Great Lakes Trip

Great Lakes Trip

On the horizon for next year’s driving trip:

“Great Lakes in a Model 3!”

Of course, a lot of water needs to flow under the bridge before that trip can even be planned. Specifically: Sit in a Model 3 and evaluate it (thanks to @stannous, accomplished in October, 2017!). Test drive a Model 3 (Rode in @SamO's one-day old Black B3auty December 30, 2017. Thanks @SamO!). Note: it actually took until October 18, 2018 for us to test drive the RWD and the P3D. Very satisfying, and confirming that we would have been extremely happy with the RWD, LR, EAP, red version of the Model 3 that we configured April 22, 2018.

Configure and order the largest battery and the autodrive features.

Arrange delivery to Minneapolis , or more likely to son DJ's pole barn, as he lives more than 160 miles from the nearest service center.

Follow up with Michigan Tech (Houghton) re HPWC install we have been working on with folks from Steve’s alma mater. Plan out charging stops, which are scarce along the south rim of Lake Superior. Check out the Sun Country Highway charging route in Canada, then…


(this thread is, we know, premature and preliminary…)

Update: December 22, 2017 Tesla invited us to configure...we replied by e-mail that we are waiting for LR without luxury upgrade package, if possible. And delivery to son DJ's pole barn in upper Michigan

We also learned that a new Supercharger is planned for Escanaba, Steve's home town. Yay!

Plans are coming together for this summer in the Great Lakes area.

We think we will fly into Escanaba, MI around Jun 2 and stay until Sept 9.

First month getting to know the Model 3 and visiting friends and family in the area. Fourth of July, the entire extended family arrives, so we'll relocate to a motel, followed by our first extended trip. Heading east to Mackinac Bridge and staying in Lower Michigan, first in Petoskey, then Frankfort, and Ludington. Superchargers in Traverse City and Ludington and Cadillac.

Back up to the bridge, a tour of Mackinac Island, Saint Ignace, and Sault Sainte Marie, the location of stories of Steve's youth.

Returning to the cottage by late July, then up to Houghton, MI, Steve's alma mater, Michigan Tech. for a reunion in early August.

A visit to Green Bay stadium and the Wisconsin Dells.

Who knows what else we may find? (Note: ship 5 cases of wine before departing San Diego). Acquire WeatherTech mats, TT-30 connector, LED flashlight

Update: April 22, 2018 Configured, Red, Aero wheels, Enhanced Autopilot

Desired delivery: approximately June 10

VIN: none as of June 11

Current air reservations: SAN - ORD - MQT (Marquette, MI) June 9. Frequent flyer tickets, so we can adjust the dates.

June 7, 2018, phoned Tesla Fremont, agent Saum informed us we had been pushed to July. When queried, when in July, he could not state when, before the end of July. He revealed a change in Tesla policy regarding cancellation of configured orders, due to the large number of customers whose orders were being pushed out far beyond the 3-6 week window. Upon receipt of an e-mail containing our street address to mail a check to, $2,500 would be refunded to same credit card used when configuring. $1,000 mailed within 30-60 days. We phoned Friday am, June 8, to ask for the agent, Liz, who had predicted we would have a VIN by June 10 and who said Chicago would be our delivery point, after shipping of 5 days, to send us that in writing. She never did. So, by close of business June 8, we sent the cancellation request. One week later, Liz phoned with a VIN, but could not guarantee delivery at any particular date in July. No problem if the delivery was to take place near our home in San Diego, but sitting in Chicago for weeks at a time was not a good option for us.

We proposed to our family to rent either of their Volts, but this was declined. We can't envision renting ICE cars for the summer. So, June 11, I canceled all hotels for a six week period. We may consider trying again for 2019.

