Supercharger Map - Range Decisions

Supercharger Map - Range Decisions

When considering your range needs for occasional trips - check out the map found at on Tesla's website (link below.)
Many gray dots show where they plan to plunk down chargers and the shorter range may well work for you.

Also check this link for crowd-sourced info on superchargers that have permits filed or are under construction. Are there any coming to a town near you?

(Cold weather, higher driving speeds, terrain and wind may negatively affect range. Plan accordingly.)

PhillyGal | 8 agosto 2017

Oooh, and if you click on the map on Tesla's website, it gives you an estimate of actual towns/cities they hope to have a charger in. (Philly, Mt. Laurel NJ., King of Prussia are my nearest examples!)

socaldave | 8 agosto 2017

Thanks, PG - you sure about that link, tho? Tells me it's for sale, but not much else ;-)

PhillyGal | 8 agosto 2017

Yikes, glad they let you edit the original post. Thanks!

stevenmaifert | 8 agosto 2017

Plan is the operative word. I've been planning on driving from SOCAL to Florida on the I-10 ever since Tesla's 2015 planning map showed that popular route would be completed by the end of that year: Still can't do it on just supercharger charging alone, but I plan to do it someday.

PBEndo | 8 agosto 2017

According to EVTripPlanner, if you drive at half of the speed limit, with no buffer, it should work.

CraigW | 8 agosto 2017

Detour through Albuquerque. However, check and you will find NEMA 14-50 outlets at RV campgrounds in Ft. Wilcox and Lordsburg. That should get you through in less time than the ALB detour.

Daryl | 8 agosto 2017

"I've been planning on driving from SOCAL to Florida on the I-10 ever since Tesla's 2015 planning map showed that popular route would be completed by the end of that year"

That gap around Tucson is the big problem. Also prevents me from traveling from Phoenix to El Paso. It's supposed to be filled in adequately by the end of the year, with new SC in Tucson, Wilcox and Deming.

Coastal Cruiser. | 8 agosto 2017

"(Philly, Mt. Laurel NJ., King of Prussia are my nearest examples!)"

Hey everybody. Philly Gal is getting her own personal supercharger!

Oh. I see.

PBEndo | 8 agosto 2017

If anybody deservers their own personal Supercharger it is PhillyGal.

Well after Bighorn, of course.

stevenmaifert | 8 agosto 2017

Never said I couldn't make the trip, just can't make it on Superchargers alone, or without detouring hundreds of miles out of the way via I-40. Flagstaff and Albuquerque are real treats in January. That's why completing the southern route is so important. Thanks for the tip about driving at half speed. Except for metro Tucson, that 370 mile stretch is a mostly 75 mph zone. I'm sure driving at 35 mph is going to make me a lot of new friends :)

socaldave | 8 agosto 2017

Interesting - the Tesla website shows some new SC's along the 5 going through LA County, but as of now there are no permits/construction info. CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER haha

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 agosto 2017

There is also this handy-dandy resource, for those who may have overlooked it...

gavinmcc | 8 agosto 2017

The supercharger network is definitely improving...and works great around some major cities and along major highways...

It will fill in, but I rarely take major highways and prefer back roads and smaller New Mexico is just a state most forget is part of the US of A :)

But we are going from 8 to 13 over the next that's great...still big pockets are not drivable electric...Roswell and Carlsbad are a surprise ommision...

A few more years and most of America should be covered (speaking of coverage, are there superchargers in Mexico?)

None of this is a diss on the SC network...chargers should be near where people are and where people travel...just most of my distance travel is gonna be back roads and reservations and national parks...I think every national park should have lots of electric charging, but not sure if the current administration is interested...


gavinmcc | 8 agosto 2017

Steve: Albuquerque is a real treat in January...its Feb and March that we get snow....Jan is coldish, but with our sun it feels quite nice...heck we almost always get a warm week in February where my daughters will lie out in swimsuits to get some sun

Flagstaff would be snowy's either snowing or raining every time I go through Flagstaff

PhillyGal | 9 agosto 2017

I'd probably only visit the Philly Supercharger when it first opens, for an unofficial ribbon cutting with area owners and whenever a forum friend is passing through town. Can't wait!

eeb9 | 9 agosto 2017

@Gavin - yeah, I am consistently amazed at the number of people who seem to forget that New Mexico is actually part of the US...

