Consumer reports-FWD & fit and finish result in least reliable vehicle?!?

Consumer reports-FWD & fit and finish result in least reliable vehicle?!?

Take a look at this video from consumer reports. After listening to all the major transmission, clutch, drivetrain problems which give these other vehicles a very unreliable rating, consumer reports says the model X is the worst due to FWD and fit-and-finish. Really? How does fit and finish make a car unreliable? How do falcon wing door problems, most of which have been corrected by Tesla, make the model X the least reliable of all cars? I call BS on this consumer reports scientific nonsense.

The model S, which shares the same Drive unit and chassis platform, was rated better than average, yet model X, with the same chassis and drive unit, has no mention of these major components and is rated most unreliable simply due to FWD and fit-and-finish.

burdogg | 19 ottobre 2017

I know, I can't even drive my model X to the grocery store without someone staring at me - it is that bad - such a crappy unreliable car!

I think most know my stance of Crappy Reports by now.

Triggerplz | 19 ottobre 2017

In 18 months of driving my MX I've had the front shafts replaced and a door sensor replaced, would I consider that unreliable Aww Hell Naw

eric.zucker | 20 ottobre 2017

I've never been let down by my car in over a year of ownership. A couple issues were handled by the service center, but as they provide a loaner it has had zero impact.

Madatgascar | 20 ottobre 2017

No issues for us either, until my wife crashed it through the garage door. But, there were issues with many early cars, and as we all know, reliability ratings lag. I expect CR to reflect the improved reliability soon.

Sleepydoc1 | 20 ottobre 2017

Early Vin 50xx, 18 mos of ownership, 25,000 miles and never been stranded. Some sensors gave me issues early on, but all easily fixed while getting free miles on a loaner.

Sleepydoc1 | 20 ottobre 2017

Oh, also got a car wash every time with vacuum, and full charged battery. What dealer gives you a full tank of gas whenever you come in for repairs? Volvo used to give me a Yaris for 1 day and I had to pay for everything else. That was for turning in their top of the line XC90. A yaris? Really?

bdubl | 20 ottobre 2017

Consumer reports has only mentioned fit and finish but while waiting for my Model X to arrive I've joined a few different forums and Facebook groups to learn more about the vehicle and to keep me fulfilled while anxiously waiting for my X to arrive. There are many different issues being reported by people with these vehicles. From A/C issues to cars being stuck in park and requiring a tow to a host of other issues that other people are confirming they have experienced also.

If any of you are in the Tesla Model X Owners group on Facebook you'll see the woman showing her car she purchased on 9/27 that has had 16 service days over 3 weeks, others reporting vibration while driving at low and high speeds (not while changing lanes), and various other major issues that go beyond fit and finish.

Despite these issues people still love their vehicles and I while I hope I'm one of the lucky ones that get's a problem free X, these are not the issues that should be considered acceptable for any new car, not even considering the price tag being paid for these.

So I think while there is a lot to love about the cars, if you are aware of all these issues others are having with brand new cars, you have to be honest in saying that the bad press is justified and this is an area that Tesla can and needs to improve on.

Now I'll go back to refreshing to see if my VIN was assigned yet :)

lpjakob | 20 ottobre 2017

One must always consider the source and the total data set that is being used to come up with statistics to justify ratings. For MX which has world wide delivery of about 10K per quarter, a single quality issue will have a much greater impact of total percent reliability as compared to a vehicle which may be produced at 100K units per quarter. Also, if you look carefully at all the MX customers that are reporting problems and count unique individual users vs same person posting multiple times, it seems less than 100 vehicles are really having unique problems. Statistically, this represents 1% of newly produced vehicles per quarter having quality issues. Also, this does not take into account that Tesla's, unlike any ICE competitor, can clear 90% of all issues with a software upgrade over the air. I love cars but I hate repair visits so I am hoping that my new MX 100D delivered on 9/29 remains far after 1,200 miles, no problems other than HomeLink which was corrected with Software v 2017.38 f87c64d5 update. My 2016 Mercedes S550e with 8,400 hundred miles just went into repair because a check engine light came on with no error messages showing in the service computer. MB has had the car all day (checked in at 7:30am, got call at 5:45pm) and I was called this evening to be told they have no idea and will need to test further, will not have any further details until Monday...$120K MB, 8K miles and will be in the shop for four days before they can even figure out what is wrong with it...MX is looking good at this point. Oh, by the way, MB gives me a $35K C300 as a loaner to replace my S-class, not good.

