Premium Sound System?

Premium Sound System?

Has anyone experienced how the speaker system sounds on the TM3? Hoping they did a good job with it!

eeb9 | 31 luglio 2017

I just want to know whether it includes satellite radio. Streaming is only as good as your cell signal.

PhillyGal | 31 luglio 2017

@bbe - I can count on one hand how many times in 47,000 miles we couldn't get streaming radio in the Model S. The coverage for ATT is decent and that's with the 3G. Newer Model S/X cars come with LTE and I assume Model 3 will be LTE also. My backup is a USB drive with my own collection.

seanvkelly | 31 luglio 2017

Not to hijack but 2 quick questions. 1) With the car coming with LTE/wifi is there a monthly fee owners have to pay like you would with an AT&T hotspot? 2) Has anyone read anything about Spotify? I remember reading a year or so ago that they were working on replacing Slacker with Spotify with 8.0 like they have in Europe but haven't read about it since then :/

patrick40363 | 31 luglio 2017


I would like to know about XM radio too. I lose streaming radio everyday where I live and need XM.

JustSaying | 31 luglio 2017

I put $35 Echo Dot under the front seat of my WIFI equipped car and it works great with the radios "external source connector" They also fit perfectly in cup holders.
The Alexa app works great with many online Music Apps including XM.

dd.micsol | 31 luglio 2017

Put your own server like I do with your own screen or dragon speaking naturally. It's super cheap and you can call up any song you have in an instant.

stevenmaifert | 31 luglio 2017

@PhillyGal - Take a trip to Monument Valley or Mesa Verde National Park. At least I could listen to Navajo on the AM, but that's not even an option with M3. The news channels on XM were my only source of current events. Come to think of it, with all the crap going on in the world, maybe no XM is a good thing :)