Tire noise

Tire noise

I drive a Model-X 90D since March this year. I find the tire noise much too loud compared to other luxury SUV's. It take away a lot from the 'silent revolution' idea of Tesla.
When I have to change tires, what would be the best tire to date which gives you good handling and low noise?

jajabor | 1 agosto 2017

You hear the road noise because there is no engine noise.

evlnte | 1 agosto 2017

Most likely Michelins would offer best reduction in noise without losing too much durability. Remember, tires are less noisy when made of softer material. But softer wears out faster than more rigid, noisy material. Also notice that the road quality plays a role. Old worn out (greyish) asphalt is much noisier than dark, freshly poured asphalt.

ken | 2 agosto 2017

are you using 22"?