Hmmm, there is a carrot at the end of the rainbow....5 cases of good wines await for next year....

sbeggs | 18 dicembre 2017


Excellent point!

sbeggs | 18 dicembre 2017

In terms of Tesla shipping the car to son DJ's pole barn in Michigan, a reading of California's terms for the $2,500 rebate state:

"Eligible vehicles may be purchased out-of-state, but applicants must be California residents at the time of vehicle purchase. "

I thought I had read somewhere that the new vehicle had to be placed in service for the first time in California for the rebate to be valid. However, I couldn't find anything of the sort in the text.

sbeggs | 25 dicembre 2017

December 22, 2017, Tesla e-mailed us invitation to configure. We replied we prefer to take delivery in upper Michigan any time in 2018, and would prefer to uncouple the Long Range battery (which we want), with the luxury package (whose features we do not want). Will advise next year if we get a call back, and what we learn.

Also discovered that Steve's home town, Escanaba, is on the list for a Supercharger "sometime" next year. Yay!

sbeggs | 27 dicembre 2017

Four years ago today, we pressed the Configure button and committed to buying our Model S, which was delivered in March, 2014.

So it is only appropriate that, today, we received an e-mail from a Model 3 sales team member in Las Vegas, clarifying our order details. We clarified the car is not for DJ, but for us to use in touring around the Great Lakes. She said that he didn't need to be on the registration if the car is already paid in full before it leaves Fremont, which will be the case. So he will be our agent. She said, of course it is better if you have the full hour long orientation on how to use the car, but if you are not there, we can send the DVD to him/us.

She was very helpful, and we were glad to learn that Tesla will ship our Model 3 to Rapid River, Michigan directly, as it is more than 160 miles from the nearest service center, Minneapolis, I think.

She spoke with her boss, who believes that if the car is delivered in Michigan, Michigan sales tax must be paid. We thought we might register it in California and pay the sales tax here, and derive the benefit of the $2,500 tax rebate. So I asked for clarification again from them so we are doing this correctly.

Also asked when additional configuration possibilities will open up. She indicated that the white interior will be next, followed by the standard SR battery and body/interior style. She said at that point, it will be possible to "mix and match", which we would like to do, ordering the Long Range battery, but the standard body style.

She gave me a good pointer, to go ahead and click "Hold my Reservation" rather than just not responding, because it will keep our place in line. So I did, indicating that we desire roughly April, 2018 delivery. This could be changed once the LR plus standard body/interior becomes open for ordering.

So, I felt really satisfied with the exchange, particularly in view of the large number of orders being confirmed and scheduled for delivery in the last week of the last quarter of the year.

I tried to discipline myself to wait to call her until after the madness subsides, but failed. She never showed any sign of being rushed, and was very courteous. Feeling optimistic tonight! Let's toast!

Bluesday Afternoon | 27 dicembre 2017



Carl Thompson | 27 dicembre 2017

"She indicated that the white interior will be next ..."

I really, really hope she's right about this and it's available when I'm finally able to order! (And hopefully all that will be next week...)

sbeggs | 29 dicembre 2017

Had long conversations this morning with our auto insurer, Amica, both in California and in Michigan.

We learned that the cost differs greatly if we register the car in California and insure it here vs. registering it in Michigan and insuring it there. If we register it there, we have to have Michigan no fault insurance and a driver's license from Michigan. Can you have driver's licenses from two different states valid at the same time??

$1600 per year for California and $8,907 in Michigan! Also, we would be required to have a Michigan address (not that much of a problem) and get a Michigan driver's license. Not something I would like to do over again if not necessary.

We do have the right to register a car here and pay the higher sales tax/derive the benefit from the $2,500 tax rebate, as long as we are California residents, even if the car is in a different state.

There is one thing on the Tesla Model 3 page for ordering that concerns us. They are asking that the sales, financing, drivers' licenses and delivery address be the same. No problem for the first 3, but we want a different delivery address. And here is the concern: if the car is drop shipped into Michigan, will Michigan view this delivery as constituting a "sale", or does the sale take place when we transfer the funds, consummate the payment and send all the documents to Tesla, or does the sale take place when our agent, DJ, motions to the truck to unload the T into his garage?

