If Elon was on the Forum, which screen-name do you think he's hiding behind?

If Elon was on the Forum, which screen-name do you think he's hiding behind?

EM almost certainly has a login for this forum.
I'm sure he looks through some of the stuff sometimes (probably infrequently with his schedule tho)

My question is which one of us is most likely to be his online alter-ego?

my vote is for TeslaTap.
Says very little, usually very helpful when leaves a comment, and rarely around.

Your thoughts?

J.T. | 1 giugno 2017


222 | 1 giugno 2017

never in a million years........ one's a mad scientist and the other is just mad crazy and an online pest.

Besides, if EM was spending the amount of time online that JODO spends, I'll sell my TSLA for fear of an impending crash.... lol

Frank99 | 1 giugno 2017

I'm going to guess that EM would possess the restraint that Trump seems incapable of, and never post. It wouldn't surprise me to know that if he wanted to reply, he'd send a note to some corporate communications specialist, who'd post something under a pseudonym. So, who's the mole?

PBEndo | 1 giugno 2017

no idea

lilbean | 1 giugno 2017

Don't insult Elon like that.

SamO | 1 giugno 2017


KP in NPT | 1 giugno 2017

Definitely mclary.

bricha55 | 1 giugno 2017

I'm with Frank99, if EM wanted to post, he would send it to someone else to make sure it was eloquently said, and didn't hurt the company in any way.

sosmerc | 1 giugno 2017

Can't imagine he's got the time to read any forum. His mind is most likely in another world.

carlk | 1 giugno 2017

Yes mclary.

Idiot is probably what Elon thinks 99% of us. He's just too polite to say it himself.

222 | 1 giugno 2017

I think it's hard to gauge intelligence on a forum page.
It's near impossible to tell occupation or raw IQ from the smart-aleck comments. Maybe forums are a better test of EQ?

I dont think he'd necessarily call us idiots but for jest.

But yes, McLary seems like a serious contender.

Bighorn | 1 giugno 2017

Mclary, not McLary--a cheap imposter. Easy mistake.

222 | 1 giugno 2017

my bad, lol

vp09 | 1 giugno 2017

Hey 222,
If I recall correctly, TeslaTap is the screen name of the author of the book Tesla Model S - Best Car Ever!
Nov 20, 2013
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But great choice for Elon alter ego! Always helpful and never says anything bad.

PBEndo | 1 giugno 2017

TeslaTap is a valuable forum contributor even if you never visit his website. But I suggest you visit his website!
That being said, I have met him and he is not Elon.

sp_tesla | 2 giugno 2017

Haggy is the most likely, extremely knowledgeable about so many subjects.

Silver2K | 2 giugno 2017

Haggy does not like twitter and according to his responses, there is no f@#$en Haggy can be Elon!!

Mclary all the way!

Silver2K | 2 giugno 2017


Haggy | 2 giugno 2017

I'm knowledgeable enough to know that Elon has far better things to do with his time than waste it here. He doesn't need to waste time in forums and other places sticking up for Tesla, because he has people like me to do it for free.

On the other hand, I've complained about many things that Elon would never have complained about. The cars as they exist with the features as they exist represent his priorities. Most of the ones I wanted to see as software enhancements did show up, but they took their time getting there. I also suspect that Elon has an AP2 car.

For him, the ability to name your car was a priority. That way you don't have to have an app with ten different VINs and a hard time remembering which corresponds to which car. I on the other hand give more weight to features such as user profiles and fobs tied to them because I recognize the need for more than one person to share a car.

M vote would be for him not being here at all. Elon, if you are here reading this, get back to work. But before you do, recognize that I'm the customer and am always right. I'm also never arrogant.

Haggy | 2 giugno 2017

One more thing. I have no problem pronouncing Tesla correctly, unlike Elon.

brando | 2 giugno 2017

I'd check Updates for Elon comments - reviewing historical posts can be interesting.

https://www.tesla. com/blog

UnshodBob | 2 giugno 2017
UnshodBob | 2 giugno 2017

i got your back, @brando :)

windhover93 | 2 giugno 2017

He would be under Elonius, because that is what some of his closest friends call him as a nickname.

elon.musk | 2 giugno 2017

Why would I post here when I can tweet?

Tropopause | 2 giugno 2017

Impersonating Elon just might be a crime of some sort.

SCCRENDO | 3 giugno 2017

I bet it is PBendo posing as Elon. LOL. He never told us how he did it.

carlk | 3 giugno 2017

Yeah but I also doubt Tesla would sue someone that has no malicious intent.

Bighorn | 3 giugno 2017

Without contrition, PB would have gone the way of bbOtiin and Eagles.

lilbean | 3 giugno 2017

Isn't the real mclary all lower case?

Bighorn | 3 giugno 2017

Yes, definitely. That's what I was referring to above.

lilbean | 3 giugno 2017

Oh, you had the M capitalized and for a second I wondered if there were three. :)

Bighorn | 3 giugno 2017

Oh sorry, you're right--I was concentrating on the L and missed your point:)

lilbean | 3 giugno 2017


codyb12889 | 4 giugno 2017

I have to imagine his name on here would be Elon Musk because no one would ever believe it was him if he did post with his name.

Ross1 | 4 giugno 2017

Isnt that him, first thread on the page?
Tesla Motors

sp_tesla | 4 giugno 2017

Haggy | June 2, 2017
"On the other hand, I've complained about many things that Elon would never have complained about. "

I am a huge admirer & my complements to what could be logically a Genius decoy tactics.

Bighorn | 4 giugno 2017

He most certainly would be on bbOtin's list of trolls.

lilbean | 4 giugno 2017

Wow. Where have I seen that before. Hmmm. Oh yeah! Everywhere! Lol!