Air Conditioning using the App

Air Conditioning using the App

I have an android phone. I have noticed that many times when I turn on the ac ahead of time so that it is comfortable, it has turned off by the time I enter the car. Does it time out if left on too long remotely?

fholley | 30 maggio 2017

I have a related question that maybe someone can answer. I typically drive with the sunroof open and have the AC turned off. If I start the AC remotely to cool the car, it seems the fan will blow but the AC itself does not turn on. Can the AC be controlled via the app (not just the fan, the actual AC on/off function)?

Bill_75D | 30 maggio 2017

I believe the A/C will only run for 30 minutes when activated by the app.

UnshodBob | 30 maggio 2017

@fholley - I have the iPhone app and all you can do is turn climate control on/off and dial the temperature up/down. No fan speed, recirc/outside air or AC on/off. I'm also not sure if the system turns stuff on or off automatically. For example, say you manually turned off the AC but kept the fan blowing while driving and then stopped and exited the car. If you later start the climate control via the app, will the car turn AC on if you dial the temperature to 65°? I haven't tested this.

I have never had it on remotely for more than 5 minutes, so I don't know about any time out limits.

UnshodBob | 30 maggio 2017

Living in SoCal, I'm assuming it's *hot* outside, so my 65° example is less than outside temperature. I think I tested the heater once to make sure it works. :)

Tropopause | 30 maggio 2017


Yes, the app will override your manual settings and utilize the auto mode based upon selected temp. However, when you get back in your car, the manual settings will return as you left them.

DLebryk | 30 maggio 2017

Yes the time limit is 30 minutes from the moment you turn climate on with the app. You're turning the climate on far too soon.

JayInJapan | 30 maggio 2017

I turn it on 5-10 minutes before I get back in. That's plenty of time, whether heating or cooling. When I went into snow country in February and parked outside, I turned the heat on earlier to loosen up the overnight snow/frost.

If I've got groceries in the car, and I stop somewhere on the way home, I'll turn AC on after I get out.

PagemakersS75 | 17 maggio 2019

When did this change?

It used to be 30 minutes then it changed to the dumb way where it would run until your battery was about 5% (I created a topic about it at the time).

When did it change back? As far as I understand it should still run until your battery is very low.

EVRider | 17 maggio 2019

@PagemakersS75: This thread is two years old, except for the spam post above (which I flagged), so nothing changed recently.