TSammy | 20 ottobre 2017

It seems like every month or so someone gets on the forum with a comment like "waiting for my VIN to be assigned" and bemoans all the negative comments that they see posted herein. This leads to the worst kind of buyers remorse.
All these experts telling you how bad your experience will be, when you cannot even get your money back.


Most of the complainers do not understand the Tesla Model X.

It is the safest, most comfortable SUV you can own. It is beautiful and fun to drive. It will save your ass if a dump truck decides to drive over you at 70 mph. It is ultra quiet and does not smell up the atmosphere. It plays really cool Xmas music and actually knows how to dance.


You have to wait your turn. The factory computer can only make them as fast as they have parts, to put together for your unique order. Tesla employees cannot influence or even interpret this schedule. You will get an email when it is built so you can pay for it.
Then you will get delivery shortly after it is built at a variable time dependent on the unpredictable North American cartage system of trains and trucks. Tesla employees cannot decipher nor influence this schedule.
Once you get and drive your Model X, you will love it and not want to be without it. Mostly this will never be a problem. Falcon Wing Doors and fit and finish items do not usually affect drive-ability.
They will fix all the little stuff when you have your first real problem, just keep a list.


Read a book about N. Tesla, or one about E. Musk, then you can talk knowledgeably when asked questions by all the people that will be attracted to your beautiful car in the parking lots.
Clean and organize your garage. New Teslas love a nice environment.
Install your HPWC.
Get all of the storage and junk put up where it cannot fall on your pretty new aluminum car. Or scrape against it.
Visit Fremont and take a factory tour.


Silver2K | 21 ottobre 2017

Guys it's a car built by humans, not Gods. Tesla did not invent issues on vehicles, but they bend over backwards to make sure you are one happy customer when they are done.

MX75D VGK | 21 ottobre 2017

Got the car the afternoon of Friday, September 22, 2016. I used it for 4 weeks without any significant issues (other than homelink not working and charge cord not opening charge port – that mobile service said was a firmware/software issue that is being resolved; not so far though it has been 4 weeks now); and actually liked it – I was going to post on various forums that the bad issues stated may have been unfounded.

Yesterday I drove it around out of town and back; also charged it and all was well till I went to a friend’s place. While leaving around 10:15 pm as I approached the car, it unlocked and I got in. When I tried to open the driver side FWD it alarmed saying it cannot open as it needed calibration. I then tried to open the passenger side FWD – seemed it moved a bit and then alarmed similarly, but did not open. I had an older guest and had her sit in the front passenger seat while my wife had to crawl into the trunk (no other option to get into the car).

As I put the car into drive, it said it needed service; then it alarmed saying that steering assistance was reduced. I could not move the steering wheel at all; I could move the car forward and back a bit. Since I could not steer at all I had no option than to abandon the car and get a ride back home when I called Tesla.

The was EXTREMELY embarrassing; about 30 friends around, I have a car that cost 6-digits and within 4 weeks it is un-drivable! I have had 5 Lexus cars prior to this (3 currently ranging in age from 3 to 12 years) – NEVER any problem with any of them other than oil changes, brakes, tires, and batteries – normal were & tear. Now I spend this money and get a car that totally fails in 4 weeks!

Yesterday I read on forums that Consumer Reports has rated the Model X THE LEAST RELIABLE of all cars on the market – I was going to write back and completely dispute that; however, after this experience I COMPLETELY agree – the MX is VERY unreliable and possibly not fit or ready to be sold. (I know I may be venting but I am quite upset).

Called Tesla last night; all they said is they will have a ranger look at it on Monday. In the meantime they will have the car delivered to my house today and get me a rental car (that is not available till 8 tonight). (I have spent all morning on just this resolution)

(I now wonder if there is any way I can return the car; I am truly upset and feel I have been conned into a car unworthy of being on the roads at this stage in development; though I will say I loved it till last night. I believe I know the answer to this; hence I feel I was conned into a terrible deal).

Any suggestion would be much appreciated; but please do not shoot me down for complaining (I am just stating facts).

(I tried to start another thread on this forum but cannot seem to; hence I am posting in response to this one)

jwh8000 | 21 ottobre 2017

All they have to do is drive my X for a couple of days and I would have to fight to get back.

khanhvn | 21 ottobre 2017

@vk93447 - thank you for sharing your story. It sad to hear. I am waiting for my MX and wonder if I should change my purchase to a lease just in case.

