Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro

Am considering a Ceramic Pro treatment for my model S in Toronto and the installer referred by Ceramic Pro is Revive Auto Spa. Would welcome feedback from owners in Toronto who have gone with Ceramic Pro as also feedback on the installer (Revive Auto Spa) is used.

Many thanks! | 2 ottobre 2017

Excuse my typo - the closing sentence should read "... also feedback on the installer (Revive Auto Spa), if used."

Bob.Calvo | 2 ottobre 2017

I had the Ceramic Pro 9H treatment done as soon as I bought the car. It added an excruciating 10 days to the wait! Make sure that they allow it to cure sufficiently before you take it. I had multiple coats added, not just to the paint, but also to the wheels as well. It makes power washing the car a breeze and brake dust lifts right off. While I got the multi-coat treatment for a "lifetime" guarantee, my installer wanted another $200 a year later to add another coat. That ticked me off. Now at two and a half years, it still cleans up easy. I've never waxed the car. I may go back to the installer with my "lifetime" guarantee and push the point before this winter, but it's a burden to be without the car for any length of time.

ted | 2 ottobre 2017

I had ceramic pro done about 5 month ago, not happy. I had just done my wifes car with turtle wax ice, looked much
better then my beautiful red Tesla. I went over my Tesla with turtle wax ice, looks 100% better. I think we get caught
up in all this hype about finishes,sorry I spent the money on the Ceramic Pro, I think its a big hype.

Boron | 2 ottobre 2017

From what I read about the lifetime guarantee for the gold treatment, it is supposed to be inspected annually, within 30 days of the anniversary of the last inspection date, to maintain the warranty, or else it reverts to a 5 year warranty.

Boonedocks | 2 ottobre 2017

If you are NOT getting PPF as well you might be better served by getting PPF instead of CeramicPro. I have both but in my last Tesla I ended up covering the entire car after with PPF after few chips and scratches even tho it was coated.

jrk123k | 2 ottobre 2017

This is interesting timing - I just had PPF (all front surfaces and wheel wells) and Ceramic Pro installed on my 75D last week and picked it up today. I have to say that it looks incredibly shiny now with almost a mirror-like finish.

I am in Boston, MA area.

JayInJapan | 2 ottobre 2017

I had Ceramic Pro put on when new—works great. The car is easy to wash and keep shiny. I had 3 more coats added after 2 1/2 years. I think it’s worth the cost. It will not protect from rock dings though.

sr.smr | 3 ottobre 2017

I hand wash my car with cold water and dry with a chamois cloth and towels; no special wax, treatments, finishes or added protection of any kind. And as JaylnJapan says - it will not protect from rock dings. I have an Obsidian Black Model S and the built in paint glitter is very shiny when the car is clean. The only time I use wax is to remove road gunk or polish out an area that was covered in bird droppings. Nothing wrong with adding more shine, but I'm not sure that the wash and dry process is that much easier to justify the cost.

Anthony J. Parisio | 3 ottobre 2017

ted +1
I had two cars with ceramic coating but Turtle Ice is better for way less.

avesraggiana | 3 ottobre 2017

I have no experience with Turtle Ice and even though I paid to take a waxing and polishing class, and even bought a TORQ something-something, I don't really envision myself waxing and polishing my own car any time soon. Not really.

However, I did have our Model S coated with four layers of Ceramic Pro. I couldn't be more pleased! Not a scratch, not a swirl mark, the car still gleams sapphire-like, six months later. I hand wash it with hose water and a microfiber rag once a week. I'm pretty meticulous.

Now of course, said car is in the body shop undergoing repairs. I'll probably have to go back to my original detailer to get the Ceramic Pro applied to the new rear bumper. Grrrrr....

info | 24 aprile 2018

If you are going to get a Ceramic Coating on your car make sure its CERAMIC PRO and not another brand. Make sure the installer is certified. The product is amazing when put on correctly. Other ceramic coating products do not compare.

83SanDimas | 22 giugno 2018

I am picking up My Model X next week and have scheduled a full PPF wrap. With the full Paint Protective Film Wrap they apply Ceramic Pro Sport. If I maintain and wash my and reapply will it have the same quality and shine as a bronze or silver package? I am wrestling with the idea that ceramic on film is not the same as ceramic on paint.

Anyone have experience with the look of the different ceramic pro packages? Or ceramic pro sport?

ronolives | 3 luglio 2018

This Ceramic Pro treatment is one of the best choices in different car detailing services, there are many peoples who think about this service that it is not good for car health. But I most of the time I have taken this service from and my friends are also taking service you can also check this company service where all expert car detailer present. And mostly all are certified and professional in their work.

sophietst186169 | 19 dicembre 2019

I have Ceramic paint protection so even if she's filthy she looks shines and clean. I have taken it from Ceramic Pro

Wattkins | 20 gennaio 2020

Went with the lifetime option on our Model S and going to do the same on our X because of how pleased we are. A friend has both ppf and a ceramic coating and it looks great, has more of glass shine to it for sure. If would opt for ppf if we drove longer distances. Our installers were very knowledgable on all the different applications and options. There in Arizona, but I would still call with questions if you live elsewhere -

DBrohm | 21 gennaio 2020

I have the lifetime Ceramic Pro on my Model S and it's incredible. Depending on the age/condition of your car, get it color matches and take all the swirls, etc. our first. If it's done properly, CP is fantastic.