Opti-Coat Plus

Opti-Coat Plus

Is anyone planning on getting this done on their Model 3? I'm thinking about getting it done when I get mine, but would like to know what people think about it. Has anyone gotten it done for their S or X? Is it worth it? I heard it's supposed to help with bugs, water stain and keep your car looking nice and shiny.

You know of a good place to take it to in the Bay Area?

AlMc | 17 agosto 2017

I had it put on both my Ss. After 3 years the paint appears 'showroom' fresh. I live in an area where we do get snow and the roads are treated with sand/salt. I have used a commercial car wash in the winter.

I am very happy with it. These are the first cars I ever put any protective coating on and I am impressed.

As to who in the Bay Area can apply...No help. I live own the east coast. | 17 agosto 2017

I'm going with Cquartz Finest over Opticoat Plus. From the research i've done, they're both great products with different strengths. One thing I like about Cquartz is that the company is more discerning about authorized shops.

Pkalhan | 17 agosto 2017

I will be getting X-pel Ultimate Paint Protection film for the front end (full hood, bumper, and such) of my Model 3 and then have Opti-Coat Pro Plus applied on top of that and all over the car. Like @AIMc stated, it will give the car a showroom finish for a very long time.

ejunk | 17 agosto 2017

@Pkalhan: what does the X-pel protect? Water? Does it protect from rocks hitting your hood? How much is it for the X-pel?

Pkalhan | 17 agosto 2017

@Myejunk, yes, it protects from rock chips and other items that can scratch you car.

It is also supposed to be self healing depending on how deep the scratch is. This is why I am putting it on at the front of the car. I figure that is where most objects will be landing.

As far as cost, I am not sure. They have a website that shows the different cost of their kits depending on the car you select. They did not have the Model 3 on there yet so I am not sure. I am hoping for what I want done, it will be around $1,500 (from what I understand it is more expensive that Opti-Coat) + another $1,000 for Opti-Coat...then I am cruisin!

Please note, that there are other paint protect films also that may be a bit cheaper. Suntech makes them also though theirs, from what I hear, is thinner but shiner. The X-Pel is a bit thicker so it would probably protect the car more.

ejunk | 17 agosto 2017

@Pkalhan: I guess while I wait for the car I can do some research. The most I've been seeing online that people have used are opti coat plus and x-pel. I'm assuming the opti coat plus is much shinier than the opti coat, right?

Which place would you guys recommend from the Bay Area?

Pkalhan | 17 agosto 2017

@Myejunk: opti coat plus will be shiner, but will also be a couple bucks more too.

As for as the Bay Area goes, I went on Opti-Coats website for you and here is a place I found in SF (not sure how far it is from you)...

Autobody Detail Specialist

211 Industrial St
San Francisco, California 94124
Ph: 650.455.8690

dl1972 | 17 agosto 2017

If i were you, i'd get the paint protection film first. Then have cquartz or opticoat applied. PPF is a must for rock chips, etc. PPF is more expensive as opticoat is just a coating that goes on which will wear off over time and need to be applied again. I'm not knocking opticoat, it's just not going to protect your front end like you think it may.

Fredbob711 | 17 agosto 2017

The paint protection film is a high priority thing for me with my Model 3, probably even higher than getting a NEMA outlet installed in our garage (my commute is 8 miles, a standard 110V outlet will work at first).

That 8 mile commute takes me right past a landfill with dump trucks going in and out on a regular basis. I don't always see them, but they definitely leave enough rocks laying on the road that I'm really worried about that big blank front end on the 3 getting seriously dinged up within a couple weeks of me owning it.

JPPTM | 17 agosto 2017

Yes, OptiCoat is great. Go see Joe @ OCDetailing in Fremont. He has done over 2000 (yes, 2000) Teslas to date.

crazy canaler | 17 agosto 2017

About how much does this OptiCoat cost? | 17 agosto 2017

I had Opticoat Pro done by Distinctiv Detailing,
Johnny Wong

Pleased with the result. Had it done 3 years ago.

RedShift | 17 agosto 2017

I am doing opticoat by myself right now. I removed the swirls and corrected small chips with Dr ColorChip and applied Optimum Gloss Coat (opticoat's new name). I applied 2 coats while I was at it.
It looks awesome. Very, very easy to apply, actually. Follow YouTube videos.

Mapowing | 17 agosto 2017

Need clarification, please!?

