Included charger left plugged in outside 365?

Included charger left plugged in outside 365?

Considering my charging options. I am looking at exterior options as I do not park in my garage. If I get a 14/50 installed on an outside wall can I simply keep the included charger plugged in all the time and just coil the cord on a wall mounted bracket like a garden hose? I live in NJ so weather is a factor year round. I have to assume the cord is meant for exterior use, but is permanent mounting (plugging) OK?

gar1116 | 19 agosto 2017

I'm over the border in Bucks County Pa. I have the same concern.

RichardKJ | 19 agosto 2017

I do that with my S. In fact I bought a garden hose wall bracket to hold the cord.

dd.micsol | 20 agosto 2017

Tesla wall charger works fine in all weather outside. My wall charger is mounted outside so others can use it if pinched in distance. 3 Vermont winters with no issues. Solar/wind/water powered and 3 powerwalls of stored energy.
Just upgraded from 2 to 3 powerwalls-model 3s are coming.

CV63 | 20 agosto 2017

Is that the actual wall charger? We are asking about leaving the cable that comes with the car plugged in to a 14/50 receptacle on an outside wall.

carlk | 20 agosto 2017

You should avoid outside outlet that will see whether. That likely will not pass your local code either. Like dd.micsol said Tesla HPWC should work fine. I've seen many of them installed at destinations.

PaceyWhitter | 20 agosto 2017

You can plug it in outside as long as you use a covered rainproof enclosure. They make them for RVs. Careful when buying one though. The UMC plug is big due to the adapter (assuming the 3 gets the same UMC as the S). So you need a large one.

jordanrichard | 20 agosto 2017

The OP is not asking about the HPWC, but a standard 14-50 outlet. However, the HPWC can be left outside as it is. A 14-50 outlet would need to be in a weather proof box.

The cable can handle the weather conditions. I would just have the connector pointed downwards to prevent water/snow etc. from getting into it.

carlk | 20 agosto 2017

Yes I know but cost of HPWC is pretty reasonable not to mention you can leave the UMC in the trunk to take with you on trips. I'd go this route if I were in that situation. HPWC looks nice too.

mikdot | 20 agosto 2017

You can get a HPWC off ebay. I think I picked mine up new in the box for about $400.00, and there made to be mounted outside. I'm going to leave the UMC in the car for charging at work and for trips. I'd go this rout reather than use a NEMA 14-50 in an outside cover and buying a second UMC.

CV63 | 20 agosto 2017

Plus the nema 14-50 is about $80, So the delta isn't too large If the wall charger can be had for ~$400

PhillyGal | 20 agosto 2017

If this were the case, I'd spring for a HPCW to leave your UMC in the car and out of the elements. Either way you go, make sure your source of electricity is in an outdoor-rated cover.

PhillyGal | 20 agosto 2017

@gar - Hi neighbor! I'm in NE Philly.

CV63 | 20 agosto 2017

Is it realistic to close the garage door on the charging cable, or is it too thick?. I could mount the 14-50 on the inside wall between bays and still charge the car outside. Basic sheet metal garage door. Not insulated, so very light. I think the automatic door opener has an adjustment for the door closing distance. Rubber gasket on bottom of door. Hmmmmm......I think it might be a solution. Anyone try that approach?

lilbean | 20 agosto 2017

That sounds like a better solution,CV63 since I would worry about it being stolen. Maybe you could cut a piece of PVC pipe to protect the part of the cable the door would shut on.

gar1116 | 20 agosto 2017

Hey PhillyGal!
To all, stupid question: What is a HWPC? Is that the wall chatger? Not the NEMA 14-50 outlet?

Frank99 | 20 agosto 2017

The HPWC is the Tesla "High Performance Wall Connector" (Now just the "Wall Connector").

It's not a charger (the charger is built into your car), it's simply a fancy way to get the 240V out of the wall and into your car. Tesla charges the same for it as it does for a Mobile Connector (a "smart" cable that goes from e.g. a 14-50 outlet to your car).
The Mobile connector comes with multiple outlet adapters letting you plug into a standard household 120V outlet, or a 240V 14-50 dryer outlet. Additional adapters are available.