To other MX owners, how are your FWD doors? Are they reliable ?

borodinj | 21 ottobre 2017

I don't dispute that the early build X's had fit and finish issues and FWD issues -- my car included. My neighbor just got a 100D and her car seems not to have these issues, so my guess is that Tesla has probably ironed out many of these gremlins.

My problem with CR isn't that they cite these problems, but that they ignore owner satisfaction -- which is extremely high for both the Model S and Model X. If a car has a few problems but the problems are well-addressed by the company such that owner satisfaction is extremely high, to me, that should play a part in overall reliability ratings.

me | 21 ottobre 2017

Well.... there's always one. Got my new 100D. In 22 days of ownership it's spent 9 in the service centre.
It's due back in next week to fix a new bug - wipers that don't wipe.

Build quality, fit and finish can only be described as dismal - the worst i've seen - and several aspects of seat and safety belt design beggar belief in their awfulness and lack of applicability for kids ... the only thing good about this car is the dealer's willingness to keep fixing it - but the charm of that will wear off soon.

I wish Ireland had a lemon law as this Model X is one.

bdubl | 21 ottobre 2017

@alex.sammy it seems like there are so many people that have drank so much of the Tesla Kool-aid that they want to pretend the real issues people are having with these vehicles are not happening. As you can see here it's not the experts saying you will have issues with your X. It is actual buyers both in this forum and many others reporting the numerous issues they are experiencing with these vehicles.

I suggest you get an understanding of what forums are designed for and you grab a book on how to interact and communicate with people effectively before you come on here telling people what they should be doing with their time and what they should and shouldn't comment about.

Buyers remorse doesn't come from reading information about vehicles before you buy it, it comes from buying one and it experiencing repeated major and minor failures that should not be happening with brand new vehicles.

Yes this is an awesome vehicle for so many reasons but that doesn't remove the fact that Tesla clearly has quality control issues both at the hardware and software level that need to be addressed.

MX75D VGK | 21 ottobre 2017

@borodinj - just to clarify my car is only 4 weeks old; build end August/early September, 2017.

Tesla then promises me a loaner rental car; I call Enterprise and they have none available. Tesla then calls a different location and confirms an Uber ride at 7 this evening as the rental place closes at 8. I cut short a get-together (was to be til 10 pm) and return at 6:50 - NO Uber! At 7:54 Tesla says they will try and get another Uber (to take me to the Airport location, a half hour away, when the rentla place closes in 6 minutes). TERRIBLE/HORRRIBLE Tesla customer service!

carlk | 21 ottobre 2017

I must have bought a wrong car. I mean of all X there why I got one that practically had no issues. And mine is a pretty early VIN 14xx too.

Silver2K | 22 ottobre 2017

CR's has admitted their X has never had issues.

Triggerplz | 22 ottobre 2017

Furniture polish on your tires anyone?

Triggerplz | 22 ottobre 2017

Oops wrong thread

MX75D VGK | 22 ottobre 2017

I am now told by the SC I will not know next steps or get any loaner/rental vehicle till their offices open tomorrow; over 60 hours after my issue and I am without any transportation Tesla can offer! Wow, I did NOT expect this from Elon Musk's company

lpjakob | 22 ottobre 2017

Knocking on wood, so far, MX 100D delivered 9/29/2017 has only had the HomeLink issue which was resolved with software update 2017.40.1 after following full reboot process outlined in the "HomeLink not working" thread. However, our 2016 MB S550e which is only a little over a year old with just over 8K miles has been in the shop since 7:30am 10/20 with MB advising they won't know what is wrong with it until maybe 10/23...four days minimum just to figure out why the engine light is on and performance is sluggish. Tesla is not the only $120K car with problems.

borodinj | 23 ottobre 2017

@vk93447, I would first escalate to the service center manager. I too had an unacceptable service experience a few months back. I called the manager to express my dissatisfaction. He accepted responsibility and made it right. So, start there. If you don't get satisfaction there, then take it up with corporate.

If your X has been as problematic as it seems, you have every right to be upset. Take it to the right people at Tesla. My experience shows that they have been accountable.

Madatgascar | 24 ottobre 2017

@me, I’m curious what aspects of the seats and safety belts are awful and inapplicable for kids? I thought our seats were great, and the X was generally pretty well thought out for kids. Seat belts are height adjustable and you can leave car seats installed and still access the third row. Can’t think of any other SUV that does that.

