"Premium Upgrades Package" differences? value?

"Premium Upgrades Package" differences? value?

Can someone please help me decide on this package?

I understand the air filtration upgrade (not interested) and much of the lighting differences although I haven't been in an X in the dark.

Please explain your decision makers regarding the Leather Arm Rests and Steering Wheel. The dashboard and Alcantara upgrades seem small.

If not leather, are the armrests and steering wheel much improved?


teslarama | 8 aprile 2017

I went with white interior with no pup. Happy with my decision. Got alcantara all over and lower dashboard and arm rests are same white material. Steering wheel middle part only is not leather. Upper dashboard does not have alcantara accent but that's fine.

lilbean | 8 aprile 2017

Auto present is a must have.

mathwhiz | 8 aprile 2017

Odd, I have PUP on my brand new X and auto-present doesn't function... I have definitely seen it work on demo cars previous to taking delivery (v7.1 and 8.0). But -- when the feature is activated in settings (v8.1), the driver door auto-opens with a double-press on the key fob just fine... But nothing happens during approach with the in-pocket key fob. I figured they eliminated the feature but, looking for confirmation has produced nothing here and in release notes? And before you ask, nope I have no interference devices alongside, like a cellphone, et al. I figured I'd ask at first service.

teslarama | 8 aprile 2017

My take is..if you are on budget skip pup otherwise say yup.

Waldek | 8 aprile 2017

@mathwhiz ask service and maybe turn off auto-present in options again and then enabled it back... auto-present worked for me on my HW1 Model X that I had whole year and it works now on HW2 Model X as well that I took delivery a few days ago. No problems with autopresent and works like a charm :)

dalexander1 | 8 aprile 2017

@mathwhiz: I took delivery of my X on 3/27. The auto present worked on all things except when I walked up to the door with fob. Service set an appointment for 4/3 and the determined that the "interior control module" ( I think that is what they called it) was defective and they replaced it. It is working now. Have it checked out.

mathwhiz | 8 aprile 2017

That matches the symptoms exactly. It'll be my first service when I get it looked at.

Thanks. :-)

Jama | 8 aprile 2017

@mathwhi. I have exactly same issue with my auto present door, it doesn't work.

dalexander1 | 8 aprile 2017

@mathwhiz: I just got home and the paperwork states it is "ASY , TSTD Central Controller (#1045451-00-G)". Called it Module - Central Body Controller - BCM. Stated "Upon inspection, found the BCCEN had a defective driver". I also had to give them both key fobs after they determined the problem so be sure to take both of them with you if this is your problem.

npgh2o | 9 aprile 2017

Thanks, Teslarama. This thread kinda got hijacked into a discussion of auto-present problems. Maybe I should rephrase, "What are the most useful/important features lead you to buy the PUP?"

(I now understand the changes is leather coverage, but I'm not looking at the white 'vegan' interior.)

All of the X models at the 'store' in Vail have the PUP. I haven't seen an X in the dark so maybe someone can enumerate the accent lighting that non-PUP wouldn't have?

mathwhiz | 9 aprile 2017

Sorry about that npgh2o...

From what's been said thus far, I can't see PUP being all that important for you. The accent lighting diff is minimal (just fill in accents in the doors), in fact I keep mine turned off most of the time... So if you don't want Bioweapon Defense Mode (love it), adaptive headlights (LEDs for turns which I also love), front/rear fog lights (love), Alcantara upper-dash accents (I'm not at all a fan of them) and auto-opening doors, then maybe you keep that money pocketed.

The extended leather includes both (vegan and non-vegan). I have the vegan, and love that too.

neil | 13 aprile 2017

Thanks all. I visited the Vail, CO, store last night and had a better look at the lighting additions in the PUP. Accent lighting difference is minimal especially since I've ordered the tan interior. I didn't take an X out after dark but I had a look at the adaptive lights while in a parking garage. Here in the mountains we can expect to have the high beams on when on a twisty road at night so I'm skipping the feature. :-)

jdub9 | 14 aprile 2017

I had my X90D with PUP in for service last week and they gave us a X90D without PUP. My wife and I both immediately noticed the difference and were very happy we had chosen PUP. It just didn't look as finished for a car of that price. For us, it was definitely worth it if you're spending $120k anyway.

Saxman | 15 aprile 2017

Neil, I also live in Vail (part time) and have been to Tesla store there. Ask them about the H2Go Tesla thermos bottles that fit perfectly in the armrest cup holders. They look very cool and have Tesla written down one side, and Vail, CO down the other.