Keep looking at headrest and wondering are they adjustable. Can’t locate a button in posted pictures that is usually depressed to raise/lower headrest. Surely the headrest is adjustable.

stockbandit91 | 21 settembre 2017

If the headrests are manually adjusted, frequently the button is hidden when the headrest is fully in the down position, but your finger is able to get in between the seat top and base of the headrest and push the button to bring it up.

nailsmails | 21 settembre 2017

Given that I have two young children that plan to occupy my future M3 back seat, I sincerely hope those headrests adjust vertically on two support rods. I need to mount them kids tablets somewhere. | 21 settembre 2017

On the model S/X there is no button for the headrest adjust. It automatically adjusts with the seat front-back position, and I think the recent software update allows manual control from the screen. Position can be saved with the driver profile. If adjustable in the 3, seems likely it will work the same way. This also may be a Premium feature (i.e. 12-way power adjustable seats).

JerrySnow | 5 aprile 2018

I agree

JerrySnow | 5 aprile 2018

It is the most comfortable car that I know. Mask knows what he does! I'm sure that these professionals also the best in their sphere.

rmg007 | 5 aprile 2018

The owner's manual states the head rests are not adjustable