When they announced the 0-60 times I didn't think much of it. Today I was stopped in my Sonata at a red light and was like "let's time this 0-60". Needless to say I stopped at 10 seconds and didn't think anything of it. Half that time in the M3 is going to be sweeeeeeeeeet.

sroh | 23 settembre 2017

Very envious of the S/X households! We have a M3 coming and I'm trying to talk my wife into either a S or X as the other. She is balking at the cost.

MarylandS85 | 23 settembre 2017

If you do buy an S or X, you’ll bump toward the front of the line for your 3. If you want. Of course, that might be a bad thing for your wallet.

stevenroglen | 24 settembre 2017

Well the X seems like more of a pipe dream now. Once we thought about it, it’s still really expensive. We could afford it, but it would be wildly irresponsible. I’m going to be on the prowl for an S though. Most likely going CPO S85