Apartment Living with an EV

Apartment Living with an EV

As it sits for the moment, EV owners who live in Apartments/Condos are often forced to charge elsewhere (unless one has a really good spot and a long extension cord...) Are any of you seeing signs of multi-unit developers beginning to get a clue?

KP in NPT | 18 maggio 2017

I believe that will be coming next. Some places (in CA) are already making new construction be BEV ready.

Right now it's up to us to lobby our local/state officials. I don't believe the overall demand is quite there yet. I expect things to start changing rapidly with the arrival of the Model 3 and all the OEM offerings that will compete with it.

Haggy | 18 maggio 2017

If you live in an apartment, now is the time to ask your landlord what the apartment complex has in mind. If they aren't open to it, it's a good time to start calling other apartment complexes and asking about EV charging. If they say they don't have anything, then say "thank you" and hang up.

I think it would be a good idea for anybody living in an apartment to do this, even if they aren't thinking about getting an EV but recognize that they wouldn't want to move into an apartment and have to move out in a few years if they decide later to get an EV.

Tarla's Driver | 18 maggio 2017

I'm on the Planning Board in my town, and I was pleased that when we permitted an apartment complex a year ago, I wasn't the only one pushing for EV charging options. It should be available when they open this summer (in Massachusetts).

tstolz | 18 maggio 2017

Yup - lots of apartments now paying attention to this. Looks like this will be a standard feature. Not only is it needed in order to get tennants, but owners can make a bit of money offering the service. Not a problem!

dd.micsol | 19 maggio 2017

A friend of mine when to the condo boards meeting and took power by saying those with demand for EV charging will be willing to pay the bill for the installation via common charges (showed them the list of those that wanted one - how many charges and price of installation- It got approved because all the work had been done via the owners who wanted it. Owners only. If renting your odds drop to zero.
Yup zero-you're only a temporary tenant.

tstolz | 19 maggio 2017

Until you move out to an apparatment that offers charging. I don't know what vacancy rates are in your area .. but here they are high. Owners work hard for customers! The market doesn't tolerate gaps ... thats business 101.

Tarla's Driver | 19 maggio 2017

Maybe we should all start calling apartment complexes in our area and ask if we would be able to charge our car if we rented there. If enough people ask, they'll start offering it.