Phone Key for all phone OS'?

Phone Key for all phone OS'?

So if the Model 3 is linked to your phone via Bluetooth with an application, I assume that:

1. Tesla will help set it up for you.
2. The app is made for all phone operating systems, Android, iOS, Windows.

I ask because having a Windows Phone I know many app developers never bother with making a Windows variant but it would be somewhat a nuisance having to get a different phone just to make it compatible with the car. Anyone have an answer for this?

Mr.Tesla | 30 luglio 2017

There are a couple easy answers:

1) Use the card
2) Upgrading to the Model 3 is a good time to upgrade to a supported phone. Use the federal tax incentive money to get yourself something really nice.

ddrmadness | 30 luglio 2017

@Mr. Tesla

Lol, nice one! I agree though that worst case scenario you could probably just use the card until you are able to upgrade your phone. I assume the app to control would be the standard tesla app that is currently available for download, so you should see if you can download it. You won't be able to use it since you don't have a registered tesla product (I've tried), but it should still download if it's possible to download. | 30 luglio 2017

Windows Phone is less than one percent of the market. It would be a waste of resources.

LA-Fohlen | 30 luglio 2017

So I have to use the key card if I have a flip phone.

Redmiata98 | 30 luglio 2017

...and I have to use the key card if I still only have a landline!

jamilworm | 30 luglio 2017

You'll be ok with the landline you just need a really long cord.

ramihanna616 | 31 luglio 2017

Hate to thread crap, but I kinda think If you need help setting up bluetooth, maybe this isnt the right car for you.

LA-Fohlen | 31 luglio 2017

@jamilworm - I'm modern, I have cordless landline !

dzmiller | 31 luglio 2017

I still have a Motorola bag phone. Will it work?

rxlawdude | 31 luglio 2017

@dzmiller, you're sacked.

N7RZBModel3 | 31 luglio 2017

Brandong8869, look at the Tesla Control app in the Windows store. Developer told me he saw no reason why it wouldn't support the Model 3. Important question, of course, is the new Bluetooth unlock function, but I suspect he will support it. Beautiful looking app, for those of us who appreciate a modern phone OS.

MarlonBrown | 31 luglio 2017

So how can I open the car trunk? I mean, pop the trunk?
I dont want to mess with my phone for that. Battery may die etc after my several meetings.

knightshade9 | 31 luglio 2017

Unless there's an NFC swipe area to use the card you'd have to open the car and then pop the trunk from the 15" screen

MarylandS85 | 31 luglio 2017

You could try being more judicious about how often you use your phone for Clash of Cl... er, meetings. In all seriousness, maybe you can invest in a portable power bank system for your phone so it doesn’t run out of juice.

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