What do you guys think of the steering wheel with 2 scroll buttons?

What do you guys think of the steering wheel with 2 scroll buttons?

rgmodel3 | 3 luglio 2017

I know someone who works there and confirmed that is the final design. I personally hate that steering wheel. Thickness of the wheel is great, but thats about it. Everything else about the steering wheel looks cheap.

Bluesday Afternoon | 3 luglio 2017

My Tesla has two scroll wheels that are also used to make selections. Not a problem.

carlk | 3 luglio 2017

Don't buy that cheap looking car then.

Surf | 3 luglio 2017

I am not sure about the aesthetics of the wheel but in my models S I love the functionality of it and ability to toggle through all kids of stuff.

rgmodel3 | 3 luglio 2017

Good to know that the functionality is great.
@carlk sorry about your lack of reading comprehension. Car looks amazing though, except the steering wheel.

eeb9 | 3 luglio 2017

I'm going to have to feel it, and see how well the controls integrate.

If intuitive, simple, and un-distracting, I'm happy. If they're a snake-pit of layered menus like the Spouse's Infiniti, I'm gonna be [insert synonym for "deeply upset" here]

eeb9 | 3 luglio 2017

Side note - none of us yet know how that wheel *feels*

Does it give both a good grip and a sense of feedback from the road and suspension? Is it taught and alive or mushy and dead?

BMW or Lexus? Something in-between, or (hopeful possibility!) something better than both?

I want smooth, but with a sure feel for the interplay between my inputs and the steering - and vice-versa. If the wheels are feeling something I need to know about, I expect to feel it through the steering wheel, rather than see it as a blinking icon on a screen somewhere.

Just my $.02

ddrmadness | 3 luglio 2017

While I think you're making a great point there red, I think that might fall under the category of "bells and whistles" that will not be available on the 3

eeb9 | 3 luglio 2017

@ReD - That sort of almost but not quite helps

It tells me that sport mode on the S is not quite as tight as some would prefer, and that other modes are a bit squishy.

Doesn't say a thing about steering feel on the Model 3, though it does at least tell me that it's not going to feel as dead and disconnected as a Toyota or Lexus

So the post was useful in a broad sense, but insufficient data from the standpoint of how the Model 3 will feel - did they move the needle? And if they did, in which direction?

I know, I know - we'll find out when we find out! :-)

Madatgascar | 3 luglio 2017

That's not the real steering system :)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 3 luglio 2017

eeb9: Dude. Did you not notice the original post in the thread was from over four years ago? Wow.

And I'm... still not a robot.

miguelcampeau | 3 luglio 2017

Steering wheel does look simplistic and not particularly S3XY.
Are the scroll buttons clickable?
I hope volume control is possible from steering wheel.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 3 luglio 2017

miguelcampeau: In Model S and Model X the scroll wheels are also buttons. Yes, you can control functions such as volume control, cruise control/autopilot speed, opening/closing sunroof, and possibly even temperature controls using scroll wheels.

janendan | 3 luglio 2017

Shouldn't the voice recognition make the buttons unnecessary?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 3 luglio 2017

janedan: At that point, the steering wheel would likely be unnecessary.

miguelcampeau | 3 luglio 2017

Thanks @ReD

eeb9 | 3 luglio 2017

@ReD - of course I did. Still, the Model S steering feel is bound to be different from the Model 3, if only because of the differences in size and weight.

I am both confident and hopeful that the good folk at Tesla will have sport-ish steering even in the base Model 3.

I also expect that the Performance version will have something at least close to track-tuned steering and suspension.

I look forward to testing them out!

Then, four years from now, we can revisit this thread and laugh.

M3München | 4 luglio 2017

The scroll wheel on BMWs to control the radio station is super annoying. You scroll the wheel and a list of stations scrolls where the one in the middle is highlighted. Then you have to click to choose.

Move 1 scroll wheel notch and it changes to the next station would be a million times better.

