I put off retirement by 12 months so I could bank enough cash to buy a model 3, and will never sell will have to share it when I pass
Delivery in Jan to March 2018
Can't decide on color, but have options determined
I own One BMW M235i Convertible, And lease an X3 and 4 series for my wife
My new Model 3 will be my favorite......I can't wait!

Tâm | 25 agosto 2017


Since you are going to retire soon, would you please choose black so you don't have to pay another $1,000 for other colors?

gjurkov44 | 25 agosto 2017

I won't take black...White, midnite or blue

Tâm | 25 agosto 2017


There are only 6 colors to choose:

From left to right: Solid Black, Red Multi-Coat, Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, Pearl White Multi-Coat, Silver Metallic

So the only ones left to decide for you are:

Red Multi-Coat


Silver Metallic

Is that right?

I'll take red. It's easier to spot in a parking lot! | 26 agosto 2017

As a bonus, the Red is $500 cheaper than the red on the Model S/X!

Tesla2018 | 26 agosto 2017

Just make sure that you make enough in 2018 to take the tax credit. Im just hoping that I dont get laid off at the end of the year and have no income tax liability in 2018 when my car arrives. I know I can take money out of my IRA to offset it but Im not 59 1/2 until 2019 so a 10% penalty would apply and I would rather use all my savings first and take the minimum amount out of the IRA each year that I could without having to pay taxes if I retire at 60 and then wait until 70 to start getting social security. Its also possible to put IRA deductible funds into a Roth and pay taxes now and have it tax free when you take it out. But I made the mistake of doing that when I got laid off before and was in a lower tax bracket and most of the stocks in my IRA went under except Tesla so I paid taxes on the money I put in and now the account is worth about 90 percent less than what I started with.

bmz | 26 agosto 2017

gjurkov44: Tesla2018 make some good points. I am retired and not having enough income tax is a significant issue for me.

Let me add some points. Most people these days tend to overestimate their expenses in retirement. My retirement income is actually a little less than I had planned. Nonetheless, my income: Social Security, IRA and stock dividends actually gives me more cash flow than I can reasonably spend (even giving my kids $1000 for each of their birthdays--I would like to take more international vacations; but my other half is a stick in the mud). It has taken me about a year to save up the cost of my M3 just out of those sources (even just taking the minimum required distribution from my IRA).

bmz | 26 agosto 2017 "As a bonus, the Red is $500 cheaper than the red on the Model S/X!"

Is the red you are talking about the base red, or is it the "signature red"?

Bighorn | 26 agosto 2017

I saved 15% on my car insurance.

deemo | 26 agosto 2017


If you are in a 401K you are ok, but not if in IRA. If you retire between age 55 to 59 1/2 - most 401(k) plans allow for penalty-free withdrawals.  To use this 401(k) retirement age 55 provision your employment must have ended no earlier than the year in which you turn age 55, and you must leave your funds in the 401(k) plan to access them penalty-free. This does not apply to IRAs which require you to be 59 1/2 to not have the penalty.

I plan to retire at the end of the year.

Tesla2018 | 26 agosto 2017

deemo- If you start taking it out at 55 arent you required to take it out based on your life expectancy each year and are not able to change it and take more out later. I had an inherited IRA from a parent and in 2011 was told that I had to take it out before 5 years or do a one time lump sum payment. I took out 20% out the first year and planned to do the same each year after. Then they changed the laws and now I have to take a minimum amount each year based on life expectancy so it doent bump up my tax bracket.. But I can take out the entire amount at anytime but then would have to pay taxes at a much higher rate. They keep changing the tax laws so can you take the full amount of a 401K plan out at 59.5 years of age if you started at 55 or are you stuck with only being able to take the minimum for the rest of your life?

Haggy | 26 agosto 2017

My father retired and got the last car he ever planned to buy almost 30 years ago. I can't recall how many cars he got since then, but I think several were his "last car." I think it was at least four cars ago. Now that the Model 3 is coming out I'm almost sure that he would get one if not for the wait.

Black is supposed to be a good color for old retired people. My grandmother had a neighbor many decades ago whose husband died. He had a Cadillac with perhaps a few thousand miles on it. The widow sold it for $200. I asked my grandmother why she didn't tell me about the car and her answer was, "It's black! That's no color for a young man. That's an old man's car."

ölbrenner | 26 agosto 2017

A specific caveat to the post-age 55 penalty free 401k withdrawal:
You can draw penalty free funds ONLY if your employment ends with your current employer after your 55th birthday, and then ONLY from the 401k you have with that employer. Not from 401k's you have had with previous employers.

That said, I rolled my 401k's with previous employer's into my current employer's 401k plan. And I just passed age 55 at said employer. So I am good to go penalty free, before the normal age 59 1/2 401k penalty free age.

Check with your tax consultant ykwpmmv etc.