Did SN1 make it off the line?

Did SN1 make it off the line?

Well, did SN1 make it off the line or is it still stuck on the line somewhere?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 luglio 2017

Someone remembered their beer, but forgot to bring their hammer. Oops.

eeb9 | 8 luglio 2017

I'm thinking it's in the paint shop, or going through *heavy* QC checks

Jcastillo18 | 8 luglio 2017

No one knows it's a mystery? My guess is no since there were no picture of publicity of it . Perhaps last minute bugs

jefjes | 8 luglio 2017

If it didn't, all the naysayers and stock analyst will be all over the news and we will hear about it immediately. If it did, all the naysayers and stock analyst will try to keep the good news buried so as to not hurt their short positions.

JAD | 8 luglio 2017

I wouldn't expect much news until the reveal on the 28 th. Then we should know a lot more.

JAD | 8 luglio 2017

Maybe even a fact or two instead of all guesses.

Frank99 | 8 luglio 2017

I'd expect an announcement before market open on Monday if it's been built.

KP in NPT | 8 luglio 2017

Pics or it didn't happen, Elon.

bj | 8 luglio 2017

Assuming SN1 was manufactured yesterday, how long does it take for the paint to dry and cure properly? If they were going to release a pic (and I predict they won't), they'd want SN1 to be all buffed and polished and spic and span. Detailed to within an inch of its life. That probably couldn't happen until a couple of days after manufacture.

SN1 might roll onstage to its lucky owner on the 28th. That's when we see the pics :)

lwmorris067 | 8 luglio 2017

Elon Musk tweeted, "Production unit 1 of Model 3 is now built and going through final checkout. Pics soon."

noleaf4me | 8 luglio 2017

WOOHOO....A bit late but great to hear!

efrain.floresjr | 8 luglio 2017

A day late... Foreshadowing what's to come...

noleaf4me | 8 luglio 2017

efrain.floresjr - actually several days early.....Original plan had the first one coming off mid-month. Tesla got production certification 2 weeks early! More Foreshadowing?!?

SUN 2 DRV | 8 luglio 2017

I guess it's actually more like 6 months early since production was supposed to start at the end of 2017, and got moved up 6 months.

July 8 is WAAAAY early compared with 11:59 PM December 2017.

Randkthorn | 8 luglio 2017

See Elon tweet from a few minutes ago. SN1 in final checkout.

bj | 8 luglio 2017

OK, so I'm wrong about the pics :) but I might be right about the couple of days before we see the pics. Should I double down? Or... OK, I'll see my way out.

miguelcampeau | 8 luglio 2017

Elon Tweet 8:11pm ET July 8th: Production unit 1 of Model 3 is now built and going through final checkout. Pics soon.

Pg3ibew | 8 luglio 2017

According to Elon Musk's Twitter, a guy named Ira was supposed to get NUMBER 1. He, in turn, paid for the car in full and gave it to Elon Musk.

Xerogas | 8 luglio 2017

Where does it say Ira paid for it? All I see is him giving up his place in line.

jamilworm | 8 luglio 2017

I don't think he even necessarily gave Elon his reservation, I got the impression he just let Elon cut.

noleaf4me | 8 luglio 2017

Awesome news.

greg | 8 luglio 2017


Musk said:
"Ira Ehrenpreis had rights to 1st car as he was 1st to place a full deposit, but gave those rights to me as my 46th bday present. "

I read "1st to place a full deposit" as first to have paid the full $35K "as a deposit" - you may read it as paid the $1K deposit.

stevenroglen | 8 luglio 2017

Sure did. Pic is out on twitter.

bj | 9 luglio 2017

@greg - Elon clarified in a Tweet "It's who is first to pay full price for the car. Hard rule. I have first Roadster and X, but not first S." so you are right.

rennerfra | 9 luglio 2017

I guess, SN1 went through production line, but they have to do a lot of re-work on first cars = this also to adjust the robots. 30 cars until July 28 means appr. one car per day...

Randkthorn | 9 luglio 2017

It looks great to me. Congrats to Tesla! April 2016 many said they couldn't do it by now, some said they'd miss by years, Elon Musk said they'd try.

noleaf4me | 9 luglio 2017

Love it! Can't wait until I wake up and the Model 3 is in my Garage....fully charged and ready to go!

noleaf4me | 9 luglio 2017

So what does everyone think of the wheels (They look like 18s -- not 19s) -- but I do like the rims!

bj | 9 luglio 2017

I'm totally sold. That is one awesome looking car which will turn heads everywhere. The front is really making a statement "look ma, no grill!". Congratulations to everyone at Tesla!

Shame I now have to wait 12 months for one with the steering wheel on the other side.

noleaf4me | 9 luglio 2017

Sorry BJ - I wish they could do better than that for ya.....

Also I hope the DO NOT put a front license plate holder on these cars (have the states that require them add them at the delivery center) My leaf came with one and I removed it leaving 2 holes in my front bumper cover.

eeb9 | 9 luglio 2017

I am thinking 18" on SN1 rims as well, but can't be sure without a better calibration setting on the eyeball-micrometer

But they do look good

I'm hoping they have them in gray though...