Both of them provide the function of connecting your car to a 240V source

Sandy’s 3 | 20 agosto 2017

The 14-50 is normally an electric stove outlet. An electric dryer is normally a 14-30.

Carl Thompson | 20 agosto 2017

"Is it realistic to close the garage door on the charging cable, or is it too thick?."

I do exactly this with my EVSE cable since my small garage is now a storage / laundry / exercise room and there isn't any room for my cars. The wall unit is inside the garage but the cable always stays outside. No issues at all even when it rains.


Carl Thompson | 20 agosto 2017


There's just enough gap underneath my garage door for the thick cable.


gar1116 | 21 agosto 2017

Thanks Frank99.

CV63 | 21 agosto 2017

Thanks people for the feedback. Simulated the cable under the door and it works without having to adjust anything. Just need to find a gasket for the sill to avoid a gap.

topher | 21 agosto 2017

If I were doing a permanent outdoor charging station, I would use a hard wired, code compliant, installation. Plugs for high wattage systems, connected long term, in the elements make me nervous.

Thank you kindly.

r.beeshaw | 21 agosto 2017

I'm looking at the same scenario. I'm outside the Toronto area and currently renting a house with no garage or car port, so my thoughts right now are purely on the 'how to charge' - expecially during the winter months. Theres a standard outlet on the side of the house where I park, but I don't think my landlord will see the 'benefit' of allowing me to install a dedicated outlet.

I'm hoping my workplace does though, so I can charge daily while at work, and then top up if/when needed on the weekends at home.

dd.micsol | 21 agosto 2017

Tesla wall charger doesn't have an outlet. It's hard wired with throw off/shutoff just inside the garage wall. The nema on the outside is playing with fire seriously. wall charger-no problem.

gar1116 | 21 agosto 2017

So if it'll fit under the garage door, you'd be good with a NEMA 14-50 and run it outside.

gar1116 | 21 agosto 2017

* run the cable.

CV63 | 21 agosto 2017

@gar that's my plan now. Saving $500

reed_lewis | 21 agosto 2017

I have always wondered why people store junk in their garage and leave their second most expensive purchase (a car) outside in the weather....

Just get rid of the junk and park the car in the garage.

Electric_Sheeple | 21 agosto 2017

What kind of charger will the M3 come with? Will it charge as fast as the HPWC ?

Electric_Sheeple | 21 agosto 2017

What kind of charger will the M3 come with? Will it charge as fast as the HPWC ?

Beef Jerky | 21 agosto 2017

Included charger left plugged in outside 365.... What's the replacement cost after it gets stolen?

r.beeshaw | 21 agosto 2017


When charging it's 'locked' in the charge port of the Tesla.

When not charging - just unplug and toss it in the trunk.

If you're planning on leaving it plugged in outside 24/7, buy a locking/weatherproof cover for the outlet.

ramihanna616 | 21 agosto 2017

Just dont leave it out in the sun without a special sun shade during a solar eclipse. It will fry all of the electrical components and leave you blind for life.

gar1116 | 21 agosto 2017

@reed_lewis: My wife's car has control of the garage. I'm in the driveway.

SUN 2 DRV | 21 agosto 2017

Wall Connector:
"Designed for indoor or outdoor installation"
"The Wall Connector is approved for outdoor use, but it is not designed for complete immersion in liquid. Protection from rain is recommended but not required."

Mobile Connector:
"Do not use the Mobile Connector when either you, the vehicle or the Mobile Connector is exposed to severe rain, snow, electrical storm or other inclement weather.
Warning: Protect the Mobile Connector from moisture, water and foreign objects at all times. If any exist or appear to have corroded or damaged the Mobile Connector, do not use the Mobile Connector.
Warning: If rain falls during charging, do not allow rain water to run along the length of charge cable, causing the electrical outlet or charging port to become wet."

gar1116 | 21 agosto 2017

SUN 2 DRV - Thanks. It sounds to me the best idea is to have a NEMA 14-50 INSIDE the garage (and mobile connector) and run the cable under the garage door to the car.