Great Lakes Trip

Great Lakes Trip

On the horizon for next year’s driving trip:

“Great Lakes in a Model 3!”

Of course, a lot of water needs to flow under the bridge before that trip can even be planned. Specifically: Sit in a Model 3 and evaluate it (thanks to @stannous, accomplished in October, 2017!). Test drive a Model 3 (Rode in @SamO's one-day old Black B3auty December 30, 2017. Thanks @SamO!). Note: it actually took until October 18, 2018 for us to test drive the RWD and the P3D. Very satisfying, and confirming that we would have been extremely happy with the RWD, LR, EAP, red version of the Model 3 that we configured April 22, 2018.

Configure and order the largest battery and the autodrive features.

Arrange delivery to Minneapolis , or more likely to son DJ's pole barn, as he lives more than 160 miles from the nearest service center.

Follow up with Michigan Tech (Houghton) re HPWC install we have been working on with folks from Steve’s alma mater. Plan out charging stops, which are scarce along the south rim of Lake Superior. Check out the Sun Country Highway charging route in Canada, then…


(this thread is, we know, premature and preliminary…)

Update: December 22, 2017 Tesla invited us to configure...we replied by e-mail that we are waiting for LR without luxury upgrade package, if possible. And delivery to son DJ's pole barn in upper Michigan

We also learned that a new Supercharger is planned for Escanaba, Steve's home town. Yay!

Plans are coming together for this summer in the Great Lakes area.

We think we will fly into Escanaba, MI around Jun 2 and stay until Sept 9.

First month getting to know the Model 3 and visiting friends and family in the area. Fourth of July, the entire extended family arrives, so we'll relocate to a motel, followed by our first extended trip. Heading east to Mackinac Bridge and staying in Lower Michigan, first in Petoskey, then Frankfort, and Ludington. Superchargers in Traverse City and Ludington and Cadillac.

Back up to the bridge, a tour of Mackinac Island, Saint Ignace, and Sault Sainte Marie, the location of stories of Steve's youth.

Returning to the cottage by late July, then up to Houghton, MI, Steve's alma mater, Michigan Tech. for a reunion in early August.

A visit to Green Bay stadium and the Wisconsin Dells.

Who knows what else we may find? (Note: ship 5 cases of wine before departing San Diego). Acquire WeatherTech mats, TT-30 connector, LED flashlight

Update: April 22, 2018 Configured, Red, Aero wheels, Enhanced Autopilot

Desired delivery: approximately June 10

VIN: none as of June 11

Current air reservations: SAN - ORD - MQT (Marquette, MI) June 9. Frequent flyer tickets, so we can adjust the dates.

June 7, 2018, phoned Tesla Fremont, agent Saum informed us we had been pushed to July. When queried, when in July, he could not state when, before the end of July. He revealed a change in Tesla policy regarding cancellation of configured orders, due to the large number of customers whose orders were being pushed out far beyond the 3-6 week window. Upon receipt of an e-mail containing our street address to mail a check to, $2,500 would be refunded to same credit card used when configuring. $1,000 mailed within 30-60 days. We phoned Friday am, June 8, to ask for the agent, Liz, who had predicted we would have a VIN by June 10 and who said Chicago would be our delivery point, after shipping of 5 days, to send us that in writing. She never did. So, by close of business June 8, we sent the cancellation request. One week later, Liz phoned with a VIN, but could not guarantee delivery at any particular date in July. No problem if the delivery was to take place near our home in San Diego, but sitting in Chicago for weeks at a time was not a good option for us.

We proposed to our family to rent either of their Volts, but this was declined. We can't envision renting ICE cars for the summer. So, June 11, I canceled all hotels for a six week period. We may consider trying again for 2019.

Hmmm, there is a carrot at the end of the rainbow....5 cases of good wines await for next year....

sbeggs | 22 giugno 2019

Stonehouse not open for lunch, will return to Terrace Bay hotel and will be here til Jul 1.

Room 118 if you would like to stop by! Last name Hansen in addition to Beggs.

sbeggs | 22 giugno 2019

Heading for farmers market now, back before noon.

swilliams102 | 22 giugno 2019

@sbeggs sorry, I couldn’t make it, I’m working 12hr midnights right now. Pretty nuts right now, had to put my mom in a nursing home and move all of her things, water in the basement, sump pump running non stop, luckily I don’t pay for electricity. We live in the Danforth hill area with a bunch of solar panels. I haven’t seen many other electric cars in the area, maybe a Nissan Leaf or two but no Tesla’s just mine. I asked Tesla about their proposed Supercharger for the Target store and they said that more than likely it will be at the Meijers store, they have some sort of arrangement with Meijers, and in lower Michigan they are at the Meijers stores. No timeframe on when it will be installed.
If I get some free time my wife and I would love to meet you.
If not, we will see you on your next trip, stop by for a charge.

sbeggs | 23 giugno 2019

Wow! Where do you work that requires those hours? Thanks for narrowing down the probable location of the Escanaba Supercharger. Meijer is actually a great place for charging. I could easily stay in there shopping for quite a while!
Interesting about the solar panels. Steve's son in Rapid River also installed a large array on his pole barn last year. Even with less sunlight on average here, the cooperative deal for banking and selling back to the utility is a far better deal than the one experienced by solar system owners in San Diego with the utility there, wherein SDGE keeps changing the terms and the hours in the disfavor of customers.
Let us know if you have some time in the next week. We are not free next Fri or Sat. If you like wine, we invite you for a glass from the five cases ordered last year!

zcd1 | 23 giugno 2019

@sbeggs: It's 400 miles each way. Supercharged twice during each trip. Driving ~80 mph really chews up those electrons, but it's the fastest way to road-trip in a Tesla, since Supercharging adds between 150 and 500 miles per hour, depending on SOC.

sbeggs | 27 giugno 2019

Bliss. Sunny, breezy day with the sun high...friends Steve has known since age 5, the back terrace at the Log Cabin near Gladstone, and perfect blackened lake whitefish, and one of our wines in an opaque Tesla bottle!

sbeggs | 27 giugno 2019

We drove south the length of Stonington Peninsula this am, to the lighthouse where Steve's great grandfather was the first keeper of the light in 1866, and where Steve's grandfather was born. Climbed the black iron stairs to the cupola, where it was apparent the lake was up by 25+ feet. Rutted roads, fading lilacs, and clear waters lapping at the stony shore. Foot hovering above the brake prevented several near collisions with deer scampering across the road. The eight oak trees Steve planted twenty years ago still stand. In mid August, the Monarch butterflies will alight on Peninsula Point on their way back to Mexico.

sbeggs | 3 luglio 2019

On our last day, driving to the airport, we saw a blue Model X parked at the Quality Suites, where there is a Tesla wall connector. That was the first Tesla we saw during our two week stay.
Now we're back in San Diego where our Model S was so happy to see us and we were very happy to hop in and drive electric once again!

sbeggs | 3 luglio 2019

For anyone passing thru Escanaba, MI, the food at our hotel, Terrace Bay, Freshwater Grill, was truly scrumptious. From entertaining all of our family and friends, we can recommend the whitefish in parchment, lake perch, salmon done many ways, tuna, and especially the tender shrimp. Add to that the holy moly burger, the steak, ribs, bison meatloaf with corn spice puree, the appetizers, local ales, wines were excellent. The hotel was very comfortable, right on Little Bay de Noc.

johnmann | 3 luglio 2019

Nice prose-etic write up of the trip.

sbeggs | 4 luglio 2019

Thanks, @johnmann!

Happy Fourth of July to one and all!