Powering home with Solar Roof and 4 PWs

Powering home with Solar Roof and 4 PWs

I placed an order for a Solar Roof with 4 PWs. The PWs will come in handy with our Model X and hopefully Model S soon on the way.

Given the long waiting list, I am wondering if anyone is willing to share with me their Solar Roof early-access token to ensure our order gets prioritized and we don't miss the window to install the roof. The early-access token is transferable so please let me know if you are willing to share.


acegreat1 | 12 dicembre 2017

What are you willing to share?

hellojeddie | 19 dicembre 2017

Hoping a Good Samaritan with no need for solar is willing to give their free token away. Probably wishful thinking but figured it would be worth a shot. Did you have something specific in mind?