We do not want to get caught with double jeopardy. Or something.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 29 dicembre 2017

sbeggs: I would presume this would be considered an internet purchase in California, with a shipping address in Michigan. Tesla isn't allowed to sell in Michigan, but like Amazon or DELL, they can still ship products there via a third party common carrier. That is due to the implied interpretation of the 'Dormant Commerce Clause' of the U.S. Constitution...

"The 'Dormant' Commerce Clause ultimately means that because Congress has been given power over interstate commerce, states cannot discriminate against interstate commerce nor can they unduly burden interstate commerce, even in the absence of federal legislation regulating the activity."

So, even if Delivered to Michigan, if you choose to register and insure the vehicle in your State of residence, California, Michigan should have nothing to say about it.

sbeggs | 30 dicembre 2017

Thanks, @Red, very helpful!

sbeggs | 30 dicembre 2017

Thanks to @SamO for coming down to Chula Vista, picking us up in his gorgeous, one-day old Black B3auty. We got to meet his wife, Michelle and kids, and were whisked off to the building where his company trains wounded warriors to do aerospace fabrication.

His Model 3 in motion felt absolutely solid, pivoting on a dime without any lean, very responsive, and well-built. Interior felt spacious, very well-crafted, and elegant.

My concern about the "bucket" seats swallowing you up were mitigated by changing the seat height, but I should have done this while in the driver's position while stationary. Probably if I have the standard interior, the manual adjustments of seats could become very tiresome.

You could see the speed posted in the upper left section of the main screen in prominent letters. You definitely have to dial down into layers of the main display in order to get at certain of the functions. The ventilation scheme was cleverly designed. The most clever aspect, I think, is the isolation of turn signal to left stalk, with wiper button to be pressed at end of turn signal stalk. The right hand stalk contains all the drive reverse park neutral modes, with TACC one press of that stalk toward the floor (I think), and EAP mode two presses down. No confusion between the two stalks, as they are on separate sides.

I feel more comfortable trying out all the automated functions whilst in the wilds of the Upper Peninsula, in order to gradually get used to incorporating them into my driving, which has never included autopilot in any car we've ever owned. Yet the EAP is one of the primary reasons we want this car. The California traffic is just too skittish, too aggressive to practice here (except on Sunday mornings!) Or maybe I am just chicken.

The car definitely is a member of the Tesla family, and resembles its siblings and honors the Tesla design themes. It looks very cute from the front, and like a miniature Model S when viewed from the back. We had no objection to the Aero wheel covers. We were surprised at the Wh/mi in the low 200's displayed on the screen for the mostly freeway driving Sam has been doing for the day he has owned the Model 3. Its coefficient of drag is better than Model S.

We also were treated to a ride in a P85D with Chill mode (relaxed accel) and Ludicrous (almost too intense dizziness in the back seat for me).

Steve examined the frunk and lower trunk, and Sam demonstrated the lay flat rear seats. Speaking of the rear seats, they were comfortable and had a good view of all the crazy drivers out today. The rear trunk lid must be closed manually and given a firm push til it engages.

Lastly, I was expecting some type of difficulty opening the passenger doors using the push handles. But this was a non-issue. The thumb goes on the wider section, popping the longer thinner piece out to be seamlessly grabbed by the fingers of the same hand. Of course, if one was encumbered by parcels, this would be more difficult. But we liked the elegant design of the handles, feeling grateful imagining their simple mechanical design, compared to how easily our Model S motorized handles had jammed in the open position.

The center console is huge, and cavernous, making the cockpit feel smaller up front. I sincerely hope that the standard body car reverts to the open console of our Classic Model S. Right about now, @Cap'n_Zap is thinking, yes, and I wish for stronger regen, too (I agree).

The graphite color card key he showed me was very slender, easily carried in a pocket. It must be slid up against the cup holder mount area to put the car in drive, then can rest in the cupholder. Very nice!

