Interior for barebones model?

Interior for barebones model?

I plan to get mine as a commuter car and plan to get it without any options, black, 18” wheels, 220 mile version. Does anyone know what the interior color scheme will be and what the cloth interior would be like? Also, what is the default dash trim? So far I’ve only seen pictures and videos of the wood trim with black vegan leather seats.

andy.connor.e | 23 ottobre 2017

Black is standard. Please correct me if im wrong, but i am almost sure that black is standard.

Frank99 | 23 ottobre 2017

Nobody has seen a "standard" interior yet, so no one can answer your question other than by speculation.

ölbrenner | 23 ottobre 2017

+100. Everything else is speculation indeed.

Yodrak. | 23 ottobre 2017

The base $35,000 version will be like Johnny Cash - dressed entirely in black.

ölbrenner | 23 ottobre 2017

And more problematic some of it's coming for the forum correctional officer LOL.

chihuahua31 | 23 ottobre 2017

It is true that this is just speculation, but expect black exterior, black interior. The wood trim on the dash will likely be replaced with a different material, but no one knows for sure. Other than that, you'll get manual seat controls and metal roof (versus glass).

CraigW | 24 ottobre 2017

With white interior slated to arrive before the 220 mile battery, I think standard interior speculation is really dealing in some fantasy thoughts.

Go to the Tesla store and look at a Model S with cloth interior. Many of them have one of these available.

Kikujiro | 24 ottobre 2017

Thanks all for the info.. so conclusion is, it's still pending and likely it'll be a black interior. Only photos and videos I've see is the white dash with white seats and wood dash with black seats. I prefer the white interior than black and wish they made that the standard. I must be the minority since I prefer cloth seats to leather and do not like the glass roof, mainly because I am in a very hot area and keep the car parked outside all day at work. I wish Tesla didn't lump all the premium upgrades into one package and make the car more configurable, regardless, I am just going to get the base model, mainly because i do not want the glass roof and will just get tan seat covers from EV annex.

SP_H | 24 ottobre 2017

Does anyone know what standard package comes with?
@jhchooo I wish what they unbundle too :(

andy.connor.e | 24 ottobre 2017

Go to the Model 3 page, scroll to the bottom.

jordanrichard | 24 ottobre 2017

"vegan leather" is an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp.

andy.connor.e | 24 ottobre 2017

If its "vegan", its not leather.

jordanrichard | 24 ottobre 2017

andy.connor.e +1

95dawg | 24 ottobre 2017

That is seriously funny. You're clearly confused about vegan leather.
It's open secret that Tesla cars have genuine imitation leather.
Except for cloth seats, it is your only choice.
Some might say it’s pretty ugly.
Is it unbiased opinion? Definitely maybe.
But if you catch a rolling stop glance, you could say leather and v-leather are same difference.