So use wax/liquid (Opticoat, Cquartz) FIRST on the paint,
THEN apply the PPF such as Xpel, Suntek??

rxlawdude | 17 agosto 2017

@Redshift, Optigloss is crap. Won't last a year.

Painful lesson for me.

Pkalhan | 18 agosto 2017

@Mapowing, you will want to apply the PPF (Xpel or Suntek) first then the Opticoat.

dl1972 | 18 agosto 2017

@Pkalhan is correct. Prep the car, then PPC, then Opticoat

dd.micsol | 18 agosto 2017

My uncle uses clear nail polish-buys it in 5 gallon buckets. 3 coats of it. Works really well with a good. Never had a problem and cars still look new. Don't even need to wax it.

dd.micsol | 18 agosto 2017

forgot spray nozzle-
works really well with a good spray nozzle....

Carl Thompson | 18 agosto 2017

"My uncle uses clear nail polish-buys it in 5 gallon buckets. 3 coats of it. Works really well with a good. Never had a problem and cars still look new. Don't even need to wax it."

More power to your uncle for finding a technique that works for him but I will absolutely _NOT_ be doing that to my Tesla!


Rocky_H | 18 agosto 2017

@pkalhan and others:
"you will want to apply the PPF (Xpel or Suntek) first then the Opticoat."

Really? I've seen that from other people before too, and it makes no sense to me. I would think that a sprayed/wiped on liquid coating would need to bond directly to the paint (or clearcoat). And then you would put a layer of wrap film over that for the external physical barrier.

Since the liquid coating is not a physical protection, I would think that rock chips would be cutting right through the external Opti-coat, opening holes in it and making it ineffective, if the wrap is underneath it.

Help explain this, as it doesn't seem to make scientific sense at all.

Pkalhan | 18 agosto 2017

HI @Rocky_H. from the one of the installer I spoke to in my area, he stated the following...

"In our experience we DO NOT RECOMMEND applying sealants to the parts of the car that will be covered with film. The low surface energy of these high end paint sealant products will cause adhesion problems both during installation and over the life of the paint protection film product. In addition, it is worth noting that there is really no benefit to applying a sealant to the paint before the film anyway. Since the film would cover the coating, the coating would be useless at this point."

I hope that helps.

michael | 18 agosto 2017

What about cleaning, etc. with film and/or ceramic coatings? Any special considerations?

michael | 18 agosto 2017

Also - I'm considering ceramic coating the wheels as well. Not only additional protection but much easier to hose-off dirt, etc.

rgrant | 18 agosto 2017

@dd.micsol - must take him ages with the tiny brush! ;)

rxlawdude | 18 agosto 2017

Just musing here, but the cost of Opticoat Pro, cQuartz, and/or PPF will cost a significant percentage of the value of the vehicle. It is less of an issue when someone pays $2,500 for this on a $150,000 P100D (i.e., <2% of vehicle's new cost), but paying $2500 to protect a $35,000 vehicle (i.e., 7-8%)?

RedShift | 18 agosto 2017


"@Redshift, Optigloss is crap. Won't last a year.

Painful lesson for me."

My previous coats lasted at least 2 years. Since I am doing double coats this time, it will likely last 2-3 years. I've had very good experience with mine, despite using motorized car washes almost always!

In fact due to previous opti coats I had a tough time removing the swirls. The swirls weren't corrected the very first time opti coat was applied (again, by me) so they got 'encased' :-)

rxlawdude | 18 agosto 2017

Thanks, @Redshift. Maybe the double coat is the secret. At this pount, I just use MacGuires polymer "wax."

ejunk | 18 agosto 2017

What's the difference between opti coat plus and c. quartz?

JA_AutoSpa | 27 agosto 2017

The common thing most people is to install the PPF on the front end of the car (hood, fenders, mirrors, headlights, other high traffic areas) and have the entire car coated with a ceramic coating. Depending on the brand of ceramic coating they last 2-3 years but much of that is dependent on if their maintained correctly (no automatic car washes!!!). So while the PPF protects against rock chips and scrapes, the ceramic coating protects against scratches, dirt, and water. Both work together really well

cquail | 28 agosto 2017

Our Model 3 will have a glass roof. I assume no protective coating should be used on it.

I used opti-coat on our Model S. Two years later it still looks nice, but I have a number of rock chips on the front end.

dd.micsol | 28 agosto 2017

@rgrant-5 gallon buckets - 2 of them is spray painted on. Brushing.. come on.