MX75D VGK | 24 ottobre 2017

@borodinj, Thanks for your recommendation. I have talked to the local Service Manager since the weekend - they have been very cooperative and tell me all is now taken care of (even had a Limo drive me to work yesterday; and then gave me a loaner MS). If all works out well as they tell me, I am pleased with Tesla service (all's well that ends well :-)). Other than the issue I mentioned (I understand this turned out to be a couple of lose wires near the circuit breaker box, not firmware issues as I have read elsewhere - this issue has supposedly been noted by Tesla in about 20 cars as of yesterday I am told), I am very pleased with my MX (so far, and knocking on wood :-)) - got to say I prefer the MX over the MS (based on just a couple of days of the MS though I loved the acceleration of the P85 MS and its looks).

Krebo | 25 ottobre 2017

I got my MX 75D in March and right away, the air conditioner didn't work. Unfortunately, I didn't notice until I got it home. Also, one of the FWD's was making a cracking sound. Tesla quickly fixed both and gave me a loaner while they did. A couple weeks later, my second row seat made a loud sound and wouldn't move. Tesla said they wanted the whole seat to study the issue and they ordered me a new seat. When I returned 6 weeks later (long wait), they told me they ordered the wrong seat. 3 weeks later, they replaced the seat with the correct one and promised to make it up to me by giving me a few hundred dollar discount on my yearly service. After a rough first 3 months, the car has been great with no problems and from a driving/performance standpoint, it's been great from day 1. I also have zero complaints about the great service I got from the SC, however, I, too, have concerns about the fit/finish issues.

mohanmanoj | 28 ottobre 2017

I don't care what consumer reports says. My Tesla X has been more than reliable, and the service/support I get from Tesla is unbelievable. They go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. They never once left me in the dark. The only problem I have with my X is road noise/wind noise but other then that its been much more reliable than the piece of crap BMW X5 I used to have. Tesla ain't going anywhere. .. and Consumer Reports gets their data from customers .. so its basically heresay.

markcohen | 28 ottobre 2017

So at least the way I think receiving a car with time 0 defects and reliability are two different things. I just took delivery of my new 100D this Tuesday. I've got a list of things that were escapes from the factory and the dealer's inspection which honestly shouldn't have happened, but I already have an appointment to get them taken care of and so far they've been very good about it. It is my hope, that once these items are taken care of the car will be as rock solid and reliable as it is fun to drive.

For those who are interested... my list of things that weren't right when I picked the car up:
- Missing tow package (both the part that should have been installed in the bumper & the receiver)
- Front edge of drivers side FWD was 2-3mm lower than flush
- Frunk skewed counter clockwise about 2-3mm
- Charging cable does not open charging door
- Charging door does not lock/close properly
- Scratches on the console storage cover

CriticalFan | 28 ottobre 2017

Easy there folks, Consumer Reports is accurate in their reporting, as it comes primarily as feedback from Tesla owners. I get a questionnaire every 6 months it seems.

I have had extensive conversations with Tesla service techs about this...just walk through a service center and casually inspect the Model X chrome and panel alignments... many will have noticeable mis-aligned parts.

The Service Center reports about this as being "normal" since the aluminum panels are "custom-stamped", and not as uniform as heavier metal or plastic panels made by other manufacturers.

In the beginning, the window and door gaskets and seals were horrible, with massive air and noise leaks requiring months of improvements. Almost all Founder's editions were replaced, as were early Signature models, many became loaners and eventually sold.

The frunk hatch not ever being an issue, but the rear window chrome and glass is a one-piece unit, so likely not to align with all of the edges with the adjacent panels and chrome.

Many owners in our local User Group have experienced this issue, several even had the FWD hit the front door when both in motion at the same time, as the alignment is very tight.

The re-occurring common noise caused by the FWD opening and closing is a result of shifting of the mechanism over time, the latch rubbing against the "racetrack" sometimes requiring repeated adjusted. Same with the cargo door, but at times not closing or opening properly.

So while it does not result in the reliability factor of the vehicle as long as the doors properly function, it is a well-known issue, just part of owning a Tesla.

Any Model X owner who claims to have "perfect" alignment of all external parts is just plain "lucky"...

Just being real....

burdogg | 28 ottobre 2017

And there is my biggest issue - saying a car is unreliable because chrome does not match up.

burdogg | 28 ottobre 2017

And I have owned 4 Brand new cars in the course of 10 years and NEVER seen a consumer reports survey. Two of those are Tesla's.