Conclusion: great car! We are looking forward to more choices when configuring next year. Very grateful to @SamO for his generosity in giving us the kinetic real-life ride we've dreamed of since we reserved 3/31/16. The Model 3 is here! It's ready! And it really goes...!

mntlvr23 | 30 dicembre 2017

great review @sbeggs - thanks!

(and for confirming that @SamO is a guy - I KNEW IT)

Coastal Cruiser. | 30 dicembre 2017

Great report sbeggs!!

(hmm. Spam filter kicked in. Hey, it really was a great report.)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 31 dicembre 2017

Yet another awesome review. Thanks!

Beagle | 31 dicembre 2017

Thank you for the very informative write-up.

sbeggs | 3 gennaio 2018

Yes, you are right!

sbeggs | 3 gennaio 2018

Now that our level of excitement and certainty about the Model 3 is high, we started roughing out the details of our trip. Changing the OP with ideas.

Bluesday Afternoon | 5 gennaio 2018


I thought you’d enjoy this Scottish Model S article.

Bluesday Afternoon | 5 gennaio 2018
Bluesday Afternoon | 5 gennaio 2018

One last googling attempt

Take the high-tech road: Scotland’s ‘Route 66’ in a Tesla

SamO | 5 gennaio 2018

Supercharge bump . . .Culver City . . . meet me in Hawthorne ';-0

Let's see those rockets

Bluesday Afternoon | 5 gennaio 2018


Are you available for lunch next week? Wednesday or Thursday (1/10 or 1/11) would work for me. I just got my car back this morning. I think you might like what I did to center console.

KP in NPT | 5 gennaio 2018

Ooh @Simply Red what did you do? Wrap it?

Bluesday Afternoon | 5 gennaio 2018


Yes! The detailer had a dark grey wrap which went well with the seats and light grey headliner. The best part is finger prints are no longer visible. I may try to get new floor mats in a grey color to change up the color scheme inside. This is my first dark interior so the reason for accents. I really like the alcantara grey headliner. So glad it’s not black!!!!

KP in NPT | 5 gennaio 2018

Awesome! How much was your console wrap? I think the fingerprints will drive me crazy so will definitely get mine done. Saw a pic of one in a carbon fiber look and it was cool. Or even just a clear satin wrap. I didn't know the car had a light gray headliner - I guess I didn't really look (and I was just in You You Xue's) - I wonder what color it will be in the white interior. I think with the S/X it's black.

Sorry for hijacking, Sbeggs. But I do love that you and SamO and Mrs. SamO and his awesome kids got to meet up. :)

Bluesday Afternoon | 5 gennaio 2018


It shouldn’t cost more than $100. They gave me a great price due to the package if clear bra, Ceramic Pro and window tinting. It was their first Model 3 consol wrap. As a surprise they also clear wrapped all four door handles.

This should help when making long trips with the car out in the weather and needing protection from small rocks and sand.

sbeggs | 5 gennaio 2018

@Simply Red,

Very cool!

We won't be wrapping our lack of center console, but are wondering if we do order the Premium Package, how might one go about removing the center console and what is underneath?

KP in NPT | 5 gennaio 2018

Ha....when you find out, let us know, sbeggs! I do love my yacht floor - so I'd consider ripping out the console if it was feasible.

SamO | 5 gennaio 2018

@Simply Red,

Wednesday works. Please email me teslaMS60 google client.


I'd like to remove mine, but I'm living in the moment with the change.


Please don't say "rip" (winces). Eggslut?

KP in NPT | 5 gennaio 2018


Anything called Eggslut has to be good. :)

Bluesday Afternoon | 5 gennaio 2018


I’d check with one of the aftermarket companies to see if they have a yacht floor kit but it’s pretty early to expect one. I know there is wiring for the two phone chargers and the electrical plug.

sbeggs | 7 gennaio 2018

@Simply Red,

That's a good suggestion. Thanks!

nwfan | 11 gennaio 2018

Mr & Mrs @sbeggs, missing your travel journals. Love reading about food and wine from your journeys.
Are you alright? Please tell me you have another trip plan to share with us?

sbeggs | 11 gennaio 2018

We are all right! That's so nice of you to say. We are eagerly awaiting the exact configuration we want for Little T to show up on the configurator (LR and no PUP), with the Model 3 hopefully arriving in Rapid River, MI in May. So we can fulfill your wish to read about food and wine from our journeys. I downloaded the Petoskey MI food guide, and we will be searching out places to visit and report on around the Great Lakes region, from June to September, 2018.

