ones will be getting more such as the one in Jericho that currently only has 4 stalls and is usually full.

Since it would be new, you can customize it any way you want. When I was purchasing, spending this kind of money, I want it configured exactly like so, not something off the lot.

Traveling 300-400 miles will require charging no matter what configuration you get.

As @poloX mentioned, the build quality should also be better on the newer X's compared to the AP1 X.

mzero | 6 aprile 2017

Thanks PoloX and Leli. I think we are sold on AP2. Initially I had second thought on 75 and want to get a bigger battery, but after reading a few posts of folks drinking cross country with a 75, I don't feel as concerned. My other half wants leather seat but if I can convince her to forgo that and go for 100D that would be even better.

PS: the pee and poo gave me a chuckle :)

mzero | 6 aprile 2017

Uh...driving (not drinking)

Model_D | 6 aprile 2017

Can't resist making a joke...

What does a Tesla Owner call the Autopilot....

Designated driver.

lilbean | 6 aprile 2017

Except the designated driver drives like he's drunk.

mzero | 8 aprile 2017

Thanks for all your helps! We placed the order for an inventory 75D and will take delivery in about 2 weeks! This is so exciting...can't wait!

burdogg | 8 aprile 2017

Congrats mzero and welcome!

Silver2K | 8 aprile 2017

+1 bean!!

How often do you buy cars? If you buy every 2 or 3 years, get the 90. If you keep cars for a long time, get the 75d with hw2