What is under the Model 3 Roof in July 5 video?

What is under the Model 3 Roof in July 5 video?

Did you see the July 5 video when Model 3 is driving in what appears to be California roads and the roof is covered with a white cover? What could be hiding there?

Picture and video

Sunroof? Solar? Mix of both?

hoffmannjames | 8 luglio 2017

I really wish it were solar panels or a solar roof but considering that Musk has already dismissed the idea as not being able to produce enough energy to be worth it, I doubt it is that. I think the most conservative guess is a panoramic roof or a glass roof.

bmalloy0 | 8 luglio 2017


mntlvr23 | 8 luglio 2017

step one - cut a hole in the box

eeb9 | 8 luglio 2017

Hoping for solar... even if it's not "significant", every bit of charge helps - especially when May cars are parked outside for much of the day. It adds up...

eeb9 | 8 luglio 2017

Well, not just May cars... June cars also get their time in the sun... so do, well, most other month's cars...

So why don't we go with "Many" and stop discriminating against cars produced outside the merry merry month of May

armev | 8 luglio 2017

I agree that every bit of charge helps. May be it's another reason Model 3 can go that far. I mean the range because they get some charge for radio and other entertainment systems from solar?

Rutrow | 8 luglio 2017

The navigation software can help you avoid tunnels, underpasses, and shaded roads that interfere with solar charging.

bj | 8 luglio 2017

It's hiding the metal roof which will be standard.


LA-Fohlen | 8 luglio 2017

The solar roof to charge the cigarette lighter!

SUN 2 DRV | 8 luglio 2017

And of course you should take a route with the best southern exposure around noontime. More easterly in the AM and distinctly westerly in the PM and early evening. After dark you can resume normal heading and course navigation.

Iwantmy3 | 8 luglio 2017

What struck me was how far back on the car that the cover went. It seems to extend to the back of the rear seats where the rear glass is supposed to be