Charging Station

Charging Station

Are you able to charge the Model 3 at any charging station or does it have to be specifically a Tesla charging station?

Peanut01 | 31 luglio 2017

If it's the same as the Model S and Model X, they will include an adapter that allows a J1772 plug commonly found on public Level 2 chargers to be plugged into the car.

dortor | 31 luglio 2017

and presumably the Chademo adapter ($499) will also work

you can charge at the following types of chargers

J-1772 Chargers (basically any other standard charger)
Tesla Chargers
most NEMA plugs
Tesla Superchargers
Chademo DC Fast Chargers with the extra adapter.

jordanrichard | 31 luglio 2017

Here is the beauty of a Tesla when it comes to charging it, you can charge it anywhere. However, you can't do that with any other EV. Meaning we can charge wherever of EVs can charger, plus Tesla superchargers and Destinations chargers which are really HPWCs.

ejunk | 31 luglio 2017

That's good to know that you can basically charge it anywhere. Thanks!