So what I'm saying here is there is potential for something really good but also something really bad.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 4 luglio 2017

M3München: I've not heard that complaint about Tesla's scroll wheels. I believe there are videos on YouTube that demonstrate their operation in various situations.

mos6507 | 4 luglio 2017

"That's not the real steering system :)"

Yep. Add two thumb wheels and there's your spaceship steering. Musk's got some 'splanin to do on the 28th, that's for sure.

billlake2000 | 4 luglio 2017

scroll, schmoll, spaceship, hah! I want voice control or mind control in my spaceship. All seriousness aside, I hope it is at least as good as my smart car.

carlk | 4 luglio 2017

@raghu.mrr I have no problem with reading comprehension. It's you who used the word cheap too liberally.

COrich | 5 luglio 2017

I though the scroll wheels on the X steering wheel would be problematic since none of my other cars has ever had them. But they are very easy to use and become second nature pretty quickly. I really like them and am glad the 3 has them also.

Sleepydoc1 | 5 luglio 2017

I missed my X90D scroll wheels for 10 days driving an Altima rental in Kauai recently. Having to take hands off the steering wheel to adjust volume or change the fan setting is just not safe. Easy to use and very functional.

Sleepydoc1 | 5 luglio 2017

By the way, I don't miss having to move the gear shift to park and drive and then push a button to turn off the car. Forget one of those or do it in the wrong order and buzzers go off and the wife panics. The X takes care of all that when I open my door. Heck it will even close and lock my door.

miguelcampeau | 5 luglio 2017

Easter egg suggestion...use the two scroll buttons to play Pong on the display!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 5 luglio 2017

miguelcampeau: Heh. I wouldn't be surprised if it is there already... along with TANK!

vicmgvaz | 5 luglio 2017

The two scroll combines with simplistic interior design. Less buttons, fewer future malfunctions.

johnse | 6 luglio 2017

How about playing Doom like this guy in a Porsche 911 ?

alphacompton | 6 luglio 2017

I agree with the others, the part of the wheel with scroll looks a little cheap but I'm hoping the material is different on the production model. Even if the material isn't different, I'd be fine with a different texture, fake leather or carbon fiber 'look' would make it look much better with little to no cost.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 6 luglio 2017

One of these days perhaps someone will heed my request to provide a definition of 'look cheap' that does not involve something being 'like everyone else' or using terms like 'tradition, heritage, luxury' and stuff. Applications of leather, wood, lace, and quilting look even worse in modern cars when they are fake.

Xerogas | 6 luglio 2017

If soft, rubberized finger-friendly ergonomic scroll wheels look 'cheap', then please bring on as much cheap as you can muster. Alligator skin with chinchilla fur sounds uncomfortable.

eeb9 | 6 luglio 2017

I don't have any issues with plastic or the hide of the greater north-American Naga. None at all.

Unless I'm paying north of $50k for it. Even then, my only comment is that if it *looks* like leather, I expect it to *be* leather.

To be sure, I think leather is waaaay overused in auto interiors - I actually prefer microfiber cloth for my seating and a good high-quality plastic or resin for most fittings, thank you. But for things like trim and such - I only ask that they not be shy about making thing look like what they are. Fake leather in a car at that price point looks cheap, even when it's utterly and perfectly functional.

Likewise metal - the easiest way to make something look like metal is to actually make it out of metal. If it's plastic, make it look like good, high-quality plastic. Ditto things like silicon rubber and the like. I don't need or even necessarily want wood or leather or lace doilies. Only that they don't try to fake it with things like "leatherette". Yuck.

My opinions only - your mileage will no doubt vary!

sp_tesla | 6 luglio 2017

raghu.mrr | July 3, 2017
Good to know that the functionality is great.
@carlk sorry about your lack of reading comprehension. Car looks amazing though, except the steering wheel.

