M3 hatchback???

M3 hatchback???

Does anybody know if they plan to make an option of a hatchback on the M3 as promised? In my opinion the current trunk configuration is inadequate. I like the layout of the MS and the increasing volume of CPO MS making my decision even more complicated. The wait for the MY crossover is not an option. Is there any talk on when the model threes will be going to the showrooms on the East Coast?

eeb9 | 21 agosto 2017

I don't know of any promise to make the Model 3 a hatch, though many of us (myself included) REALLY WANTED ONE.

but no, it doesn't seem to be in the cards.

Tâm | 21 agosto 2017


As @eeb9 said, Model 3 has never been designed for a hatchback and there has never been any promise of an S/X equivalency in this regard.

You can put in your design request for Model Y though.

sosmerc | 21 agosto 2017

I too was hoping for a hatchback similar to my Volt, but I guess we'll have to wait for the Y. But the pictures I have seen make the trunk opening look pretty decent on the maybe we can live with it. The TM3 is really a nice looking car and it has pretty good use of available space. (thanks to its width).

carlk | 21 agosto 2017

Never heard of hatchback promised on the model 3. Very unlikely it will ever happen. Model S is your only option if you definitely want a hatchback and can't wait for the model Y.

jordanrichard | 22 agosto 2017

eyeimager1, where did you hear Elon or anyone at Tesla, say the M3 was going to be a hatchback? You want a hatchback version of the M3? Wait for the Model Y.