TSLA's Up Today - S Test Drive today & reserved another 3

TSLA's Up Today - S Test Drive today & reserved another 3

i also got the call to test drive the S & I went & I'm going back again. I think test drives are how
I'm going to deal with the model 3 waiting period - hopefully they'll get 3's in the test pool soon.
Raleigh Tesla has an X & a bunch of S's so my 3 teenagers & I took a 90 out for a ride.
It was so incredibly quick - which we were all impressed with - but AP has really sold us on Tesla.
So I did some math: mS$ ~ 2 x m3$.
My company, SAS Software, has 20+ free chargers on campus - so my costs are $0, a fact not lost on
my kids' & their slim food&fun budgets.
So I just reserved another model 3 - one for mom/dad & one for the kids.
I've also seen my TSLA stock drop & go up today, but hopefully all of this bad Wall St news will encourage people
to "short sell" their m3 reservations :)

csmith476 | 7 luglio 2017

Raleigh is where I took my test drive yesterday! I am glad you liked it; mine was a blast yesterday.

winston | 7 luglio 2017

I'm curious to know if you keep the same place in line for the 2nd M3 you reserved or is that one totally separate? I'm kind of wishing I'd reserved 2 back on 3/31/16 now.

Coastal Cruiser. | 7 luglio 2017

Congrats on your #2 reservation! Maybe the second one will hit critical mass for your family tree,

"One person can have a profound effect on another. And two people...well, two people can work miracles. They can change a whole town. They can change the world."
- Ned, Northern Exposure

ncotter100 | 8 luglio 2017

Winston - I received a 2nd, unique reservation # for my second m3 so I'm assuming it's going to have a later delivery date than the 1st. Based on what I've been reading here, I'll be going with standard models(no AWD, no solar, etc) Tesla makes available - so hopefully that will improve my delivery dates.