Will Tesla Beat the Audi A8 to True Level 3 Autonomy?

Will Tesla Beat the Audi A8 to True Level 3 Autonomy?

Which car maker will really make the first Level 3 autonomous production vehicle? My money is on Tesla.

Recent news reports suggest the 2018 Audi A8 will be the first Level 3 autonomous production vehicle this fall. Read deeper, and you will see Audi's Level 3 autonomy only works "when the car is driving 37 mph or under" AND "on a highway with a physical divider." To me, that isn't real Level 3 autonomy.

When will we see true Level 3 autonomy?

Tropopause | 27 luglio 2017

Let's see- Silicon Valley vs. Germany. Yeah, definitely Tesla.

SO | 27 luglio 2017

Audi is definitely misleading. Tesla could claim level 4 with summon.

carlk | 27 luglio 2017

There's no rule on that. It's just an honor system. Audi would cheat even when there is an emission rule.

AlMc | 27 luglio 2017

Yes, Tesla will beat them. Close, but it will happen. Book it. :)

ahall | 28 luglio 2017

Have you seen any reliable predictions on when Tesla will get to Level 3?

EVRider | 28 luglio 2017


rxlawdude | 28 luglio 2017

Will Audi cheat on its FSD software?

AlMc | 28 luglio 2017

@ahall: Unless Audi comes out with NHTSB approved level 3 before the end of Q3 2017 Tesla will beat them.

Mchenry7 | 28 luglio 2017

Not even close, yes, Audi system is far superior. Don't believe me, check for yourself. Take a test drive. My AP2 is no where close to the AP1 system I test drove. Audi system does exactly as is expected,

Al1 | 29 luglio 2017

For cars currently on the road for sure, Tesla will beat Audi.

Al1 | 29 luglio 2017

Also guaranteed for cars below 50 K price tag.

inconel | 29 luglio 2017

Audi belongs to a premier German company that will never cheat ;)