OK, granted, us Gringos really are Johnny-come-latelies there, but FFS ya still have to drive through the place to get from Texas to Arizona... ;-)

Not to mention that it has some of the most amazing scenery and drives and history and food and... and... and...

Oh, well. At least Tesla is beginning to fill the gaps. With the new stations planned in Soccoro and Grants, I can make the Albuquerque-Soccoro-(Gallup or Grants)-Albuquerque loop without sweating the details. Visiting the Malpais and Pueblos and chili houses in a Tesla will be a BLAST!

Now if they could get SC stations in Show Low and Globe, we're set!

stevenroglen | 9 agosto 2017

I find it odd that KOP doesn't have one yet. Are there ones at the 2 dealer/service locations in that area? Plus it being a hub of anyone getting on the T-Pike or Northeast Extension I'd of thought there would have already been ones set up there.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 13 agosto 2017

There are Superchargers in Mexico City.

I hadn't actually set foot in New Mexico as an adult since some time around three years ago... My Brother and I drove his pickup truck along a more northern route from Mississippi, because we needed to stop in Flagstaff to pick up some of his Daughter's things from her dorm room before heading to Los Angeles. Before then, I had gone through on the I-10 after gassing up somewhere in Eastern Arizona and usually went straight through to El Paso TX. But I did stop in New Mexico around October 2015 when driving my Cousin's minivan, as its fuel economy wasn't that great, both on the trip to Mississippi and back to Los Angeles on a trip to attend my Uncle's funeral. A lot like I-20 through Louisiana, it is a rarity to actually need to stop anywhere on I-10 in New Mexico, I've found.

eeb9 | 13 agosto 2017

There's a bit of a SC gap on I-10 currently. I-40 is good, but they've not yet filled the gap on the Southern route yet.

The good news is that there are/soon will be SC stations placed to allow some really nice New Mexico BEV road trips. The bad news part one is that big chunks are still a bit out of reach from a charging stand point. The bad news part two is that all that lovely open road-trippable space is largely out of both cell and FM coverage. So ya need ta roll yer own entertainment

gavinmcc | 13 agosto 2017

Eeb, a SC in Quemado would be nice as it is half way between Soccoro and Show Low. A nice drive from Soccoro to Very Large Array to Show Low could use one more SC to make it more comfortable.....and then down through the Salt River Canyon towards Phoenix. Salt River Canyon is a favorite to do on my motorcycle, I imagine it would be fun in a 3 too. Would need a SC in Globe or Supreme as you mentioned.

Not sure why South Eastern New Mexico is so forgotten...but probably because of small population and no real cities. Still both Roswell and Carlsbad are tourist destinations...Roswell is over rated as a tourist stop, but the Caverns at Carlsbad are a not to missed place to go on any bucket list.

New Meico is just a tough place for much of New Mexico is amazingly beautiful, and insanely empty. So many of my favorite spots are just near...well nothing.

Still, if somehow the US government decided to put electric charging infrastructure at all state/federal parks, suddenly all those empty spaces in New Mexico and similar states would be EV friendly.


gatorj31 | 13 agosto 2017

I'm still trying to figure out if philly gal = electric men from you tube?

I'm leaning towards the extended range. Even though I can make it anywhere with a standard, it comes down to convenience and longevity. I plan on keeping this car until flying cars exist, so 10 yrs from now Id rather have 270 mile range after degradation vs 180 miles. Plus the fact I'll be able to comfortably use the heat during the winter and not have range anxiety is a plus.

gatorj31 | 13 agosto 2017

Electric Jen* darn auto correct

mntlvr23 | 13 agosto 2017

lol, gotta love AutoCorrect

RichardKJ | 13 agosto 2017

@eeb9: "currently. I-40 is good"

I-40 still needs one or preferably two between Oklahoma City and Little Rock.

Bighorn | 13 agosto 2017

Yes, one in the same.

burdogg | 13 agosto 2017

Yes, but one is the Clark Kent to Superman - you have to figure out which one is which though :)

eeb9 | 13 agosto 2017

@RichardKJ - yes, you're correct about I-40 through the rest of the Midwest; I was just looking at New Mexico.

The Southwest in general is poorly served by the current SC network, at least insofar as "Road Trip Worthy" rides are concerned. There is so much truly magnificent scenery there, but it's going to be a bit tricky to navigate in a Model 3 until they add a few more...

