Solar Roof Sweden

Solar Roof Sweden

Hi, i would like to order the Tesla solar roof since we are going to change roof anyway. I would like to get in contact with Tesla to find out if they can deliver during 2018? I would prefer the Slate tiles and two power walls. I would like to get a price quote to see how much it will cost compared to a regular roof. I tried filling in the form for them to contact me by phone but no one has called and that was more than a week ago. Any information and help to get in contact with Tesla about an ETA and a quote for the solar root in Sweden would help. My thoughts is to get the Tesla car after the solar roof is in place. Thanks!

jeff | 29 settembre 2017

I'm in Seattle, WA and have been on the list for PowerWall 2 since it was announced, and pretty much right after Solar Roof was available for deposit. So far the communication I've had with Tesla has been at my inquiry and not much detail has been available.

I'm excited to move forward once Tesla is ready, and hopefully you'll have your roof in the time you need. It'd be such a shame to replace the roof with traditional materials when Solar Roof is a better product. Is there any chance you can do a small repair to extend your timeline if Tesla is outside of 2018 for Sweden?

Tesla-David | 6 giugno 2018

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