iPhone calendar

iPhone calendar

My iPhone calendar quit showing up on my screen. My iPhone is paired to the car as all other functions work. How do I get the calendar back on the screen of the car?

fosh | 24 aprile 2017

Make sure the Tesla app is running on your phone

p.c.mcavoy | 24 aprile 2017

Also, you might confirm in the app that the setting Calendar Sync is still enabled. I recall I may have had to reset this after one of the latest app updates was pushed. It's on the settings page (little gear cog icon in the upper left corner of the main screen) and is at the bottom, right above the sign-out button.

Jazzy B | 24 aprile 2017

After the last software update on the MS my phone contacts wasn't syncing. I was trying to use the voice command to make a call and it didn't work. Come to find out the contacts was not syncing so I unpaired the MS with the iphone and then paired up again and it worked. Try that and also make sure the calendar is checked on the app.

mobettah | 25 aprile 2017

Thanks p.c. you hit the nail on the head. Everything great now.

barb@duke | 25 aprile 2017

P.c.mcavoy- super thanks i have had the issue since the latest update-took two seconds to fix with your directions

ralph | 16 marzo 2019

Is there a way to force a calendar update? Sometimes I make a change to my calendar and would like it on the tesla for navigation. How can I force an update?

akikiki | 16 marzo 2019

I heard someone say that you; 1) park on a hill, 2) put your phone in your pocket upside down, 3) run around the car backwards three times. I just don't remember if its clockwise or counter. Sorry.

akikiki | 16 marzo 2019

Sorry. I was just being silly. I think you hold the henway above you head.

p.c.mcavoy | 17 marzo 2019

@ralph - Way I know to force a calendar update is open Tesla app on your phone, go to settings, and then turn calendar sharing off and then back on. That's the only way I know to force an update.

My current calendar puzzle is that I have multiple calendars all enabled on my iPhone, but my main work calendar will not share with the car. My other personal ones will, but not the one that's replicated from my work outlook to my phone. Strange.

EVRider | 17 marzo 2019

@p.c.mcavoy: Are your work calendar entries actually synced to the iOS calendar? If so, do they show up as normal calendar entries or is there something different about them? If you access your calendar from an iPad or Mac, do you see the entries there?

pnajar | 17 marzo 2019

On IOS, I don't know about android, you can share an address from maps and send it to the car. To do this find the address in maps. Hit the share icon. On the first row of apps choose the Tesla icon. When you get in the car, the navigation will attempt to find a route to the destination.

tes-s | 17 marzo 2019

@akikiki - clockwise. But what's a henway?

Yodrak. | 17 marzo 2019

About 2-3 pounds.

akikiki | 17 marzo 2019

tes-s, about 3 pounds.

bwb1 | 17 marzo 2019

@p.c.mcavoy, I have the same problem. Can view all but work calendar.


bwb1 | 17 marzo 2019

And I'll add that my work calendar was working for a while then stopped. No idea why - did not change any settings.


p.c.mcavoy | 17 marzo 2019

@EVRider - Yes, my work calendar is synced to the iOS calendar app. I also can see my work calendar on both my iPhone and on my iPad but cannot get it to share with my MS.

Similar to @bwb1, my work calendar would sync to my MS just fine for the past couple years, but recently realized that it would not sync any more. I realized it shortly after my phone was upgraded from a 6s to an 8, so for a while I thought I must not have a setting correct somewhere, but cannot find anything that allows me to preferentially share just some calendars and not others. That's where I'm a bit perplexed.

EVRider | 18 marzo 2019

@p.c.mcavoy: Here’s what the manual says about selecting calendars to show: “If events are displayed from multiple calendars, touch the list icon in the top right corner to filter the list of events to show only those from one or more specified calendars.”

I seem to recall a similar thread from a while back, and the issue in that case might have been related to the use of repeating appointments. If the filter option referenced above doesn’t help, are all the missing appointments repeating?

PrescottRichard | 18 marzo 2019

The other setting that MIGHT help- show the calendar in the car each time you start it vs only in the morning or afternoon. That was a setting I hadn’t seen until I was poking around on the touch screen in the car today. Maybe that will help.

p.c.mcavoy | 18 marzo 2019

@EVRider - Thanks for the suggestion, I had forgotten about that feature, so I just checked in my car.

The issue is my Outlook work calendar doesn’t even show up on the list of calendars in the list shown in the car. Within the iOS app this calendar shows up in a list by itself under a category named xxxx_Outlook (xxxx is the name of my company). Inside the iOS calendar app on my phone and iPad the calendar inside this group is simply named Calendar. I find nothing on my iOS devices where there a different access privledge settings for this calendar than any of the other calendars on my phone.

There are both repeating and non-repeating appointments on this calendar.

@PrescottRichard - I have the calendar app in the car set to automatically display only first thing in the morning. That aspect works correctly.

I didn’t track well enough if this changed consistent with a recent Tesla app update, and iOS software update, my recent phone replacement, or a change on my firm’s side.

The mystery continues ...

EVRider | 19 marzo 2019

@p.c.mcavoy: You might try googling something like “outlook calendar on iOS” and see what you come up with. Even if you don’t find anything specific to Tesla, you might get some clues about the source of the problem.

Is the iOS calendar picking up the Outlook entries using a standard Outlook account iOS configuration?

p.c.mcavoy | 19 marzo 2019

@EVRider - Yes, the iOS calendar is picking up the Outlook entries using a standard office365 account configuration (server = Everything has worked fine for over 2 years and it’s just recently I realized that my the Outlook calendar was not replicating. I honestly do not tend to use the calendar in the car that often, but realized recently the change when I went to pull the location off a calendar entry to program the navigation destination.