Soon or later you will figure out that trying to reason with Archie bunker is useless!

noleaf4me | 6 luglio 2017

s'all good man.

topher | 7 luglio 2017

eeb9: +1

Real Butter, not 'spread'. If you can't eat butter, don't cook things that call for it.

Thank you kindly.

carlgo2 | 7 luglio 2017

Sitting in the car will be a lot different than looking at photos. It will seem so moderne. Don't the S and X dashboards look a bit...dated, dare I say?

The steering wheel does look out of place. Might be a nicer one coming later after the S and X get a heads up display.

Haggy | 7 luglio 2017

"Don't the S and X dashboards look a bit...dated, dare I say?"

There's nothing there but a blank screen...until you turn it on, at which point it could look like anything they want it to look like. They could change the shape or the bezel but the 3 will be fundamentally different.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 7 luglio 2017

Dated? Sure. 2150 AD.

Madatgascar | 7 luglio 2017

It seems like each picture of a Model 3 steering wheel I see looks cheaper than the last. The first pix had touch screens and stylish brushed chrome accents. The most recent one looks like something I could have made myself in high school industrial arts. It has to be a dummy. Wait n see, I still believe they have a surprise in store.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 luglio 2017

Hmmm... Another 'looks cheaper' post! Oh, well... At least it doesn't 'look tarted up' or something.

Madatgascar | 8 luglio 2017

At least I tried to define "looks cheaper."

Madatgascar | 8 luglio 2017

I'm speaking of the pix posted by inamachineshop that looked like a bulbous Naugahyde-looking center blob with creases, large expanses of black plastic on the spokes, a warped plastic insert on the bottom, and spherical scroll wheels. Does that say "spaceship" to anyone here?

LA-Fohlen | 8 luglio 2017

At the end it comes down to personal taste. If the steering wheel bothers you so much and the rest of the car can't compensate for it don't buy the car. If it is acceptable you may want to look at some point into after market steering wheels although I understand that for a $35k and up car people may expect a classy look.
For me it looks functional and coming from a lower end car myself it doesn't look cheap. And I have to admit, most of the time I look out of the window and not at the steering wheel.

Xerogas | 8 luglio 2017

OK, finally a reasonable description of what someone finds undesirable about the steering wheel, thanks! At least now I know what people are looking at specifically. For me, it looks pretty cool and minimalist-designed, with large generous-sized grip, flattened bottom of the circle, easy-to-use scroll wheels, plenty of room for airbag, and a nice metal trim on the bottom spoke. I'm guessing there's a reflection from the skylight that makes the lower insert look overly shiny and plastic-y.

For my tastes , it looks like what I expect it to, compared to my S that cost twice as much. I'm with @PhillyGal, in the sense that the large leather-like grip is much more luxurious than any other car I've driven.

And the steering *system* might refer to much more than just the wheel itself, so we'll see at reveal time what that means.

eeb9 | 8 luglio 2017

There's so much that could be done with epoxy or ceramic or textured finishes on good old poly that would all look better, more modern and classier than Naugahyde...

More functional as well, and cheaper than leather.

Aluminum with expoxy or ceramic inserts at grip points would **scream** "spaceship", and not cost a penny more to produce than what we've seen.

The center air-bag requires plastic for functionality - but that could still be better integrated than the pic that was referenced above.

Just sayin'

Xerogas | 8 luglio 2017

I finally saw a high-quality luxurious steering wheel full of heritage and tradition. Was walking by a Mercedes 560SL -- very classy car, well-appointed interior with leather and all the nice bells and whistles. Obviously the top-of-the line for its time. Here's what the steering wheel looks like (google mercedes 560sl steering wheel if this link doesn't work)

Xerogas | 8 luglio 2017

Oh good, the link worked. You can just feel the craftsmanship oozing from that steering wheel :(

Is that what some folks are hoping we'll get on the Model 3?

eeb9 | 8 luglio 2017