Tinted windows on MX in California

Tinted windows on MX in California

Can you get tinted windows (back and/or front doors) on the MX when you order from the factory? Anyone know about the window tinting regulations in California?

lilbean | 1 ottobre 2017

Tesla will not tint front windows. Front window tint is not legal in California. The rear windows come very dark from the factory and don't need tinting.

Civilpe | 1 ottobre 2017

If you do decide to add tint to front windows and get caught, you will need to remove it as a fix it ticket. Tinting the front windows blocks the view of a police officer when approaching the vehicle.

mathwhiz | 2 ottobre 2017

+1 @lilbean

mathwhiz | 2 ottobre 2017

Tesla loaned me a MX while mine was in service that had the rear window tinted by the previous owner... It was so bloody dark, I couldn't see diddly-squat in the rearview. :-(

So again I say ... +1 @lilbean.

stiches | 2 ottobre 2017

Thanks all.....much appreciated! | 2 ottobre 2017

Actually in California you are allowed to tint the top 4" of the front windshield. Of course this regulation was created before the super large X windshield, so it doesn't make much sense to do 4" overhead.

lilbean | 2 ottobre 2017

:o) mathwhiz

Ninefiveone | 2 ottobre 2017

The regulations on tinting in CA are clear, but I see enough people with tint (front side windows in particular) to know it's not heavily enforced.

If someone is looking for a reason to pull you over, tint gives them a legit reason to do so. If someone is looking to throw the book at you, tint is an easy add-on ticket.

If you're minding your own business and driving in a responsible manner, I don't think illegal tint will cause you problems.

lilbean | 2 ottobre 2017

Getting ticketed depends on the officer. Most officers have better things to do. It depends on how busy a city is. My friend got a ticket in Palos Verdes for window tint on the front windows. I drive by officers all the time and I haven't been pulled over for it. They don't even pull me over for my missing front plate.

Triggerplz | 2 ottobre 2017

California is tough on window tints, my state allows a medical exemption for window tints, I have a window tint waiver from the DMV ....

carlk | 2 ottobre 2017

In a Tesla and not overdo it (~>45) I don't think cops will bother you. They got more important things to do. I've never had problem with mine. BTW my tinter measured the factory tint on rear windows and told me it's about 10%, almost like limousine tint (5%).

emmonsmichellelynne | 21 ottobre 2017

I never realized California was so extreme about window tint! Maryland law is 40%, and when I saw an example it seems very light. What's the darkest anyone has put on the windshield? I've seen it tinted in a photo, definitely darker than 40, and have to say it looked amazing. But I'm definitely concerned about being able to see at night. Anyone have any experience with this or recommendations?

emmonsmichellelynne | 21 ottobre 2017

This page has the picture of the MX tinted everywhere, including the entire windshield. I think it looks amazing, but that's gotta be 30% or lower, right? What percentage is a good idea if you want to be able to see well enough to drive?

ScooterJim | 22 ottobre 2017

I have mine front windshield tinted with a 70%. From the outside you can't tell it is tinted. I tinted the front windshield to reduce heat and IR rays. It works pretty good, The AC does not not have to work that hard. The front side windows are tinted to 30%, my state limit is 32% which means technically over the limit . The % tinted represents the amount of light allow to be transmitted. To reduce heat and IR more, I added a radiant barrier on top of the perforated cloth sun screen for the panoramic portion of the windshield.

dalexander1 | 23 ottobre 2017

I had 40% ceramic on front doors and from the top of the mirror mount to the top of the windshield. The bottom portion of the windshield, back doors and rear hatch got 78% on top of what was already there. Used the ceramic for heat reduction. It worked out very good, not a problem at night and great heat blocker. I know because when I had my 12.5K service I got a loaner just like mine and I really missed the tint for heat and light reduction.

Jazer | 5 settembre 2018

This Tesla Model 3: had MOTOSHIELD PRO NANO-CERAMIC TINT installed on it.

Blocks up to 99% of UV and IRR rays (heat) and has better performance ratings than 3M crystalline. They are based out of the Los Angeles area. Check their Tesla packages out here:

Just need to find a good installer and you can save yourself a lot of $$$. You are welcome Tesla Family :)