Is Model 3 sn1 wheel size 19 or 18"?

Is Model 3 sn1 wheel size 19 or 18"?

I am sure people are so sharp here that they can tell.

JayInJapan | 8 luglio 2017

It's hard to tell, but the tire profile is small, so I'll guess 19. That choice would also fit EM's sportier car history.

noleaf4me | 9 luglio 2017

I like the wheels -- still not sure if they are 18 or 19s -- not sure that there is all that much difference frankly....

mntlvr23 | 9 luglio 2017

When you zoom in on the tire, there is very little distance between the wheel and the ground. This looks like a low-profile tire, which I would assume would make it a 19 inch

PhillyGal | 9 luglio 2017

I like these WAY better than those goofy gray ones we kept seeing pictures of.

Bluesday Afternoon | 9 luglio 2017

It was reported by Electrek as 19" wheels