Model 3 Depreciation Estimate

Model 3 Depreciation Estimate

Apologies if already posted. I did not see it anywhere and thought I would share.

Vice President of Data Science at Autolist, Alex Klein, wrote in an email to Electrek: “Derived using the Model S, its peer group, and corresponding entry level competitor pricing data, our forecast projects a best-in-class depreciation curve for the Model 3, with the vehicle losing only 29% of its value after 50k miles and 50% of its value after 100k miles”

Now, if Mr. Klein could give us an indication for whether the depreciation rate for the 50kw and 75kw are the same THAT would really help a guy out. | 22 agosto 2017

Actually over the next 6 months there could be appreciation - as the demand is so high, that some people are willing to buy a used 3 at more than the new price (and have to wait 18 months).