Ohmster | 19 marzo 2019

I have 9 active calendars. 2 Outlook. 3 Gmail. 4 iCloud. All syncing with iPhone prioerly for last 18 months. Once in awhile it’s not updated but catches up within minutes. I put locations in all my calendar entries and many of my meetings have the Skype details embedded. So one touch to set destination or join a call.

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio 50.6)*2. Grin on!

p.c.mcavoy | 19 marzo 2019

@Ohmster - Yep, that’s exactly how mine had been behaving, and still does for everything other than my Outlook calendar. Unfortunately I can’t figure out what’s changed or different.

Ohmster | 19 marzo 2019

Try switching off only the Outllok calendar on your iPhone. Then re-enable. This has been a standard fix for me for several iPhone calendar related issues.

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio 50.6)*2. Grin on!

p.c.mcavoy | 20 marzo 2019

@Ohmster - I've switched off the outlook calendar on my phone multiple times. Typically once or twice a week. I agree it cleans up the calendar on the phone, but has made no impact on the calendar not replicating to my MS.

Appreciate the suggestions, but like I've said, this one has me baffled trying to figure out what's changed or different from a user configuration perspective versus some software handshake incompatibility.

Ohmster | 20 marzo 2019

Last thought. Might have already been mentioned or tried. How about unpairing and repairing your phone? Maybe there is a sync conflict somewhere?

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio 50.6)*2. Grin on!

p.c.mcavoy | 21 marzo 2019

@Ohmster - Yeah, unpairing and repairing doesn't help. I'm actually wondering if the tunneling service that my company is using somehow is restricting access to the calendar in a way that I cannot see, so totally unrelated to either the Tesla app or my car. If this is the case, then this may be a lost cause for me.

Thanks again for all the suggestions, but for now, I remain perplexed as to what else I can try.

bwb1 | 21 marzo 2019

@p.c.mcavoy - I believe that is the root of my problem as well. I see 24 "restrictions" listed in my corporate owned iPhone account. None are overtly obvious as calendar related but...

Strange that it was working and then not (I think I lost it in the Nov/Dec time frame) But I do have history a few years back when my company issued android phone/calendar was working with my Tesla and then suddenly not. Turns out with that one it was, in fact, a company restriction that they later reversed.

Hoping things change since I do like and use the feature.


packpike | 8 aprile 2019

@p.c.mcavoy - any luck getting this fixed? I too recently switched from a 6s->8 here at work, and now mine is doing the exact same thing as yours. All of my other calendars sync fine, but my work calendar (just called Calendar) doesn't even show in the list in the Tesla. I use the calendar often for navigation so this is a pain.

p.c.mcavoy | 8 aprile 2019

@packpike - No, I've not had any luck getting resolution of this. I did find it worked a couple weeks ago for a day or so, but just checking this evening, back to work calendar not showing up. It's a hassle, but if there are key entries where I know I'll want to navigate to them I either just pull the location up in maps on my phone then share the location or I do a cloned calendar entry in one of my home calendar with the address.

EVRider | 8 aprile 2019

Just to throw something out there: if you own multiple Teslas, as some of you do, the car you’re driving has to be the one selected in the mobile app in order to see the correct calendar entries in the car.

For example, I have a Model S and my wife has a Model 3, but I drive both cars so the Model 3 is selected in the mobile app on my phone, so I can use it as a key. If I try to display the calendar in my Model S, it will be empty or out of date unless I select the Model S on my phone app. This is because calendar data isn’t synced directly from the phone to your car — the mobile app syncs calendar data to the Tesla servers, and your car accessed it from there, but only displays it when your phone is connected via Bluetooth.

p.c.mcavoy | 8 aprile 2019

@EVRider - I'll try and remember that if I acquire another one in the household, but for now, I'm in a one Tesla household, so not a part of my issues.

packpike | 9 aprile 2019

We have 2 Teslas, but I leave the MS selected in the app by default. Occasionally I'll use the app for the MX, but always switch it back. It does bring up something that I hadn't thought about, I need to check to see if this issue exists in the MX too. I'll be getting a loaner tomorrow, so I'll see what it does too.

tsass | 17 aprile 2019

I have a similar problem with my Android phone. Calendar syncing worked fine until my employer went to two-factor authorization, which requires use of the Outlook mobile app, rather than the standard Android calendar app. All of my calendars (both Office 365 and my wife's shared iCloud calendar) show up in the Outlook mobile app, but my Tesla calendar just shows the entries that are still on my built-in Android calendar (which can no longer sync to my Office 365 account). Any suggestions beyond the help already offered to p.c.mcavoy? I've tried everything suggested thus far and no luck.

EVRider | 17 aprile 2019

@tsass: Your issue a bit different from the others. The reason you can't sync your Outlook calendar entries is because they don't appear in your phone's calendar. You'll probably need to find a third-party utility that will sync your Outlook calendar to the Android (Google?) calendar.

andrew.thomases | 25 aprile 2019

@p.c. mcavoy - I have had the same problem as you. I don't have a fix, but I do know that the issue began immediately after updating from iOS 11.x to iOS 12.2. Thus, there may be some security feature in the iOS update that prohibits Outlook or Exchange calendars from syncing with the Tesla app and thus the Model S. Perhaps our good friends at Tesla can figure out a fix and update the Tesla app so that we can again see our work calendars on the Model S calendar app.