Winter mileage drop for X

Winter mileage drop for X

Hello MX owners, I am considering to purchase an MX after my test drive yesterday. However I live in MA where winters can be very cold. I have some concerns about the cold weather affect on the range of the vehicle. The sales person said it would me minimal and said he has various suggestions to improve it. However, I was wondering if any of the owners about how much of a mileage drop they experienced in their first winter. We have a winter home in VT which is about 185 miles (one way) from our home. Would we be able to make to there? I will obviously look for superchargers in the area, etc. but if I cannot reach there without supercharging, then that is not good. Some articles on the net says it cuts down by 50%. I would appreciate any comments to help me make my decision.


inconel | 12 agosto 2017

In my experience there is about 30% loss when it gets really cold. With a 100 kWh battery you should be fine. You might also have to drive slower (65 mph) to make it.

rich.j | 12 agosto 2017

Last winter I had about a 10-14% drop in range during the really cold Chicago winter. I drove slower to help improve range. My drive up to our second home in Kohler Wisconsin is about 135 miles with one quick 15 minute stop at a supercharger in Kenosha. Usually get back home with 20% left in the battery. I'd say if you have only 185 miles one way and an option to charge at your winter home you'd be good to go! Plus you can drive in range mode to help too. I haven't but it's an option. Hope this helps!

Triggerplz | 13 agosto 2017

Sounds like a 3 hour drive if you do have to stop to be safe you will only need maybe 15 minutes of supercharging and you can get a nice stretch and bathroom break

jbdvm1988 | 13 agosto 2017

The only concern I might add is if the vehicle is parked outside there is an added loss to heat the battery as you drive. In Michigan I've experienced a 50% range decrease until the battery must be at a good temperature and then closer to 20% range decrease

canbonbon | 13 agosto 2017

Thank you all. I was considering MX75D but now I think I should consider 100D. Although there are 2-3 superchargers on the way (if I go different route), so that might surely help. The would be standing outside in VT (for now) because although there is a garage, its filled with crap. I was planning on having it cleaned up and install a charger. But due to very old electricity connections, it would be something I would be engaging an electrician to do next summer (don't want to do it right now *before* I have bought the car). So now I have some thinking to do.

Does anyone know if 100D is just longer range or does it come with any other extras? Its $20K more unfortunately :(

rich.j | 14 agosto 2017

Only in America! The 100grand car is standing outside and all the worthless crap is protected in the garage. Makes sense.

Solarman004 | 14 agosto 2017

@canbonbon, one more data point for you. I have a 75D in Colorado, living above 7000 feet. My winter driving is mostly in local foothills, but we do mountain driving 3 or 4 times for skiing.
I used the trip meters to measure performance in summer and winter. After 12 months, my averages are 292 Wh/mile in summer and 330 in winter. Total average is 307 Wh/mile.
The tips that best improve the winter efficiency are a) use seat warmers, not cabin heat as much as possible. Try to never use rear heater-- poor performance and large drain. b) on cold days, start off in Range Mode until battery warms up-- especially for short local runs. c) Clear the crap!-- park inside. d) Charge right after you finish a drive while the battery is warm. Stop 10 percent below your desired state of charge and top off in the morning to heat the battery.
A 100D would be excellent, but we've never regretted getting the 75D.

Leli001 | 14 agosto 2017

Good advice, @Solarman.

I think parking inside the garage is a very important point. The car and interior could be several degrees warmer than it is outside, so the battery and the cabin would take much less energy to warm up. Pre-warming the cabin helps too (when it is plugged in).