Oh wait, I don't subscribe to CR - so they only get info from Subscription holders? hmm

mohanmanoj | 31 ottobre 2017

As I stated earlier I had a BMW X5.. this piece of crap broke down all the time. First the GPS unit went out, then the car wouldn't start, finally at the end of the lease, it just stopped working. It was in the repair shop for weeks and they still didn't know what was wrong with it. Never again..never getting a piece of crap German car again. No loaner, no help , nothing. Yet consumer reports gave it a high rating. So do I trust Consumer Reports?? Hell No! I love my X and that is all.. I don't need a seedy publication based on surveys to tell me that I have an unreliable car. I know what I have.

IgnoranceBliss | 31 ottobre 2017

Well many in our Owner's Group have a Love/Hate relationship with their Tesla and the Service, but most can't imagine driving anything else in the future.

However, I know of 2 Model X owners who had their 2016 vehicles bought back by Tesla (ie Lemon Law avoidance) and one is having troubles with his replacement one with performance issues. Interestingly both had to sign agreements not to discuss their issues as part of the process.

Not everyone will be happy, just as not every vehicle produced will be "perfect".

It does make one question the pros/cons of having the manufacturer directly provide service, as opposed to an independent dealership service.

I have seen more resistance by Tesla service to address obscure issues and try to explain issues as being "part of being a new vehicle type" or "variations of acceptability", whereas Porsche/BMW/MB dealer-based Service Centers are happy to pursue and resolve issues... as they get reimbursed for that by the manufacturers.

For the premium price of current Tesla models, an owner should expect and demand premium performance and fit/finish.

It's not hard to find posts of very unhappy Tesla owners....for all kinds of issues, including break-downs, excessive vibrations, Nav issues, etc.

Don't be so sure that Consumer Reports don't look at Forums for feedback, including this one... Current Posts...
GPS Stuck, Brief, light vibration/rattle at certain speeds; Model X quality problem; Broken power steering; Burn-in on the screen, The mirrors on MX are not folding in...

Not making this stuff up!!!

Tropopause | 1 novembre 2017

This forum is not scientific, like CR's survey. Please stop speculating; that's only for CR to do.

Vawlkus | 1 novembre 2017

Of course you’re making it up. That’s why you can’t cite your sources Ignorant.

burdogg | 1 novembre 2017

Some good but flawed thoughts Ignorance - ie using these forums as a source??? You do realize that there are many crafty paid people at work that do post false and misleading things on these forums right? When money is involved, there is no level of dishonesty. Just a thought to think about. There have been reported cases of journalist pulling false posts from here to support their false stance on Tesla all to influence the stock price (I am NOT a shareholder by the way).

The fact that CR may use this forum goes even further to prove my dissatisfaction for them.

Softwizard | 2 novembre 2017

I would call my X unreliable based on FWDs. I never know if the doors will go up fully when I park. Yes, I can manually override it sometimes, but this is a pain to do when someone is trying to get in or out of a vehicle.

Tropopause | 2 novembre 2017

If it ain't working, get it fixed. What reasonable person posts here over and over? Doesn't make sense to me. | 2 novembre 2017

I cannot belive CR uses any information from a forum. While I believe most owners who report problems, people do get pissed and vent on forums. People who are happy rarely visit and even rarer to talk about it.

If you look at any car forum from any manufacture (presuming they leave the bad with the good like Tesla does), you'll see far more problem posts that good ones. It's the nature of forums. Just because a couple of posters have the same problem, it doesn't mean every owner has that issue. Still worthy to hear about them in case it applies to another owner or other forum members can help.

Many "problems" are misunderstandings, failure to read the manual, or confusion over operation. These areas other forums members can often help with. Some problems can be service issues that no one in the forums can help with. And in some cases, there are made up stories, although I think it is quite rare.

rdfbsmith | 7 novembre 2017

I will say this non Tesla people make remarks against Tesla every day. I saw this the other day when I went to get my oil changed on my BMW the service advisor was on his PC and I ask him about my BMW and he had the screen open I ask does he own a Tesla he said no he was just writing bad reviews to turn customers away.

I laughed and said I have a Tesla he said ok and. So again this happens daily. Just sad

burdogg | 7 novembre 2017

Disgusting - I really wonder how some people can sleep at night? I mean to think one they know is one thing. But to purposely make false statements is just the lowest of lows to me and is sickening and disheartening. Sure we all make mistakes and think we understand a situation so say things that may not be accurate - that is human. But again, purposely doing so...makes me sick (this goes for anything - my own profession sometimes makes me sick hearing some of the things that happen)

Triggerplz | 7 novembre 2017

I currently subscribe to Consumer Reports and last week they emailed me asking for a donation, will I send them a donation Aww Hell Naw