TabascoGuy | 11 gennaio 2018

City Park Grill on East Lake Street would be my 1st stop for dinner in Petoskey. Maybe 2nd and 3rd too. Looking forward to hearing about your journey.

TabascoGuy | 11 gennaio 2018

...the whole family loves the subs at Mancino's too. Great place for lunch.

nwfan | 11 gennaio 2018

@sbeggs, great news.
Retiring in 17 months and plan on trying a few of your recommended meals.

Glad all well. Been reading about fire and mud disasters. Do you CA folks catch a break? Drought, flooding, fire and mud slides. Earthquake next?

SamO | 11 gennaio 2018

600 miles on Tuesday. A mini-road trip, but Black B3auty is unbelievable. You are going to have SO. MUCH. FUN.

Bri | 11 gennaio 2018

How do you like the black paint? Would you have chosen a different color if it didn’t add to the cost?

sbeggs | 12 gennaio 2018

Definitely will check out your food suggestions in Petoskey area. Thank you so much!

sbeggs | 13 gennaio 2018

@Bluesday Afternoon,
This is like when my high school friend changed her name and everyone she met from that point had no problem but I still call her by her old name.

Coastal Cruiser. | 13 gennaio 2018

Bluesday Afternoon said: "Yes!"

Looking forward to hear how that wrap works out for you in future reports. As someone who has never wrapped (cars) hoping to learn the best approach to minimize freeway nose cone damage. Pics of your car would be awesome.

btw - where do the two asterisks lead to? I'm curious as to the genesis of the name change. Looks like a rhyme off an old Moody Blues song.

Bluesday Afternoon | 13 gennaio 2018

The name change was actually suggested by Frank99 on one of the earlier Model 3 threads. We were tossing out possible names for my blue Model 3 and Frank came up with Bluesday Afternoon after he heard I liked the Moody Blues. The two ** symbols are in reference to owning two Teslas. Not sure about keeping the name but still better than thegooners. Thegooners came from my nickname for my two kids. Now you know more than you wanted.

Coastal Cruiser. | 13 gennaio 2018

Good. There's been so much name sadness the past 24 hours I'm glad to hear you weren't just getting bummed out too. But how could you ???? :>

And if you happen to a fan of Jake and Elwood's kind of music your name does double duty.

ps - I have all of Moody Blues' records.

sbeggs | 14 gennaio 2018

@Coastal Cruiser,

I had all the Moody Blues' records...only I forgot where they went (like the 70's themselves...)

sbeggs | 14 gennaio 2018

Son DJ says it's negative ten in Michigan right now. Note to not configure now!

mntlvr23 | 15 gennaio 2018

"......only I forgot where they went (like the 70's themselves...)"
lol - I feel ya

sbeggs | 15 gennaio 2018

I do have the modern day CDs from the NYC after hours club I frequented in the '70's...the Loft. And can instantly recreate the mood in my living room...

Coastal Cruiser. | 15 gennaio 2018

All my Moody Blues albums are in digital downloaded form. What was "The 70s"?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 15 gennaio 2018

Coastal Cruiser: For me, the 70s was a period when all the 'Big Kids' got to light fireworks at the Family Reunion and got to stay up late at night past the mythical 9:00 pm barrier of sleepiness.

sbeggs | 16 gennaio 2018

Note: call Breakers hotel in Saint Ignace for end of July reservation. Query them if they have heard anything about electrical work or permit pulled for Tesla Supercharger there!

Everything is buried under snow though.