@Gavin - I completely agree that they need an SC in Quemado!!! Add another in a show Low and all of a sudden that whole region becomes accessible... we can dream, yes?

giskard | 14 agosto 2017

Could be worse - North Dakota has not seen its first SC yet ...

johnse | 14 agosto 2017

Plugshare shows a couple of RV parks with 14-50 outlets around Carlsbad. That should help with trips out there.

hoffmannjames | 14 agosto 2017

I know plugshare allows members to share their residential charging stations with other plugshare members. I think it would be cool if Tesla did something similar where Tesla owners could volunteer to add their residential charger to Tesla's charging network. When the Model 3 starts to really sell like crazy, this could be an easy way for Tesla to greatly expand their charging locations as it could mean tens of thousands of new charging locations added every month. And most people probably don't use their residential charger during the day so it could work well for someone who is traveling and desperately needs a place to charge. Of course, it should be voluntary since some owners may not want strangers using their charger. But for those who are ok with it, I think it would be really cool.

eeb9 | 14 agosto 2017

There are some people already doing that via PlugShare, but I agree that it would be nice to have them able to share via Tesla as well

sohilrai | 14 agosto 2017

Currently, my once weekly commute from San Diego to Hanford CA is not possible because of the lack of charging spots near Hanford. The apartment complex in Hanford and the hospital I work at don't offer charging solutions. Charging options in the Central Valley are minimal unless you live in Fresno.

I do see a supercharger opening up off the 99 in Bakersfield by the end of 2017 that may be helpful.

I am thinking that maybe getting the standard battery and keeping it as a San Diego only car Is best. Continue using ICE for the work commutes until the supercharger/urban networks expand.

andy.connor.e | 14 agosto 2017

My suggestion is if you can, get the bigger battery. The car will be more valuable to you for a longer period of time, given that you wont feel a push to upgrade your range in the future. Obviously batteries will get better, but at least for now, 10 years down the road you wont have to look at ~10% reduction in range, falling under 200 miles per charge.

KP in NPT | 14 agosto 2017

@sohilrai - How much driving do you do while in Hanford? If you charged up the long range battery at Buttonwillow, that would give you plenty for your return plus a good amount of miles while there. There are chargers on plugshare (both public and at private homes) you could use in a pinch.

sohilrai | 14 agosto 2017

@KP- I would say about 6 miles/day x 7 days.

From Buttonwillow would be another 90-95 miles. I might be able to make it work. I work night shifts which brings another issue into the mix. Where would I charge on return? Would I be able to make it back to Buttonwillow?

CraigW | 14 agosto 2017

Having used Plugshare extensively in my travels outside the supercharger network, I can say many Tesla owners do belong to Plugshare - I do.

I guess it is my 'burden' to constantly remind people that Teslas do not require superchargers to travel long distance. New Mexico does have Plugshare locations along the major roads. You can branch out from their to your favorite 'lost' area - it is really helpful to have the larger battery in this case. The key is to 'smell the flowers' and don't be in such a hurry that you miss all the beauty of this state - this helps your kWh usage also.

KP in NPT | 14 agosto 2017

@sohilrai - with the larger (310) battery, yes, that would be plenty to do your normal driving and make it back to button willow. :)

And don't forget - you can plug in anywhere - even a trickle charge with a regular 110v outlet will more than cover your daily driving while at work. You could even make it work with the smaller battery depending on if you were to use some of the options I see on PlugShare.

Since your CURRENT situation, which is a regular one, would be much more convenient with the larger battery, I'd go for that if you can swing it. I have a long commute to work which requires supercharging and am getting the long range battery - I do it now in our 70D but my charging time will be greatly reduced with the larger battery. Maybe go into and try plugging in a 60D (close to base 3 range) and a 90D and see what the difference is. (it won't be exact compared to a 3, but close.)

BTW I would start lobbying your work to install a public charger. So many hospitals have them, I'm surprised yours doesn't.

barryviator | 22 agosto 2017

Lafayette, La....
plz just put one in Lafayette, La...
got one in Alexandria, La with population of (-5)...
Why not Lafayette, La which is on par with New Orleans, La

andy.connor.e | 22 agosto 2017

If you do long trips alot, long range battery will be necessary. Not only for convenience of stopping less, but over time the battery will degrade. So it will prolong the date when you'll "need" to replace the battery. In otherwords, it will reduce the speed at which the cars range becomes obsolete with future battery technology.

Iwantmy3 | 22 agosto 2017

2017 build map from Tesla shows 18 new supercharger sites this year in Ontario, Canada. So far, nothing being built and no permits. Doesn't look promising. :-(